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» arnolds pro (Go to post)02-03-2012 @ 20:21 
Post Edited: 02.03.2012 @ 20:21 PM by fong
ASC 2012 update - 256lbs Dumbell - Travis 0 Haftor 1 Laurence 0

VOS facebook page

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» giants live leeds (Go to post)02-03-2012 @ 19:51 
anyone heading to this?

quite a few big names turning up, looks like it could be a real fun show.
» local strongman gyms (Go to post)02-03-2012 @ 16:40 
cheers lads, that's 16 miles away, close enough for me!

i've not even got enough money to pay for food let alone training at the mo, so i'll wait til april for my next student loan.

again, cheers for the help.
» local strongman gyms (Go to post)02-03-2012 @ 16:23 
Post Edited: 02.03.2012 @ 16:23 PM by fong
first post, so hey sugdenbarbell forum go'ers. thanks for having me.

last year i got myself into strength training and progressed from 80 to 110kg as i stand now. my dead, squat and bench are all at a reasonable levels and following the strongman intro article on this site, apparently they're at levels in which i should be looking for novice comps and event training.

however, before i go diving head first into comps, i was just wondering if there's anywhere local i could train that'd have strongman event training apparatus available like stones and logs.

at the moment i live in nottingham. i'm looking for local strongman set-ups for more frequent event training, but i'm ok with travelling if there's none available.

cheers for your help, will hopefully be frequenting this board often, there looks to be a lot of interesting stuff going on.

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