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» New year, new log. (Go to post)11-01-2014 @ 17:54 
Sexy OHP day

bar X 5,5
40 X 3
45 X 1
50 X 1
55 X 11

Incline bench press
bar X 10
40 X 5
55 X 18, 12, 7

Reverse band bench press (for the hell of it)
70 X 2
110 X 1
120 X 1
130 X 1
135 X 1
140 X 1
120 X 10

Btn press
Bar X 10
30 X 10
35 X 10,
40 X 8
30 X 20

Band push down X 50
» New year, new log. (Go to post)10-01-2014 @ 17:43 
Upper back accessory day
Felt lazy
Chin ups
barbell rows
Pendly rows
Dumbell rows
Sets ranging from 5 - 20, high reps just flushing my back with blood.
» New year, new log. (Go to post)10-01-2014 @ 17:43 
dannyboy73 said:Dealift monster

Nah, just long arms mate haha!
» New year, new log. (Go to post)09-01-2014 @ 11:27 
Today's stuff: Deadlift day.... YEEAAHH!!!!
Sumo dead (Don't really conventional these days)
70 X 6
110 X 3
150 X 3
180 X 1
200 X 1
212.5 X 9 (touch and go)
220 X 1

Snatch grip deads.
70 X 2
100 X 2
120 X 2
140 X 2

Beltless sumo with fat gripz, dead stops
110 X 3
140 X 5
145 X 5
150 X 5
155 X 4

Snatch grip high pulls from the hang
70 X 5
80 X 5
90 X 5

Wide stance stiff-leg pulls
70 X 3, 3
90 X 3
100 X 3
110 X 3
» New year, new log. (Go to post)08-01-2014 @ 16:24 
It is a good way to train, I'm more likely concentrating on PL this year, might do one strongman comp if my situation allows it.

Todays work: felt like doing something but feeling beat up from yesterday and want to save myself for tomorrow so, I'm doing some beach muscles.

Cheat curls
50 X 5
55 X 5
40 X 10, 10

band pushdowns X 50, 50

Empty bar curls X 25, 15, 15

band crossovers X 8, 8, 8

Nice 'n easy.
» New year, new log. (Go to post)07-01-2014 @ 16:14 
dannyboy73 said:Good stuff. Bit of both
Whats you paln, Any particular system your working with?

My training system is 531 at it's core but I'm experimenting with the stuff in the beyond 531 book (which is class)and incorporating/ dropping bits and pieces as I see fit.
Currently I'm doing the standard 4days/ week template but also have included an optional lat/ back accessory work day and an arms and shoulders bodybuilding day just to make use of the extra calories being consumed while I'm back home. How about yourself?
» New year, new log. (Go to post)07-01-2014 @ 15:55 
Mostly powerlifter, did highland's strongest man last year.
» New year, new log. (Go to post)07-01-2014 @ 11:08 
Post Edited: 19.01.2014 @ 21:30 PM by BaconWarrior
3+ week of 531

Paused benching
bar X 20
70 X 3
90 X 1
103 X 8
80 X 10
80 X 5X5
Rear delt Flyes (supersetted with the 5X5 at 80kg)
5kg X 5 X 20

Tri- set
Band crossover
36Kg bands X 3 X 10
Dumbbell pullover
17.5 X 3 X 20
Wide grip benching
50 X 3 X 10

Military press

50 X 2 X 8

Realised I never told anyone anything about myself for this log. So here's a little something for anyone interested: I'm a 4th year biomedical science student at Aberdeen uni, been training just under 3 years but the first year was just (very cack-handed) "bodybuilding" style (Read: curls errday) workouts. Now training for mostly powerlifting and one attempt at strongman to date. Currently follow the 531 training system and have done so for the majority of the last two years, now mostly experimenting with the stuff in the Beyond 531 book.
» To go where eagles dare.... (Go to post)14-11-2012 @ 18:04 
How we all doin?
Current PB's
Squat 145Kg
Bench 110Kg (close grip)
Dumbell row 60Kg for 22 reps
Deadlift 210Kg but can it 260Kg from a knee-height rack pull
Strict press 75Kg
» To go where eagles dare.... (Go to post)10-07-2012 @ 16:35 
Traning is still getting f**ked with by the rest of my life and when I've been working out it's been nothing amazing (Can't max out or squat at home and I've been training with mates when I've gone to gyms and they're into the whole aestheic thing. Idiots. Anyway I've been away in Morocco with the parents this week and I've been working out in the hotel gym every day on these odd machines (theres no free weights, f**k off) called Kinesis machines and they aren't bad, you have to be pretty creative to get a lot out of them but they're very worth it. Before I went off I was working a lot of weights complex work courtesy of T-nation for conditioning
Not bad s**t if I'm honest.
» To go where eagles dare.... (Go to post)17-06-2012 @ 20:13 
Sorry for not updating in a while my faithful readers, moving out of term-time accommodation back home and having uni exams has f**ked my training a bit and when I have been training I've not had much time to write it down, I'll be back to training properly and documenting it properly again tomorrow. Enjoy a video of me hitting a PR for box clean in the meantime
» To go where eagles dare.... (Go to post)22-05-2012 @ 11:31 
Also did 3 singles of 100Kg hang-powerclean and jerk to work on my explovisness. My technique needs work but the strength is there. Like almost all of my lifts really.
» To go where eagles dare.... (Go to post)22-05-2012 @ 11:29 
Last night was brutal.
4 X 9 85Kg squat (yes I was doing smolov with a mate)
Worked up to 55Kg stric press in singles then when I failed at 60Kg I switched to push press and hit 95 (working up in singles).
Started working on hang-powerclean and jerk together in one movement after, started at 80, then progressed through to 90Kg, 95Kg, 97.5Kg 100Kg and finally hit a max of 102.5KG. Also did a few sets of pullups after and 90Kg hang-powercleans for reps (only got as high as 5. Also trained hammer curl doing 3-5 (depending on fatigue levels) reps each arm, working up through 15Kg, 17.5Kg and finally hitting 22.5Kg.
» To go where eagles dare.... (Go to post)20-05-2012 @ 15:15 
New PR's!!!
I trained a bit of clean going up in 3's then 1's progressing from 50Kg to 90KG (PR). The catch at the bottom was ugly and Had to grind it out. Then trained clean. Similar progression training Jerk but going from 5's to 3's but in smaller increments. E.g 80Kg, to 84KG to 86Kg, to 87Kg to 90Kg to then go for a surprisingly well landed 95KG single. The I did a set of 6 push presses at 60KG and then attempted overhead sqaut. First, a set of 5 at 60KG then, an attempt at a single at 75KG. Failed at the bottom. Couldn't grind it out. Did a set of 4 reps at 70Kg as penance.
» To go where eagles dare.... (Go to post)19-05-2012 @ 15:02 
Last night's session. Not in order just as I remember:
5X20 good mornings with just the bar
2X8 60Kg Good mornings
Deadlift going up in 5's, then 3's after hitting 180Kg and then singles up to 205Kg. Stopped advancing due to losing the arch in my lower back.
5X6 50Kg Overhead press.
A few sets of pullups
About 5 or 6 singles of weighted pullups going up in weight up to 40Kg
Hammer curls 1till failure 15Kg, 11.5Kg and 12Kg.

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