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» Mouser learns to squat properly (Go to post)07-05-2009 @ 17:28 
PhilKlidaras said:
that 180 bench would be tight...but 182 would be betterGrin

Indeed, but one step at a time eh? Happy

Warmed up with 100*10 on bench - still quite stiff.

Clean & Standing Military Press
50 * 10
60 * 10
70 * 8
70 * 8 - Last two reps had leg drive involved
60 * 10
50 * 10

Lateral Flyes
10 * 10
10 * 10
10 * 10
5 * 10

Painful pump after these

I did some rowing as well with 50 kg and concentration curls for fun given the new mirror Grin *999, 1000, 1001...
» Mouser learns to squat properly (Go to post)05-05-2009 @ 20:57 
Missed out a couple of sessions including squats to 160*5 and paused technique squats using 100 & 140 kg to maximum compression.

Bench Press
60 * 10 - Felt like nothing
100 * 5 - Felt silly light
140 * 1
170 * 1 - Felt good
175 * 1 - Felt good
180 F - Miserable and painful Angry I don't know if I got the wrong line or if I was tired out by the two previous sets. It felt good on the way down but just stopped on the way back up.

Finished up with supersetted CGBP@60kg and EZ-Bar curls@38kg with no rest until I couldn't take any more :'( Felt quite ill after that.
» Phil's lifting (PL/OL and anything else that comes to mind!) (Go to post)19-04-2009 @ 18:36 
Great lifting Phil, on to 6 plates per side now Happy
» Mouser learns to squat properly (Go to post)19-04-2009 @ 18:33 
Arms day today

60 * 12
80 * 10
100 * 8
Chest still really sore from benching

EZ-Bar Skull Crushers
28 * 12
38 * 10
48 * 8

OH Extension
Chain rigged up to a handle; per arm
10 * 10/arm
11.25 * 10
12.5 * 10

BW * 12
+10 * 10
+10 * 10
My shoulder's still making nasty noises with these

Seated Hammer DB Curl
15 * 10/arm
17.5 * 8
20 * 6

DB Preacher Curl
20 * 10/arm
20 * 10
20 * 10
» Mouser learns to squat properly (Go to post)18-04-2009 @ 18:33 
Today was a little more upper body work as my legs/back are feeling tired after some walking.

Bench Press
60 * 6 - Paused
100 * 6 - Paused
100 * 6
140 * 1
145 * 6 - Embarassed I loaded one side but not the other, unsurprisingly it was a lot of work to keep it under proper control
150 * 5 - Felt good, but hard work after the last set, pain in my right wrist so I dropped the weight down a lot
100 * 10
100 * 10
100 * 10 - Not full ROM, working the lower part of the rep more
60 * 10
60 * 10

Plate Flyes
Working mid-deltoid and using plates rather than DBs as I couldn't be bothered loading up the DBs.
10kg * 10
10 * 10
5 * 10
5 * 10

Felt quite a good session overall, probably because I was in the mood for it. It's not following any plan, just what I feel like I can do at the time and trying to mix up heavy weights and form/control/higher reps work. I got a good pump at the end as well! Happy I've not repped 150 before either.
» Phil's lifting (PL/OL and anything else that comes to mind!) (Go to post)14-04-2009 @ 19:45 
Tannhauser said:
20 singles - that's a lot of racking and unracking.

Very true, a lot of commitment to not give up at 10 or 15 too. How long did all that take?
» Mouser learns to squat properly (Go to post)14-04-2009 @ 19:38 
Post Edited: 14.04.2009 @ 19:42 PM by Mouser
Cricket_Fire said:
Nah if we're taking that into account those squats were waaaaay excessively deep Grin

Heheh Grin

And Titch, the lamp is a lie Wink

Did some benching a few days ago working on the technical aspect of heavy lifting, slower & controlled to 170. There's video available of the 170, but it's a bit boring.


Same depth as the 140*5 or deeper
60 * 5
100 * 5
110 * 5
120 * 5
130 * 5 - Feeling knackered
140 * 5 - Quite a sweat on
150 * 5 - Bleh, too tired to carry on

Still felt like more of a back workout, legs don't feel worked hard. I think next time I'll go 100, 120, 140, 160 rather than 10 kg steps.
Didn't find it any harder going slightly deeper, if anything a little easier.

Dumbbell Rows
55 * 8R + 8L
60 * 8R + 8L
60 * 8R + 8L

I can't really fit any more on the dumbbell without using 10kg plates which reduce the ROM, but I'm not sure I get more from 60 than from 45... it's harder to really concentrate on any part of the lift in the same way. Still, variety is the spice of life and all that.
» Squat depth check (Go to post)08-04-2009 @ 22:55 
nathan said:
mouser i wouldnt even bother mate you said your piece just shut up and squat as the tee shirt says.. prove yourself by the training you do not what you say mate

I think I'll follow this. Thanks all.
» Squat depth check (Go to post)08-04-2009 @ 22:30 
Carl said:

what is low about my shots??

i am quite frankly, flattered with the attention

Carl, maybe I'm really getting the wrong end of the stick, and if so then I apologise. But when I first posted the squat video you objected to I said I thought it was high and you ripped on me for posting it. I've titled my journal 'Mouser learns to squat properly', I've trained with Phil in Brighton primarily to get advice to improve my squatting. I'm not claiming to be some uber-squatter and I've asked people's advice plenty of times before.

Yet on the thread on MT you said:
thats bollox mate, the camera never lies LOL you sound like a powerlifting watch outcast!!!

On here you laugh, like my squats are some kind of joke when I'm asking for help, then you call me sad and assume that the only reason I'm asking for people's advice, even though I've asked before, is because of what you said.

Quite frankly it comes across as you having a major problem with me, and it really puts me off posting any more videos. If I'm wrong and you meant something completely different rather than trying to piss me off then say so and we can forget all about it.
» Squat depth check (Go to post)08-04-2009 @ 22:03 
Rick said:
I have no idea what the MT history on this feud is or isn't and frankly I don't care, but this just looks like you're being gratuitously nasty. Please don't, we've had more than enough of that recently.

I'm just pissed off. I keep trying to respond amicably and Carl keeps coming in with the low shots.

And for the record I'm a lot more reserved online.
» Squat depth check (Go to post)08-04-2009 @ 21:33 
Carl said:
mate, i dont care what you squat or how you squat it, i only posted my opinion on the 190 was because you were posting it as your lift against others in a thread and it wasnt to the same standard as most others

i posted LOL because your doing all this because of something i said, its all very sad...

Why is it that when people start with 'mate' they always go on to be offensive?
Very few of the lifts on MT have any video evidence, so I'll ignore the first bit.

I'm not asking this because of what you said, so f**k off with that attitude. I'm asking because I want to actually get it right. If it was because of what you posted I'd have made a thread on MT, but I asked here as more people are into powerlifting and I thought I'd get good advice.

If you don't like me then don't bother replying to me, but don't start inflating your ego with thoughts that I ask things like this because of you.
» Big fucking tyre (Go to post)08-04-2009 @ 20:24 
Tony said:
Who you calling f**king Toby!

» Mouser learns to squat properly (Go to post)08-04-2009 @ 19:49 
Post Edited: 08.04.2009 @ 23:23 PM by Mouser
Hopefully see you down in Brighton soon, then you can see properly.
» Big fucking tyre (Go to post)08-04-2009 @ 19:41 
Post Edited: 08.04.2009 @ 19:46 PM by Mouser
What's up with your username switching between Tony and Toby?
» Squat depth check (Go to post)08-04-2009 @ 18:30 
just_t said:
i just went all angry a long time ago and decided to do every squat as deep as i can possibly get. took a hit first off but built it back up

I'd love to do the same Tom, but I find it makes my lower back really sore and I feel nothing in my legs if I go deeper than I did in the last video. My back just starts arching. Flexibility doesn't seem to bad as I can touch my toes without warming up or arching my back excessively.

Maybe I just need to be angry! Tongue


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