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» Kent's Strongest Man (Go to post)07-07-2013 @ 17:50 
Post Edited: 07.07.2013 @ 17:52 PM by Darryl
Thanks Sean and everyone who helped run and organise today. Was an excellent first comp and I thought it ran really well. There was some very strong competition. Great day, now just nursing my sunburn, couldn't ask for better weather Happy
» 300 or quit (Go to post)15-05-2012 @ 07:45 
Another bench session last night

  • Flat Bench

    100kg - x5
    140kg - x5
    180kg - x3
    200kg - x2
    210kg - x1
    220kg - x1 PB -- wasnt pretty but it went up and helped with the psychological barrier of 5 plates

  • Incline dumbbells

    50kg - x10

  • Incline Bench

    100kg - x6
    140kg - x3

  • CGBP on Smith machine

    120kg - x5
    160kg - x3

  • Cable pushdowns

    95kg - 3 sets to failure

    Am gonna change my tricep workouts to a different day. Bench felt very heavy and was much stronger when I did my triceps on their own day, they made benching a lot easier. Now just to get the legs up once I have my chiropractor appt later this week.
  • » strongman events that have fallen out of favour (Go to post)11-05-2012 @ 15:08 
    Thing said:Al most Scott it would be a different hand position and just pressing from the chest..

    The chest?, I was thinking from the face, just to make it harder obviously Happy
    » strongman events that have fallen out of favour (Go to post)11-05-2012 @ 13:50 
    drew said:been thinking, inspired by a few comments from the u120 thread, about events that arent done any more and i never got to try. for example bar bending, i guess it got dropped because it must have caused all sorts of neck issues, but it is quite cool i think.

    but one event i do miss and i think should be reintroduced is the arm over arm event but where you hoist a sack up into the air, meaning you have to keep hold of the rope at all times. i think it would be fun to train and do and a real test of grip strength

    like this (sorry not sure how to post pics)

    what do you miss?

    There is gonna be some bar bending at the Hercules Olympia this year
    » Time for an u120kg weight class? (Go to post)11-05-2012 @ 08:35 
    hixxy1985 said:

    so was I, realised putting a sideways v seems to delete everything I write after that. That is why I like this sport, not too complicated for me Happy
    » Time for an u120kg weight class? (Go to post)11-05-2012 @ 08:26 
    Post Edited: 11.05.2012 @ 08:33 AM by Darryl
    Can't really do the poll as technically my answer is no to another weight class but yes to a 120kg weight class. I think 4 weight classes ( 80, 90, 105, opens) is plenty but should be fairer, imo something like 80, 100, 120, opens. While I'm giving my opinion, I also would like to see comps like a leauge, so light (cover novice), medium (cover inters) and heavy (cover open) so that those not ready to move up can compete with people around their level.

    Because the sport hasnt got as much interest as 'mainstream' sports, i think the more you segement it and make it confusing the less people will be attracted by it. Its strongman, so you need strength and men, im too simple for too much more than that
    » Time for an u120kg weight class? (Go to post)10-05-2012 @ 12:05 
    I personally would like a 120 class just because the weights would not be so far away from mine but if im honest, if I was to place in a comp then would I be happy knowing the weights were lower. It is the strongest man and although the events may not be exciting, by virtue of the name its who can move the most weight imo therefore the strongest.

    I do find it weird that there are 3 weight classes within 25kg and they should be spread out more if it is to be fairer
    » 300 or quit (Go to post)09-05-2012 @ 15:27 

    It feels a lot like shin splints but obviously in the forearms.

    I'm hoping I can hit the 300 this year which will be a lot of work but probably serve me right for being the typical ego driven bodybuilder and only targeting the upper body and only training what I'm good at.
    » 300 or quit (Go to post)09-05-2012 @ 12:50 
    My most hated training session today, only because they're weak.

    warm up - leg extensions superset with leg curls, moderate weight.


    100kg - x 5
    140kg - x 4
    180kg - x 3
    210kg - x 2 - for some reason had awful pain in my ribs so left it there for squats.

    Farmers - The pain was quite bad in my ribs so thought I would do some farmers lifts/hold to reduce the pressure on my ribs

    100kg - 1 and hold
    120kg - 1 and hold, ribs a bit painful on the pick up
    140kg - started the lift and my ribs were too sore pick all the way up
    130kg - 1 and hold, ribs still painful

    quite demoralised struggling to squat what I'm benching and the nagging in my ribs so did some cable one arm rows to try and stretch everything out. Started at 50kg and went up to 90kg.

    A few leg curls to cool down my legs and end of session.

    Need a chiropractor appointment and then definitely more squat sessions. Cant just keep doing the lifts I'm good at or I'll get no where so lots of leg training to come!!!!!!!
    » 300 or quit (Go to post)04-05-2012 @ 19:37 
    Boar said:I used to get that, I think it's the relieving of the pressure on the tendons, I used t not want to put the bar down !

    Also, great avatar ! Love that little guy !

    I'm gonna try and get a moustache like his and hope the rest just comes with it

    Did you find any way of getting rid of it? It doesn't bother me while lifting and doesn't affect my lifts but boy does it hurt after!! Its really weird, I didn't get it on the bench or anything else but sometimes I also get it when doing biceps. Im hoping its not the start of some kind of injury.
    » 300 or quit (Go to post)04-05-2012 @ 19:27 
    Post Edited: 04.05.2012 @ 19:28 PM by Darryl
    damn double post
    » 300 or quit (Go to post)04-05-2012 @ 19:27 
    Right, first training session since starting the journal so thought it had to be a good one and at the moment, that means pressing.

  • Flat Bench

    100kg - x5
    140kg - x4
    180kg - x2
    200kg - x1
    210kg - x1 PB - thought I could have gone a little more but hoping to keep that for next session, like to finish on a good result rather than a heavy failure. Put on my Strength Shop 1ply black elbow sleeves for next sets
    180kg - x5
    140kg - x5 long pause on the chest and with heavy chains on either side
    140kg - x5

  • CGBP - Smith machine - stoppers set so the bar is about 1/2" off chest, complete stop at bottom and rest on stoppers before pushing next rep, weights are what was on bar because its impossible to work out how much bar weighs.

    120kg - x5
    160kg - x3
    180kg - 1/2 rep
    160kg - x3

    Confused anyone have any idea why my forearms feel like there going to pop when i try to let go of the bar after finishing my set? Confused there fine while pressing, but have to slowly un-grip and when I'm doing it feels like someones putting nails in my forearms.

  • Cable Pushdowns - superset ropes slowly and then really thick bar speed work

    Cant remember exactly what I did because a lot depends on how i feel but around 6-8 reps for the ropes and about 10 with the bar.

    start weight 60kg - last set was full stack 90kg

  • Giant Dumbbells

    65kg - x3 - 2 sets strict

    this felt good and after my bench I was on a high so I thought, F*@k it, that 90-95kg circus dumbbell is going up. Managed to get it up to the shoulder, got the whole gyms attention and then realised 'what the F*@k are you doing, this is heavy' and put it back down. Felt bad for chickening out but it would have ended with something being sore and I hate injuries so hate to keep my ego in check.

    did a few cable pushdowns to cool down and then home, chuffed and hoping the 215kg comes next session.
  • » VOS TV - Terry Hollands - Training 02/05/12 (Go to post)03-05-2012 @ 10:39 
    I really wish people would stop making these weights look easy, its putting me off Happy

    Well done Terry Eek
    » 300 or quit (Go to post)02-05-2012 @ 13:03 
    Thanx. Been on Sugden for a while as guest being nosey as to what people are shifting.

    I think 300 is achievable this year and if I can get it then I think I'll be in a position to start looking at opens.
    » 300 or quit (Go to post)02-05-2012 @ 10:58 
    Post Edited: 15.05.2012 @ 07:45 AM by Darryl
    Thought I would start a journal to shame me into hitting a 300 squat and deadlift as mine are very poor at the moment and to keep a track on where I am with my other lifts.
    I have been training / bodybuilding for many years and only recently got into strongman training when I changed gyms and tried log training to get bigger shoulders ( I have since realised its not just shoulders with the log ) and then got hooked on the strongman kit. I absolutely love it and its much more fun than moving boring normal weights around.
    My Legs although a good size have never really been strong which doesnt make much difference in bodybuilding. I am now realising this is affecting me in strong man training and so I am looking to hit 300kg on my squats and deadlift if I am going to get anywhere in this sport. If I can get them both up to 300 then I can start moving forward from there.

    My current PB's are below and I'll keep them updated. My training is all over the place at the moment because of a few personal issues but will try and keep it updated and hoping to soon be training regularly again.

    Bench - 200kg........................................New - 220kg
    Deadlift - 260kg
    Squat - 220kg

    Log - 140kg
    Farmers - 130kg - 20mts / 140kg - 5mts
    Stones - 140kg
    Yoke - Cant remember Happy
    Viking - 210kg
    Giant DB - 65kg x3

    I'm hoping to enter a novice comp as soon as I'm able and then hope I can get my weights up to inter standard.
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