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» 112kg circus dumbell press (Go to post)21-03-2012 @ 19:32 
great lift. what size handle is that?

also, in nearly every one of your vids some guy just stands in the way of the camera lol.

again, very impressive stuff.
» Carol Vorderman (Go to post)21-03-2012 @ 17:11 
my wife
» todays budget and protien powders (Go to post)21-03-2012 @ 10:38 
so when's this supposedly taking effect?
» Forgot how to squat!!!!! (Go to post)21-03-2012 @ 00:36 
i don't wanna look down now just in case my feet are wonky too Unhappy
» Yorkshires Strongest Novice (Go to post)20-03-2012 @ 16:58 
i've literally never touched a piece of strongman equip before, is it recommended that i give it a go first or can i blag it on the day? obviously not expecting to do well lol, just looks like a lot of fun.
» Yorkshires Strongest Novice (Go to post)20-03-2012 @ 16:48 
right during exam week Unhappy.

looks awesome, i'd love to be able to get to this but we'll see how things go.
» Some Weightlifting from Edinburgh Uni. (Go to post)20-03-2012 @ 16:33 
cool vid, you guys have a really nice gym there too.
» Lidl food (Go to post)20-03-2012 @ 15:19 
lidl and aldi are amazing but i found tesco value to be that little bit cheaper purely money wise (student), especially for meat. either side of my house is an aldi and tesco, i had to be certain!
» StrongFong - My Road to Competitive Strongman (Go to post)20-03-2012 @ 15:13 
Post Edited: 20.03.2012 @ 15:15 PM by fong

5x 70kg
2x 120kg
2x 140kg
2x 160kg
1x 180kg
1x 190kg NEW PB
fx 195kg (can't blame me for trying)

front squats

5x 60kg
6x 60kg
6x 60kg
10x 60kg
10x 60kg

decided i wanted a new squat pb today considering it hadn't moved for months. i was confident as squatting 95% of 182.5kg (old pb) had gotten a lot easier. hence the sort of low reps, wanted to be as fresh as possible for it, and it paid off!

closing in on 200kg...
» MacDOnalds (Go to post)20-03-2012 @ 13:50 
4 double cheese burgers and a chocolate shake ~ 2300kcal, fantastic when there's a McDs on the way home from the gym.
» milk. (Go to post)19-03-2012 @ 21:25 
Post Edited: 19.03.2012 @ 21:43 PM by fong

what do you drink? how much?

i just tried gold today and i can't stop burping. back to blue. 3-4 pints a day.
» Mondays (Go to post)19-03-2012 @ 09:43 
» Craig Coombes Videos (Go to post)18-03-2012 @ 23:23 
Post Edited: 18.03.2012 @ 23:24 PM by fong
is he just wearing regular converse shoes?
» New Beast (Go to post)18-03-2012 @ 21:08 
it's sad that i see people in our gym doing this seriously.
» mothers day (Go to post)18-03-2012 @ 18:00 
kirkynick said:
You didn't even call her? I called mine and I live in the back and beyond...

yeah i called her but i didn't send her anything but a fb wall post. bad son Unhappy.

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