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» Elbow Pain (Go to post)24-01-2013 @ 12:33 
Oxman said:Mmm, dunno then mate, for the sake of a few quid on a tube or for that matter you could use a knee wrap and a few minutes of your time it maybe worth a try, it used to get rid of mine instantly.

yeah going to give it a go mate, did you go back to pressing lightly or rest it for some time ?
» Elbow Pain (Go to post)24-01-2013 @ 12:28 
ben66 said:I'd tried the voodoo trick etc but found that high rep, light EZ Bi curls (100 reps with 15kg) cleared mine up within a week. Worth a go

lol will try anything to get rid of it
» Elbow Pain (Go to post)24-01-2013 @ 12:27 
hixxy1985 said:
ive had it, think we all have prob without knowing sometimes.
I drink a supp now with glucosamine and chondroitin and MSM. Works a treat.

|Yeah going to get plenty of joint supps lol

just surprised it only started when i started training
» Elbow Pain (Go to post)24-01-2013 @ 12:24 
Oxman said:
Mine was exactly where you say yours is mate, where the bicep inserts into the elbow.

Sorry mate i didnt point it out clearly i mean the pain is round the back of my arm but the side closest to my body if you get me lol
» Elbow Pain (Go to post)24-01-2013 @ 12:10 
hixxy1985 said:sounds like tendonitus pal

Just my luck got on a good run of training and pushed it to hard
» Elbow Pain (Go to post)24-01-2013 @ 11:55 
Oxman said:
Mine came on very suddenly mate, got progrssively worse until i was waking up in the morning with pain. The voodoo cure fixed me up thankfully.

With the voodoo cure would that work for above the elbow ? In the video it looks like it works the top of the forearm and and elbow
» Elbow Pain (Go to post)24-01-2013 @ 11:54 
Fazc said:From looking at your log these were the past 4 days and number of sets involving your elbows:

Wed - 12 sets
Tue - 18 sets
Mon - 33 sets
Sun - 14 sets

So that's basically 4 back-to-back days where you've not only done high sets but high reps and pushed to failure on some as well.

I'm all for high volume/frequency but you need to make sure your form is good and you're not constantly pushing yourself and even then you need to build up to it.

This is just asking for trouble imo.

Cheers mate i didnt realise i was hammering it so much im definetly going to scale it back for a couple days.
» Elbow Pain (Go to post)24-01-2013 @ 11:33 
I think i done it once prior about 4 years ago but cant remember how i got it sorted.

Would tendonitis just come on like that and would it only cause problems pressing ? i can move the arm freely with no pain or stiffness
» Elbow Pain (Go to post)24-01-2013 @ 11:19 
After yesterdays session and the problems with my elbow i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.

Basically i had no indication that there was a problem with the elbow (no pain, aches when moving my arm through out the day etc) but when i went to bench yesterday once i got up to a heavy weight i had a pain in and above the right elbow on the inside of the arm.

I will book an appointment with the docs but i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if so what was the recovery time etc ?
» avatar picture (Go to post)23-01-2013 @ 20:50 
i use this site
» A hairy, slightly ginger mans attempt at strongman (Go to post)23-01-2013 @ 18:58 
Daws87 said:
About 19 stone mate. Just want to lose the fat if i'm honest.

Im sure you will get there mate it was dropping off before
» Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum and im all out of gum 2013 (Go to post)23-01-2013 @ 17:26 
Post Edited: 23.01.2013 @ 17:29 PM by stephen9069
Oxman said:Quality sessions mate, hope the injury is nothing too bad.

Looks like you have the same weakness in deads as me, above the knees, nicely ground out there.

Shouldnt be to bad mate will lay off heavy pressing for a couple days, didnt realise anything was wrong untill i started to bench.

Yeah the deadlift was a struggle just pleased iv finally got it moving again lol
» A hairy, slightly ginger mans attempt at strongman (Go to post)23-01-2013 @ 16:49 
What u trying to get your weight to mate ?
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)23-01-2013 @ 16:47 
Oxman said:20 mins sprint HIIT, not pleasant on stiffness but felt goos in the end. 20 mins stretching/rolling after.

That does not sound fun lol
» Time to kick ass and chew bubble gum and im all out of gum 2013 (Go to post)23-01-2013 @ 14:31 
WEDNESDAY 23/01/2013


**An old injury seems to have reared its ugly head and the back of my right arm above the elbow and the elbow itself are slightly painful when pressing but theres no pain in the general movement so decided to focus on reps**


60kg X 10
75kg X 8
90kg X 6
110kg X 4

**Had to drop the weight down slightly as the elbow was getting painfull**

100kg X 10
100kg X 10
100kg X 10
100kg X 10
100kg X 10
100kg X 10


60kg X 10
70kg X 10
75kg X 10
75kg X 10
75kg X 10

**Tried one BW dip wasnt painful just felt slightly awkward so decided to leave it at that as i dont want to risk a full injury got conditioning tomorrow and squats Friday then a good weekend of rest. Hopefully ordering a foam roller tomorrow**

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