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» A hairy, slightly ginger mans attempt at strongman (Go to post)17-07-2012 @ 20:52 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Good work Happy

Thank you I do try Happy
» The Thriller From Vanilla Gorilla (Go to post)17-07-2012 @ 20:42 
VanillaGorilla said:
Hehe thanks bud! Go back a few pages if you'd like to see 700lb raw pull Tongue

I went back and watched said video of the 700 lb deadlift (everything sounds cooler in lbs) and was suitably impressed, very strong pull indeed my friend Grin

Some good pressing today also, more impressive with such little time frame.
» A hairy, slightly ginger mans attempt at strongman (Go to post)17-07-2012 @ 19:56 
Hopefully so mate I would like a higher deadlift than 260kg but thought that was more realistic? Same with all my goals really Grin
» There and Back Again (Go to post)17-07-2012 @ 19:00 
Post Edited: 17.07.2012 @ 19:00 PM by Daws87
Strong logging and NG benching mate
» ksohhjjkk (Go to post)17-07-2012 @ 18:57 
Good session there mate well done on the beltless PB
» A hairy, slightly ginger mans attempt at strongman (Go to post)17-07-2012 @ 18:30 
Tuesday 17th July

After a couple days off, would say of rest but spending the day walking round Westfields shopping centre with the missus in shoes that are slowly trying to cut your feet off is anything but restful!

As my press seems to be going no where fast I decided that should be the order of the day.

Strict Press -

60kg x 5
70kg x 5
75kg x 5
85kg x 3 Push Press
95kg x 3 Push press reps PB

Close Grip Bench Press -

95kg x 5
115kg x 3
135kg x 3
145kg x 1 New PB

Upright Row

60kg x 5
60kg x 8

Lateral Raises

15kg x 8
20kg x 6
22.5kg x 4

Front Raises

20kg x 8
22.5kg x 5

One arm Dumbbell press - As many reps floor to overhead in 60 secs

40kg x 9

Happy with that session my shoulders were still feeling it a bit from saturdays pressing so felt like there could have been a couple more reps in there but to be honest I was being lazy Grin Very Happy with my close grip bench PB I seem to be finding this easier than standard bench press at the moment and my numbers are going up quicker as there's only 5kg difference between the 2 now.
The DB press was for what I thought would be fun and my pathetic attempt at fitness and it was harder than I thought and not as much fun!
» 200 bench perhaps? (Go to post)17-07-2012 @ 10:10 
Nice bench PB there mate Grin
» Skinnyfat To Just Skinny! (Go to post)17-07-2012 @ 10:07 
Nice benching there well done on the PB.
» The bear is back (Go to post)16-07-2012 @ 22:00 
A very strong session there mate.
» ConvTwat (Go to post)16-07-2012 @ 21:58 
Nice deadlifting mate.
» Tom's training log... (Go to post)16-07-2012 @ 21:56 
Good luck with the 200kg bench PB and I like the mentality towards the consequences.
» The Thriller From Vanilla Gorilla (Go to post)16-07-2012 @ 21:54 
Good strong pulling there mate! I have no experience of suits so I will be of no help there or anywhere else to that matter.
» New Squat PB 180kg (Go to post)16-07-2012 @ 21:43 
ALWEBB72 said:nice squat and a nice man helping racking it at the endCool

I like how you snuck that comment in! Are we meeting for a training session this week?
» The Walker Power (Go to post)16-07-2012 @ 20:45 
Well done mate. Watched the video good performance.
» Odd smells that you like. (Go to post)16-07-2012 @ 07:51 
Wood Stain
Screen Wash
Pipe smoke

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