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» Do you own a specific deadlift belt? (Go to post)23-09-2015 @ 23:42 
yeah i got a spud ink thing with a ratchet fastener. does make getting to the bar much more comfortable. less support/assistance though.
» 800 and 900 totals in britain (Go to post)23-09-2015 @ 23:38 
force10 said:
There needs to be a clear definition when posting names and totals as tony cliffe did 900kg without wraps to put wraps up against no wraps you may as well just say equipped is the same as unequipped

kind of agree but really don't as others have said most will get more(on their total) from a belt than they will from wraps. a belt isn't equipped lifting. but yeah that's impressive from tony cliffe.
» 800 and 900 totals in britain (Go to post)17-09-2015 @ 18:30 
i put it entirely down to lack of facilities. both in schools and rural areas. there's vast areas where free weights just aren't available.
as others have said though the standard is getting higher all the time. David Jenkinson hit his 940 last night at the worlds and del wasn't far behind. GB best raw team at the GPC worlds as well.
» Did a 305kg squat with knee wraps today.... (Go to post)17-09-2015 @ 12:56 
walker said:Are you still competing GBPF?

also wondering if all this wrap action is leading somewhere Wink
» gym stuff for sale (Go to post)01-09-2015 @ 09:55 
Post Edited: 02.09.2015 @ 13:38 PM by newhybrid
Pair of strengthshop blue latex resistant rubber bands. virtually as new condition. Normally go for 18.99 each plus postage. Will do pair for 27.50 plus delivery.

Pair of green strengthshop latex resistance bands. virtually as new condition. Normally 22.99 each plus postage.
Will sell pair for 30 plus delivery.

Strengthsop wooden ply box. SOLD
Bought as a box for squatting to only to discover my long legs made it above parallel on every side! Used as a chair ever since. Some cosmetic scratches but functionally perfect.
69.99 new, will sell for 50 delivered.
tech specifications here:

Plain black unlabelled singlet to fit a 95-105kg lifter. Worn once.
10 plus postage.

please email if interested, can provide pictures of all items.

many thanks.
» training related podcasts. (Go to post)28-08-2015 @ 16:38 
got a comp in birmingham coming up so about 8 hours each way and fancied listening to some podcasts as well as just music. anyone recommend any?
dont mind marc bell but he gets a bit annoying after a while.
» few bits for sale. (Go to post)17-08-2015 @ 15:51 
slingshot now gone.
» few bits for sale. (Go to post)15-08-2015 @ 13:15 
original metal singlet xxl. tried it on once 20 plus postage.
reactive slingshot size xxl. tried it a few times but its too big for me. 30 plus postage.
email me if interested
can provide pictures.
» metal ace briefs for sale. size 46 (Go to post)13-08-2015 @ 12:49
Metal ace briefs size 46. As new, been worn total of 5 times. Too big for me. Loops have been sewn onto top to make getting them on easier. 60
email if interested:
» Safety Straps in Rack (Go to post)10-08-2015 @ 23:16 
whats the advantage of them if its in a cage over the safety bars?
purely to protect the bar?
» wrapping APTconvict knee wraps? (Go to post)07-08-2015 @ 17:27 
thanks, using them tonight so will try it.
» wrapping APTconvict knee wraps? (Go to post)06-08-2015 @ 09:39 
sweet nice one, thank you. i was trying to do the loop on the last wrap.
only used inzer wraps before and i've always tied them off so this is pretty new to me.
did manage to get the APT ones to stay on last time but it loooked like they were about to come loose at any time.
» One month to add as much strength/size as possible (Go to post)06-08-2015 @ 09:13 
don't imagine its to do with more training, then you're simply burning more calories right?
maybe keep training the same but eat loads. we're probably talking about a month of force feeding here. no fun.
» wrapping APTconvict knee wraps? (Go to post)06-08-2015 @ 08:57 
anyone used these? i have the double ply ones and they are as stiff as feck. having trouble tucking them under at the end as they are so thick and stiff. anyone got any links or tips as to how best to do this?
» 29.8.2015 BPU Single Lift Nationals and WPC Grand Prix at Folkestone (Go to post)03-08-2015 @ 23:16 
kalle is one of the very best equipped lifters about.

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