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» Equipment prices (Go to post)15-03-2018 @ 14:24 
Thanks everyone you tube and face book vids wayne mate and she text me telling me they were mine basically whinging about them.
» Equipment prices (Go to post)14-03-2018 @ 20:39 
Basically my ex has sold all my equipment without my knowledge so I'm taking her to small claims. I've invoiced her for the following and there is probably loads missing she has refused to pay so I'm having to proceed with court. I'm after some evidence to show the prices are fair replacement second hand prices. Any inputs welcome.

300kg of Olympic plates 500
1 ultimate workout weight lifting bench 100
1 ultimate workout powercage 300
2 Olympic weightlifting bars 100
2 gym rats farmers walk handles 150
1 steel log 100
1 2inch axle bar 70
1 2 inch thick handled dumbell 50
1 duck walk 50
1 zercher carry 50
1 weights tree 50
1 strongman yoke 150
1 set of squat stands 50
1 pull down machine 50
1 leg curl machine 150
» Relationships and lifting (Go to post)28-01-2017 @ 21:32 
Post Edited: 28.01.2017 @ 21:34 PM by jamiea
Mine liked it when it suited her and the bragging rights having someone who competed in strongman but then used posting pictures of me on holiday in my shorts on fb against me. But I suppose the old saying break ups make bodybuilders is true I've never trained as hard or consistently in years although some of it might be subliminal as they don't like teachers having criminal records for gbh so I can't batter the guy she had the affair with so channel it into the weights
» Jamies Imaginativley Titled Log (Go to post)25-11-2016 @ 19:04 
Squat atg 180x 2 190x1 150x10
Had to skip Leg press both were busy and had to pick ben up
Chest press machine 50x 10,9,8
Incline bench 60x2x8
» Jamies Imaginativley Titled Log (Go to post)24-11-2016 @ 21:18 
Don't worry about it pal. Would have been good to see how I did if I disn't kill my shoulder attempting the log
» Jamies Imaginativley Titled Log (Go to post)24-11-2016 @ 18:54 
Yesteady. Some one turned the gravity knob up but the allonby wouldn't be defeated

Deadlifts 250x2 250x1 230x4
Strict press 60x3 x 10
One arm Row machine 60x2x10
Seated press machine 54x2x10 54x4 just ran out of steam
Chins 3x6 first time doing these since I smashed my shoulder up wasnt happy with the number of reps
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)21-11-2016 @ 17:46 
Just playing catch up you still doing the daily sessions mate?
» Jamies Imaginativley Titled Log (Go to post)21-11-2016 @ 17:33 


Squats ATG 180x2 190x2 150x9

Leg press again knees to ears 155x12 155x12

Converging incline press thingy machine 50per side 10,10,8

Incline bench 50x16 50x13

Pace was picked up a bit today as I had to get ben from the childminders, squats didnt feel right sometime my quads feel really tight and a weird feeling as though the fibres are rubbing on each other today was one of those days
» Jamies Imaginativley Titled Log (Go to post)19-11-2016 @ 19:37 
Not updated in ages had a mental year, split with the Mrs in August so no longer have access to the garage having to make do with the local xcercise for less, made a decent showing at yorkshires strongest man under 105s coming 4th which was way better than last years last but impinged my shoulder on the 2nd event and its still not right yet.

Basically having a quick push and pull day straight after work as quick as possible to keep childminder costs down.

I`ll keep this going for motivation but theres nothing glamorous in my training


Squats ATG 180x2 190x2 150x8 150x8

Leg press again knees to ears 150x12 150x12

Converging incline press thingy machine 50per side 10,8,5

Incline bench 50x2x15

Leg weights look pitiful compared to past glorys but experimenting with going well below parallel


Normally would deadlift but had to deadlift tuesday so didnt fancy doing them again 3 days later and day after squats

Strict press 60x3x9
One arm row machine 60x2x8
Seated converging press thingy 54x2x9 54x8
diverging pull down 79x2x8
» Will's Strongman Log (Go to post)20-08-2016 @ 15:59 
good to see you back mate did wonder what had happened to you, a similar thing happens with my back at lighter bodyweights when deadlifting which is the main reason I`ve stopped with the under 90s it seems to get injured too much
» Under 105kg Champions - Help Fill In The Blanks (Go to post)09-01-2016 @ 11:29 
Wasn't there one where Tony died during the stones before being resurrected to win it?
» Midlands u105 England Qualifier (Go to post)09-01-2016 @ 07:57 
What time do you think it will finish mate, I`ve a hot date with Ellie Goulding that night (well stood watching her with thousands of others but I can imagine))
» sustaining minor injuries while doing mundane activities (Go to post)07-01-2016 @ 19:10 
I broke my nose feeding ducks Unhappy
» Jamies Imaginativley Titled Log (Go to post)07-01-2016 @ 09:28 
Never managed deadlifts on Tuesday as I forgot I had a parents evening, by the time I got home from work I was ready for some wine instead

Yesterday only had half a hour to train so had a quick one
Bench 117x3x5 117x4 110x5
Wide grip chins 13 then 8
Close grip chins 9
» Jamies Imaginativley Titled Log (Go to post)04-01-2016 @ 19:56 
Had the bright idea of Red Bull washed down with 3 spoons of rocket fuel coffee before training was off my tits but naseous.

Manta ray high bar squats 172x3x5
Press off pins 77x5x5
Decided against deadlifts as felt I would throw up ill do them tomorrow.

Couple of hours later went to a boot camp class with the Mrs and pissed it didn't realise how fit I was would have struggled with this a few months ago.

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