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» Advise Needed - Starting a strongman unit (Go to post)22-06-2015 @ 20:08 

A friend and I are seriously thinking of opening a strongman unit. this is completely a not profit. However people will be coming and contributing towards rent/bills.

Is there a way of doing this NOT as a business? We were thinking this could be a strength club rather than a gym. Somewhere for like minded people to train, there's no decent gyms in a 20 mile radius of where we live!

Has anyone done this before?

» strongman trophies (Go to post)18-06-2015 @ 14:44 
Does any one know where to get strongman trophies from?
» Olympic weightlifting bar for sale (Go to post)17-06-2015 @ 20:57 
I've sent a pm.
» Wanted: gym equipment! (Go to post)17-06-2015 @ 18:44 
Wiltshire buddy, but willing to travel....abit!
» Wanted: gym equipment! (Go to post)17-06-2015 @ 16:06 
Post Edited: 17.06.2015 @ 16:08 PM by davewalsh
Is anyone selling any gym kit?
Plates / bars / benches etc!
» Pulling Rope (Go to post)15-06-2015 @ 00:46 

Does anyone know where to get hold of a thick rope with hooks already attached for truck pulling?
» Chippenhams Strongest Novice / Inters and Woman (Go to post)27-05-2015 @ 18:48 
Post Edited: 05.06.2015 @ 20:36 PM by davewalsh
Men's Novice (No trophy hunters!!)
Axle Squat for reps - 180kg (to parallel)
Overhead Medley - 70kg Barrel, 80kg Axle, 90kg Log, 100kg Yoke.
Farmers Walk - 110kg for 30m
Crucifix Hold - Weight TBC
Barrel loading - Light to Heavy weights TBC

Men's Inters
Axle Squat - 220kg (to parallel)
Overhead Medley - 90kg Barrel, 100kg Axle, 110kg Log, 120kg Yoke.
Farmers Walk - 130kgs for 30m
Crucifix Hold - Weight TBC
Barrel Loading - Light to Heavy weights TBC

Chippenhams Strongest Woman
Axle Squat - 80kgs (to parallel)
Overhead Medley - 25kg Dumbbell, 35kg axle, 40kg Yoke
60kgs Farmers Walk into 3 flips of a giant tyre.
Car / Van Pull - Weight TBC
Loading Medley - TBC

Events are subject to change.
Venue TBC.
Trophys (and hopefully prizes) for top 3 and t-shirts for all!
Cost - 25 which must be paid by 27 July.
PayPal - or message me direct. Payment secures place

Jamz Spratt.
Simon Bateman (P)
James Lindsay
Nick Newth
Jordan Canepari
Matt Partington
Dave King
Alex Luker

Andy Spratt
Marcin Braun
Simon Cooper (P)
Dave Thomas (P)
Rusty Walcott
Craig Churchill

Adrianna Klukowski
Louise Norden
Katie Baron
» BNSF Wales Strongest Man 2015 - BNSF BSM qualifier (Go to post)09-05-2015 @ 19:16 
Has there been any interest in this?
» Breathe Easy - Novice Charity Strongman Competition (Go to post)14-07-2014 @ 22:30 
can I also add Joshua Haywood Knight
» Breathe Easy - Novice Charity Strongman Competition (Go to post)14-07-2014 @ 21:14 
can I please add Laith Darhali.
» Worcestershire's Strongest (inters/open) (Go to post)23-06-2014 @ 12:32 
Can you put dave walsh down please.
» England Qualifier for the south (Go to post)05-06-2014 @ 19:23 
Is this his happening?
» K2 strongest inters 27th April 2014 (Go to post)21-03-2014 @ 00:11 
Dave Walsh in please
» Competition event ideas (Go to post)16-01-2014 @ 00:51 
Is this still happening with worlds being in May?
» Wales Strongest Man u90kg 2014 (Go to post)11-10-2013 @ 14:14 
jones105 said:
tbh Ben,I was expecting 6-8 names by now! I only put womens up last nitgh and have 7 names...
Dave Walsh,dude what weight ate U..ur never a 90kg lifter lol or are U asking for someone else..rules are as above mate...i will check over with the other with Rick and mark...

Haha I don't think I'll ever be a 90 mate.. Asking for a mate. I'm sitting around 112 at the mo man. Little too big


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