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» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)02-07-2017 @ 21:48 
Bench Press
120kg x 3
140kg x 1
155kg x fail

Strict Press
60kg 5x5

Assistance shoulders and arms and abs

Old Man Strength
100kg farmers for 20m
270kg yoke for 20m
10 rounds for time in 13 minutes 50 seconds
Biceps and abssss

Strict Press
Upto 100kg x 2

Push Press
Upto 140kg x 1

Chest assistance work and armssss
» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)27-06-2017 @ 14:15 
Saturday 24 June
180kg x 2
200kg x 1

Leg Extensions 5 sets of 10

Monday 26 June
220kg x 2
250kg x 1
280kg x 1 **PB**

Pull Ups
BW 5x5

80kg x 6 each earm

Arms and Abs to finish
» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)23-06-2017 @ 09:06 
Thursday 22 June

Power Clean Party
1 clean on the minute increasing weight until failure
60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95,100,102,105,107,110,112,115,117 - Failed 120

Crossfit - Grace
30 Clean and Press @ 60kg
2 minutes 11

Assault Bike into 48kg Kettlbell Swings
10 cals / 10 Swings
9 cals / 9 Swings
8 cals / 8 Swings
7 cals / 7 Swings
6 cals / 6 Swings
5 cals / 5 Swings
4 cals / 4 Swings
3 cals / 3 Swings
2 cals / 2 Swings
1 cals / 1 Swings

Completed in around 13 minutes

Arms and Abssss supersets to finish
» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)22-06-2017 @ 11:45 
Sunday 18 June
160kg 3 sets of 5

Leg Extensions x 10 into Pull Ups x 3 - 5 rounds

Box Jumps x 8 - 20 meter backwards sled drag into 20 meter forwards drag - 3 rounds

Monday 19 June
Strict Press
100kg x 3,3

Bench Press
120kg x 2
130kg x 1

Assistance work for shoulders and abs

Tuesday 20 June
220kg x 2
240kg x 2
260kg x 2
270kg x 1

Bear Complex - Deadlift / Clean / Front Squat / Press / Back Squat Press
5 reps for 3 rounds

EMOM for 8 rounds
3 X Slam Balls
3 x Box Jumps
3 x Bar over Burpees

Arms and Abs to finish bodybuilding styleeeee
» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)16-06-2017 @ 12:29 
Thursday 15 June
160kg Squat x 3 into 200m row - 10 rounds for time
completed in 24 minutes and 43 seconds

Biceps and Absssss

Attempting to improve my conditioning and weaknesses while im not planning on competing for afew months and also loose abit of fat!! Ive lost 10kg of weight since christmas and been getting stronger
» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)15-06-2017 @ 10:36 
Wednesday 14 June
220kg x 2
240kg x 3
250kg x 2

Pull Ups in rows
BW x 5 / 60KG x 10 - 3 rounds

Low rows and lat pull downs for 3 sets of 10

Bicep Curls

» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)14-06-2017 @ 11:11 
Thursday 8 June
15 minute AMRAP
6 Deadlifts @ 100kg
7 Burpess
10 Kettlebell swings 32kg
40m farmers - 60kg
4 rounds and 12 reps

curls / raises / abs to finish

Sunday 11 June
140kg 3 sets of 5

Every 2 minutes with 80kg
7 Front Squat / 2 Back Squat
6 Front Squat / 3 Back Squat
5 Front Squat / 4 Back Squat
4 Front Squat / 5 Back Squat
3 Front Squat / 6 Back Squat
2 Front Squat / 7 Back Squat

8 minutes in duration with partner
2 minutes Row
2 minutes Bar over Burpees
2 minutes Row
2 minutes Bar over Burpees

Monday 12 June
Bench Press
100kg x 3
110kg x 3
120kg x 3
130kg x 3
140kg x 2

Strict Press
80kg 6 sets of 3

Raises curls and tricep work

Bodyweight this morning was down to 104.8kg
» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)08-06-2017 @ 09:12 
Monday 5 June-
Bench - 120kg x 5
Various assistance supersets all nice and light for 3 sets of 10 reps

Wednesday 7 June
Deadlift - 220kg x 3 - felt heavy so left it there for today was only having a feel before a full plan coming into place next week.
Couldnt do any other back work as biceps are still having issues after Saturday so did some absssss
» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)06-06-2017 @ 14:40 
Rodger said:Awesome stuff mate. Is that your highest ever placing?
Shame about the deadlift but it would have been a big ask anyway if so high above your 1RM

yes mate, it is also my first englands aswel.
Next year i will not zero the dealift whatever it may be
» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)05-06-2017 @ 15:17 
Thursday 1 June
240kg x 8 - PB

Rope Curls into tricep push down x 15 reps each for 5 rounds non stop

Side raises into band pulls x 15 reps each for 3 rounds

Plate front raised into Sit ups x 15 reps each for 3 rounds

Friday 2nd June
Invited to compete at Englands Strongest Man u105

Satruday 3rd June
Englands Strongest Man u105
Weight has been ok recently as been attempting to drop some bodyweight. Stopped fludi from about 3pm and had last bit of food at 6pm. Weighed in on the day at 104.7kg

1st Event
Max Axle FTOH
Went 120,130,140. At this point there was 3 other lads left, 2 had 150 as last lift and one having already been succesfully at 150 had 152.

Opted for 142.5 to give me a chance at second if the others failed there 150 attempts. The lads failed 150's and i hit a comfortable 142.5kg to take 2nd place in the event

Straight into deadlift was 285kg for reps - 12.5 kg above current 1rm and was far to much to pull after thursdays lifts. 0 reps

Farmers - 120kg for 40m
Anarchy farmers are the devil and only completed around 30m as i could walk due to them cutting into my quads...some large bruises still on my legs from these.

Yoke - 350kg for 40m

Out 3rd in this event JC went before me and hit a solid 35 seconds had afew drops on this and completed it in 1 minute and 5 seconds i think.Me and JC were the only ones to finis this so another 2nd place

Tyre Flip 500kg x 5 into sled drag
Out second to last and knew needed to complete it and in a decent time.
I took my time on the flips in an attempt to conserve some energy for the drag, not 100% sure on time however believe around 1 minute 20 which was enough for 3rd place.

Was in 3rd place going into last event with the points very tight across the 3rd-7th.

Atlas Stones - 160kg for reps
Usually a good event for me lost my head underperformed and only hit 1 rep. not enough to keep 3rd and dropped to 5th place.

Although im disappointed about my performance in the stones I am happy that i managed 5th overall especially on less than 24 hours notice and believe that i deserved to get the invite to compete.

Im going to do afew comps for some fun for the rest of the year and aim to make englands again next year and go from there.
» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)01-06-2017 @ 10:03 
Thanks Rodger

Forgot to log my training so far this week not that ive done much

Sunday 28th May -
Skwatsssss 225kg x 1 in sleeves **PB**

Hamstring and leg extensions

Tuesday 30 May
Strict Press 80kg 3 sets of 5

Side raises incline bench and tricept work too
» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)25-05-2017 @ 11:29 
272.5kg x 1 PB
260kg x 3 PB

Axle Clean and Press
Upto 140kg x 1

Tyre Flip
Weight was listed as 380
Few singles then 7 Reps to take the gym record for number of flips
» Taz's new start (Go to post)24-05-2017 @ 15:13 
Good to see you back training mate, hope all is well Happy
» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)24-05-2017 @ 15:11 
Ive decided that I need to start logging my training again after not keeping ontop of it since I last posted in here.

Best performance of the year so far back at Bodypower u105's the other weekend finishin 7th happy with yoke and deadlifts afew mistakes with log and stone on positioning and keeping to together costs be afew points but was very tight towards the top.

Just a log of last weeks sessions and this weeks sessions below of main lifts. Off to Break the Bar tonight to Deadlift

17 May 2017 - Wednesday
265kg x 2 - PB for a single and doubled it
180kg 5x5

18 May 2017 - Thursday
Axle Press FTOH - Belly Clean
150KG x 1

Medley 10m runs
60kg barrell, 100kg tyre, 110kg sandbag x 3
Prowler 5 10m runs rest 10 seconds between runs

21 May 2017 - Sunday
180kg 3x3

Hamstring Curl, Box Squat (60kg), Leg Press(3 plates a side) 3 sets of 10 reps on each no rest
RDL (60kg x 10), Lunge (5 each leg) 3 sets

22 May 2017 - Monday
Strict Press
60kg 5x5
80kg 3x3
90kg 2x2
100kg x 2

Incline Bench into Side raises
60kg x 10 into 10kg DB's x 10 for 3 sets

Seated Shoulder Press
30kg 3 sets of 10

Face Pulls 3 sets of 20

15 minutes cross trainer
» TickTocks Strongman Adventure (Go to post)24-09-2015 @ 01:56 
200kg 3x3
210kg 3x2
160kg 3x2

Kettlebell swings
32kg 5x15

Sit ups
10kg plate 2x15
No weight 2 X 10

Body weight 3x10

Grace - 60kg
3 minutes 55 seconds

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