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» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)09-05-2018 @ 14:49 
Oxman said:Awesome result on that squat mate, really are coming back very nicely, well done!

Cheers mate very much appreciated
» Nails Log (Go to post)09-05-2018 @ 14:48 
Strong work mate i might give these nordic curls a try will need every band i have to support though lol.
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)09-05-2018 @ 14:47 
Some cracking work mate and i swear your sessions are getting longer and longer to read lol.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)08-05-2018 @ 18:33 
MONDAY - 08-MAY-2018


70kg x 12
90kg x 8
90kg x 8
90kg x 8


BW(-20kg) x 5
BW(-20kg) x 5
BW(-20kg) x 5
BW(-20kg) x 5

Really struggling today so just kept it light and done just enough.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)08-05-2018 @ 18:30 
nails said:You absolutely buried those mate and looked comfortable do it. Slow and steady is clearly working for you.

Cheers mate slow and steady is definitely working and it felt good, id say there is a little more there but I didn't really fancy pushing my luck lol.
» i want to cast a biggef stronger shadow. (Go to post)04-05-2018 @ 17:46 
looking strong mate
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)04-05-2018 @ 17:44 
cracking work mate you will look like a monster at 100kg lean lol
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)04-05-2018 @ 17:36 
finally hit a milestone on my squatting still got some work to do but it gives me something to build on and it was all pain free.

» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)04-05-2018 @ 17:30 
John said:Hope the back is feeling better, well done on the weight loss, Happy

cheers mate its going slow and steady
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)30-04-2018 @ 21:04 

A bit of bench press a bit of shoulder press that was about it today.

Had a deload week and felt good getting back to it just not feeling the need to log everything online for the time being.

Diet is back on track has been for the last week my bodyweight is currently sitting at 18st 5lbs.
» Nails Log (Go to post)25-04-2018 @ 21:45 
Post Edited: 25.04.2018 @ 21:46 PM by stephen9069
Those front squats are increasing fast mate and looking strong.

Deadlifts looking good to mate.
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)25-04-2018 @ 21:42 
So so close mate and definitely see it going at some point and even more.

Looking forward to seeing what you plan for the next phase of training and seeing you continue to progress.

Does this mean any competitions lined up are off the cards ?
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)25-04-2018 @ 21:34 
nails said:
Fingers crossed for you mate but sounds like you're adjusting and working around it.

Cheers mate had some physio and been hitting the foam rolling hard, will be back at it Thursday hopefully.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)24-04-2018 @ 06:46 
Oxman said:Hope the lower back is nothing serious mate.

Should be good in a couple of weeks twinged it slightly on my lower right side carrying underlay up a set of stairs - carrying it on my right shoulder.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)23-04-2018 @ 09:39 
Post Edited: 23.04.2018 @ 09:47 AM by stephen9069
Cheers gents its all coming along relatively well which im happy about.

Iv decided to drop deadlifting for the time being im still suffering with my lower back at the minute so my main focus is going to be on squatting and then once all is on the mend ill add it back in.

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