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» StrongFong - My Road to Competitive Strongman (Go to post)18-03-2012 @ 17:54 
Post Edited: 18.03.2012 @ 17:54 PM by fong
15 mins elliptical trainer cardio

incline bench press

5x 60kg
5x 70kg
5x 75kg
5x 80kg
5x 85kg
3x 90kg
10x 55kg
10x 55kg
10x 55kg
10x 55kg
10x 55kg

seated row (machine went up in lbs for some reason)

10x 70kg
10x 79kg
10x 89kg
8x 98kg
» mothers day (Go to post)18-03-2012 @ 14:52 
what are you doing for mothers day?

my mum lives in the US now so she got a loving fb message... Confused
» EUROPEAN STRONGEST MAN 2012 GIANTS LIVE (Go to post)18-03-2012 @ 14:12 
damn that yoke looks low
» New Beast (Go to post)17-03-2012 @ 19:10 
lol funny guy
» Do you think Strongman is heading in the right direction? (Go to post)17-03-2012 @ 19:05 
yeah, motor sport was a bad example, but other than that my point was kinda clear i guess Tongue
» StrongFong - My Road to Competitive Strongman (Go to post)17-03-2012 @ 18:53 
Post Edited: 17.03.2012 @ 18:57 PM by fong
8x 70kg
8x 70kg
5x 120kg
5x 140kg
5x 160kg
3x 180kg
3x 180kg

rack pulls
7x 120kg
7x 120kg
7x 120kg
7x 120kg
7x 120kg
» deadlift triple from today (Go to post)17-03-2012 @ 17:42 
epic lifts. epic soundtrack.
» 3 rep squat pb (Go to post)17-03-2012 @ 17:36 
excellent squats, well done.
» Do you think Strongman is heading in the right direction? (Go to post)17-03-2012 @ 17:31 
Post Edited: 17.03.2012 @ 17:33 PM by fong
Stetec said:I think the definition of who is the strongest has become blurred. Is it the guy that can lift a huge weight once or twice or the guy who can't do that but can rep more than the other guy with a slightly lighter weight? The current trend is towards the first lifter hence the onus being on heavier each year. Thats what needs to change imho.

It's not just strongman where the elite of years ago wouldn't stand a chance these days, it's every sport. An average professional footballer in division 1 in reallity is probably faster, fitter and more skillfull than Pele! The top guys years ago looked as good as they did because others competing with them weren't to the same standard. Hence our 'average' guys now are fields ahead than the elite were say 20-30 years ago.

The reason for this level of progression is better understanding of physiology, nutrition, like it or not PEDs and in other sports at least, the added incentive of financial gain and recognition. Sport is more of a business these days, a saleable commodity and where there's financial backing to squeeze the most from potential athletes, things will progress in ability.

The problem is, human limitations mean there's only so fast or strong a person can go unaided. Its time to accept that we're approaching those limits so people with influence need to step up and say enough is enough. Back the weights off and concentrate on making strongman a spectacle again. The problem in the publics eye in general is that, yes the things they are witnessing are impressive, they are boring to anyone not involved in the sport.

The problem also as a side note is that unlike the popular sports, football, rugby, cricket, snooker etc etc, a strongman can do nothing to influence his opponents performance. It's a solo sport in essence. And there's little can be done about that due to it's nature. And as such imho it will never have a broad appeal. Sad but true really.

So lets have some ideas on how to make it a spectacle.

think motor sports or running or similar, you don't have to influence your opponent's performance to make it a multi man sport. sure you've got multiple cars or sprinters wizzing round a track; it's essentially the same as strongman in terms of it's a solo effort, but to make it a spectacle it needs comparisons and visible competition (not just a stop watch). this is why i love head to head events. loading races, fingers, stones etc. these are all solo efforts, but with extra people contributing at the same time. honestly i find time trials and solo efforts not as interesting, and i think that's what you're getting at if i'm not mistaken. the arnolds frame carry was a single take-it-in-turns event where you can't really get too hyped up compared to farmers of wsm, where as many as 6 athletes are racing each other as well as the clock.

» leather forearm sleeves (Go to post)16-03-2012 @ 14:05 
doesn't shaw have something similar for sale on his site?
» whats your deadlift to powerclean ratio? (Go to post)15-03-2012 @ 13:27 
Post Edited: 15.03.2012 @ 13:27 PM by fong
» StrongFong - My Road to Competitive Strongman (Go to post)15-03-2012 @ 11:07 
Post Edited: 15.03.2012 @ 11:09 AM by fong
found an old photo of me at my 21st (jan 2011)

76kg vs 112kg

» Olympic Compilation (Go to post)14-03-2012 @ 23:57 
Post Edited: 14.03.2012 @ 23:58 PM by fong
i absolutely love olympic weightlifting, but there's no where local to practice let alone learn it. then again, i am stupidly clumsy, impatient and not nearly as elegant as those guys in the video.

that compilation was absolutely brilliant. some of it is fairly old but definitely worth watching again. the squats in the last 30 seconds or so were phenomenal.
» 180 pushpress x 2 (Go to post)14-03-2012 @ 19:57 
very solid, good stuff.
» Fantasy WSM Final Events (Go to post)14-03-2012 @ 16:53 
kirkynick said:10-11 events - 2 days

Day 1

Deadlift (max) - with playboy bunnies stood in two big boxs at the ends of the bar.
Arm-over-Arm truck or boat pull (boat has playboy bunnies in it)
Pressing medley - dumbbell, log, axle, block
Van hold (heavy, no straps) + Van hold (lighter, no straps)
Sack and wierd object laoding (water and sand)

Day 2

Squat (for reps) - playboy bunnies
Hussefelt stone - max distance (90 secs)
Max Log
Farmers (heavy) + Farmers for distance (drops allowed), time limit of 3 mins
Car Flip + Chain Drag Medley

Could come up with many other variations though.

i sense a theme...

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