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» Strongman show down (Go to post)02-07-2020 @ 19:53 
dannyboy73 said:witnessing the mighty Megaman snap was enough for 1 lifetime Wink

Boooooooooooooooo haha
» Strongman show down (Go to post)02-07-2020 @ 08:06 
Iíd like to see V Lalas vs Magnus Samuelson in an arm wrestle.
» Raw. Like, real RAW raw (Go to post)20-05-2020 @ 09:39 
I switched to raw and my back has never been better. I would still use a belt in comp for squats as it adds 20kg but for deadlifts I get no benefit any more. Also given up with straps.

I have to use chalk though, my hands get so sweaty.

Maybe if I didnít use chalk my grip would improve though...
» AMH_Power. Thank you. (Go to post)20-05-2020 @ 09:36 
Also, he can solve a Rubikís cube in under 30 seconds which is big time.

Truly a wise and generous man! Top bloke.
» Luke's big log (Go to post)18-05-2020 @ 12:31 
BigMacca said:
Just lock it out, 1 second would do

Thor should post an in-depth video analysis of how this lift shouldnít have counted 🤣
» 400kg deadlift (Go to post)13-05-2020 @ 16:14 
unit94 said:
John Clark has pulled it natty and I feel like it was raw, he was a strong f**ker

Quality! Thatís good news.

Wasnít he coaching big tel for a few weeks?
» 400kg deadlift (Go to post)12-05-2020 @ 16:17 
Big loz?
» 400kg deadlift (Go to post)12-05-2020 @ 14:30 
Post Edited: 12.05.2020 @ 14:32 PM by JCarter123
Iím gonna put my neck out there and say I donít believe anyone has ever pulled 400kg raw and natty. I might be totally wrong, and itís not based on me thinking it just canít be done. Just looking at IPF records and how much strongman has progressed in last few years. Obv if people out there have then massive apologies to them, Iím not just being bitter I promise. I just donít think itís been done yet.

As for 400+kg deadlifts in UK, Iím guessing less than 20 too. I can only count 10 but thereís def a few Iím missing.
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)11-05-2020 @ 16:58 
WILLSAN said:depends who they rig the events for this year. Grin

» WSM 2020 (Go to post)10-05-2020 @ 11:49 
Samthepigman said:I would like Brian to win this year.

I want kila to win, however I also would like Brian to get a 5th. I feel like heís a bit underrated/soon to be forgotten, given Thorís strongest ever, Zís GOAT etc.
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)08-05-2020 @ 14:45 
Too formulaic?

I donít like atlas stones that much and to have it twice.

I really donít like truck pull and they often have that twice now.

Too few competitors (25 versus 30), too few events (5 versus 6 in heats and one of those is usually a play off so kinda only 4 events, and only 5 in the final).

They should do 5 groups of 6 people, 6 full events in heats and 6 in the final, and no repeated events.
» Does Donald Trump Read Sugden Barbell? (Go to post)07-05-2020 @ 09:33 
danbaseley said:Does anyone know his thoughts on 18" deadlifts, Purple Aki, or Station Fights?

Purple Aki ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
» Eddie Hall vs Thor BjŲrnsson boxing match (Go to post)05-05-2020 @ 11:29 
93hopkinsonr said:The general consensus on Facebook from what Iíve seen has Hall as the favourite. Does anyone think Thor will win?

From what Iíve seen so far, I think Thor will win. Heís more aggressive and doesnít turn his face away quite as much when getting punched. His punches look better and he had the reach.

But also, I really want him to win so Iím probably bias.
» WUS World Records (Go to post)02-05-2020 @ 18:27 
So I now assume all this bad-mouthing has been to sell tickets for a boxing match.

I feel such a fool that I didnít spot this earlier.

My partner called it too. Waaahhhh.
» WUS World Records (Go to post)02-05-2020 @ 07:01 
The_Lone_Wolf said:Does anyone think Thor will miss it?

I think heíll get it but it will be hard. I donít think he has 520 in him (as much as Iíd love him to get that) and I donít think heíll go for it either.

Eddie has gone down hill so much in my estimation over these last few weeks. I wasnít a fan before but I now am a hater.

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