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» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)29-06-2018 @ 21:14 
Iv taken this week off from training my bad knee has been playing up with a lot of stability issues it seems to give way when its bearing the brunt of the load when i lead with that leg stepping up onto something and there has been a lot of constant dull pain.

Doctors and training booked for Monday.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)26-06-2018 @ 20:52 
Cheers gents i reckon with a bit more rehab ill be back to 100% in a couple days
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)25-06-2018 @ 21:08 
MONDAY - 25-JUNE-2018


70kg x 10
70kg x 10
70kg x 10


10kg x 10
10kg x 10
10kg x 10

And that was it for tonight, im not pushing my shoulder just yet there's still a slight bit of pain there so I will slowly bring the weight up in the next week or two.

The heat is killing me today and made it hard to really get going.
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)22-06-2018 @ 20:35 
Lol that volume is ridiculous mate id hate to see what you would be like if you missed a session i bet you couldnt sit still for 5 minutes.
» Nails Log (Go to post)22-06-2018 @ 20:32 
Now that deadlift was beautiful mate very strong mate.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)22-06-2018 @ 20:29 
Oxman said:Fingers crossed it doesn't effect things going forwards mate...that bench has been flying.

Cheers mate iv tested with a bar and Db's and i can still flat bench and overhead press i just cant do incline thats the pain sweet spot lol.

Loads of ice and ibuprofen along with mobility has worked really well.

Im not to fussed with incline i never done it much before when i was at my strongest so i know i dont really need it.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)22-06-2018 @ 20:25 
nails said:Ah man that's bad news. Fingers crossed it settles down in a couple of days. Sounds to me like there a certain ROM that trigger it. Did you do much swimming yourself or was it all "kid watching"?

Lol poor choice of words "kid watching" does not sound right.

Me and my lass decided to use it as a form of cardio instead of the spin bike or trying to go running.

The thinking was it would be better for my knee and shoulder, i think it was the front crawl that caused the problems im taking the kids tomorrow so going to try breast stroke i think all will be good with that.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)21-06-2018 @ 21:31 
Oxman said:
Ah mate no way Unhappy How is it now?

Its easing off iv been icing it on and off after work, also been stretching and cracked out the lacrosse ball.

Test with just the bar bench press and overhead is ok but incline with the bar and DB's is out now.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)21-06-2018 @ 06:40 
Its safe to say swimming has wrecked my shoulder, iv woke this morning with a lot of pain and very reduced range of motion exactly how it was a couple years back.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)20-06-2018 @ 21:46 
45 minutes of swimming tonight and it almost killed me lol.

I will be keeping this in once or twice a week for cardio but ill be sticking with breast stroke as iv noticed my bad shoulders is a bit tender sitting here now.

Iv hit the foam roller and loads of stretching this evening so hopefully it doesnt carry on into tomorrow.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)20-06-2018 @ 21:43 
nails said:You, did do a lot mate, your CNS is probably under recovered. Give yourself a few days and you'll be right as rain. Side note, when I get this I change tack, don't train for weight, train for speed etc.

I agree mate and think im definitely going back to my old push/pull/legs set up with rest days in between had good progress on that with plenty of time to recover.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)19-06-2018 @ 16:57 
Cheers gents i wish i could say the same about todays session but ut was a very lacklustre attempt indeed.

Iv been foam rolling and stretching constantly now but i cant shift this lower back pain no matter what i do.

I managed to squat 140kg x 4 for 1 set then had to drop it to 100kg and managed 4 again but that was it i couldnt go no further. Called the session at this point.

Not sure why im feeling so sore and fatigued i definitely know work isnt hammering me im lucky if im gettin 2 full days and then yesterdays session shouldnt have burnt me out.
» i want to cast a biggef stronger shadow. (Go to post)18-06-2018 @ 21:23 
Thst is some impressive benching mate
» Nails Log (Go to post)18-06-2018 @ 21:22 
That's a massive session mate. Have you noticed any difference in your strength even with dropping 5lbs ?
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)18-06-2018 @ 21:20 
That was awesome pulling mate looking really strong and to keep getting stronger while getting leaner is a bonus.

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