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» Built to the Hilt Ebook (Go to post)13-07-2014 @ 20:11 
AaronJ said:From what I've heard it's not great.

Looking at your lifts and your bodyweight, you seem to be doing pretty well. I would think basic books like that probably won't have much to offer you.


I had heard it was good but you know how these reviews go its mostly hype I did have faith that i would be a great resource due to josh being a strong guy
» No Protein Shake (Go to post)13-07-2014 @ 18:37 

I just wondered how many of you dont have protein shakes?With the prices of the stuff these days I cannot afford it as I lost my job but I can afford to eat still.

I generally eat the following but I dont have much of a appetite I have to force it down really

Meal 1:
2 whole eggs 10 egg whites
200 grams of oats
2-3 banana
Meal 2:
250 grams of chicken
150 grams of rice
100 grams of veg
Meal 3:
250 grams of fish or more chicken
100 grams of veg
Meal 4:
250 grams of salmon
100 grams of veg
Meal 5:
500ml of greek yogurt with some fruit on occasions

I train in the morning so I usually have a lot of carbs then, I just wondered what is the alternatives to powder protein is it enough to just eat a meal 30 minutes after?I try to eat healthy as I can really

thank you
» Built to the Hilt Ebook (Go to post)13-07-2014 @ 18:33 
Hello everyone,

I just wondered if anyone has purchased the above ebook by josh bryant?I really like his other ebooks and his articles as he always does hybrid bodybuilding/Powerlifting programs which are highly enjoyable.I have looked at the price and its rather alot for an ebook so wanted to ask anyone who has it if its worth the coin?

I have been doing only the 3 big lifts 3-4 days per week so far as my technique was horrid, i have seen improvement in my strength and my form is getting better.I have also gained 20lbs which is great for me. I went on some test replacement therapy recently via my GP as I have a very low test and that has really changed my life I am no longer feeling so boney and weak. I am on 11 different other meds for my metabolism disorders and my rare disease but all is well.

Thank you
» New Routine (Go to post)16-11-2013 @ 09:59 

Really trying to build up my lifts,I have tried training 4 days per week but I seem to stall so decided that I must cut back and train 3 days per week instead.I am training for power but want to add some weight to my frame too because I am small but getting better now,I have a medical problem which I wont go into but its stopping me adding weight.Its rare,in fact I am the only one to have it in england and the second person to have it in europe.

Here is my eating plan:

I have to eat high calories

5 whole eggs
2 Wholewheat Bagels
100 grams of oats in semi skimmed milk
2 bananas
1 apple
1 grapefruit

Whey protein shake with milk

Meal 2:
Chicken Breast with barbecue sauce
2 large baked potatoes
1 chocolate fruit smooth
1 mars bar

4 boiled egg whites
Ham Sandwich

Meal 3:
Ribeye Steak 250 grams
3 sweet potatoes made into fries baked
2 eggs

1 pint of milk

Meal 4:
Ribeye Steak 250 grams
White Rice with vegetables
Cheese low fat
Hot sauce
1 pint of milk

Whey gain shake
Mars bar

Meal 5:
Turkey Steak 250 grams
White rice and veg
Protein Muffins

Protein Brownie
Chicken Wings from KFC small portion

Meal 6:before bed
10 egg whites 2 whole eggs
3 pieces of toast with butter
3 pieces of ham unsalted
1 pint of milk


Monday: Squat
A.Back Squat
work up to a 6 rep max
B.Romanian Deadlifts
4 sets of 10 reps
3 sets of 12 reps

Wednesday: Bench
A.Bench press
work up to a 6 rep max
B.Close grip
4 sets of 8 reps
C.Pull ups
4 sets of 8 reps
D.Barbell Rows
3 sets of 8 reps
E.Front raises
3 sets of 20 reps

work up to a 3 rep max
B.Romanian Deadlifts
3 sets of 20 reps
C.Heavy Shrugs

This is what I have so far,any suggestions would be great
» VENLAFAXINE (Go to post)11-08-2013 @ 10:52 
VinnyJones said:In my experience all SSRIs will have the effect of raising estrogen and suppressing testosterone. Not saying that he cannot overcome this but always something to bear in mind.

I was on SSRIs for around 12 years. I've been off nearly 3 years now.

How did you over come this? He is on SSNIs not SSRI

» VENLAFAXINE (Go to post)11-08-2013 @ 10:50 
JackRevans said:I have a question. How did you manage to put on like 30 kg in a few months and your lifts stayed the same, then you lost some of it and suddenly your lofts went way up including your bench going up 40kg in a few months?

I couldn't put weight on due to an illness,I then took medication which piled on
A load of weight all of a sudden,then I came off them because it was
Making me angry and giving me migraines so bad that i couldn't do anything

My lifts increased when I went onto test replacement therapy all of a sudden probably
Because I was so dam angry,they got the dose wrong by a long way.I was on test for a while,helped me gain strength

I have no explanation really to why my lifts went up to be honest,it's a mystery
» VENLAFAXINE (Go to post)11-08-2013 @ 09:53 
Dear Sugden

Over the past year I have been in a very difficult and frustrating situation,my brother who has been sporty,fit and outgoing his whole life went into a stage where he was isolated all the time,he just sat in his flat alone,not coming out much.I finally managed to challenge him face to face and asked him what is wrong

He broke down and told me he had been suffering from OCD and Depression?I asked how he was depressed,he said he didnt know and had no reason to be it just got worse over time same with OCD.

I found out that the local GP offered services for this sort of thing so got him an appointment and went with him (it took many attempts to get him out) doctor sent him to a shrink and for therapy

The shrink gave him something called Venlafaxine which is a SNRI drug,he actually was getting better before this and now he is managing to live a normal life (Sorta) he can work part time and he socializes a little more too.

He was a large guy 19 stone with about 12% and excellent fitness levels,he played rugby professionally until he injured his knee,he also was a junior bodybuilding competitor and won 3 competitions,he used to row in university and played for all the sports teams you could name.He worked as a Pilot for a large airway too

Basically my question is this.....

He is fully stable now and the shrink/Doctor are happy for him to try and get on with his life eg work full time etc

He has gained fat and lost fitness over the year,he is so keen to get back to his old level which will take time.

Has anyone got any experience with Venlafaxine?Will this stop muscle building?Fat loss?or make it harder?Not a lot of data on the effects it has on fitness

Any help would be great

» White FIsh (Frozen) (Go to post)30-05-2013 @ 00:05 
How many tins of tuna could one get away with per day without getting mercury poisoning?
» White FIsh (Frozen) (Go to post)29-05-2013 @ 13:31 
Hello Guys

I was wondering around Iceland/Tescos with my mother as she did her crappy shopping the other day and I was taking note of the frozen fish section as I do like a spot of fish now and then.

I was wondering how many of you think Iceland white frozen fish and Tescos frozen Cod/Atlantic Pollock and others are decent?The price of fresh fish is unreal I may need a small loan,talipia at Tescos was 3 per piece and only 100grams,cod is worse

Any advice would be good,just looking for some good cheap protein,I get 2kg of chicken breasts for 12 and 6 sirloins for 11
» WAXY MAIZE STARCH (Go to post)05-01-2013 @ 20:54 
Hello Friends

Hope you all had a great christmas and new year

I was wondering if any of you have tried waxy maize post workout?I know Vitargo is supposed to be good however I have no idea what the difference is and whats best

Any help would be great
» Anyone see the kevan Wilson bodybuilding documentary? (Go to post)26-12-2012 @ 22:15 
Yeah I thought he wasnt as big as some of the other guys I had seen in the gear competitions however he still had great conditioning!

And we have to realize he was in his 50s too I guess!I hope I am as conditioned as him at 50
» Anyone see the kevan Wilson bodybuilding documentary? (Go to post)26-12-2012 @ 19:26 
It was pretty decent!

Anyone else enjoy?i realise this is more of a strength geared forum
But even you guys can appreciate dedication
» GVT routine (Go to post)11-12-2012 @ 19:57 
I think I will stop posting here now...

But thanks for everyone who did help me with other thread I am grateful

See ya
» GVT routine (Go to post)11-12-2012 @ 15:24 
1369phil said:I'm still perplexed why you would be eating low calorie foods like tuna and baked potatoes when there are a million tastier and more calorific options

I have steaks,pork chops and turkey tonight aswell that's only part of the day I have posted.
» GVT routine (Go to post)11-12-2012 @ 15:22 
walker said:
Trolls are real people too! They just post bulls**t similar to what you post lol.
Post a vid of you squatting or you don't exist!

Of course I will post a video then you can all put a face to the name you are taking the piss out of.

No thank you


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