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» James's training log (Go to post)25-04-2020 @ 22:07 
This week I are mostly been...

Clean and press/squat/row
40*a few sets
60*one set

20 min on bike

Clean and press/squat/row
35*two sets
55*one set

Axle deadlift

20 minutes on bike
» James's training log (Go to post)19-04-2020 @ 23:55 
In the week(not sure of days)

40kg 5,5,5,5,5



Friday 17th


Stiffleg deadlift

» James's training log (Go to post)12-04-2020 @ 22:06 
Sunday 12th April 2020

More sheddding. A couple of days of fairly sustained lifting stuff around in the sun.

Clean and standing press 40kg 5*5
Bent over rows 2 sets
» James's training log (Go to post)11-04-2020 @ 02:06 

Run 30 mins: ghost town
» James's training log (Go to post)07-04-2020 @ 22:25 
Logging again due to the 'c' word

Four years on from the last logged session...

Tuesday 7th April
Walk for about 3 hours plus an hour or so shed destruction, then (after dinner):

A couple of sets with the bar
A couple of sets with 40kg

90kg*5 (doh)
130kg*3 (doh)
Mixed grip

Tidy up. Go in to drink beer.
» TRAINIG LOG (Go to post)29-06-2018 @ 22:15 
There is some serious workload here. Impressive. May I ask about diet?
» General benefits of training (Go to post)28-06-2018 @ 21:44 
Post Edited: 28.06.2018 @ 21:50 PM by JamesH
little_a said:
I'm not sure how many ortho surgeons Pete know's, but if it's the one I'm thinking of he definitely advocates lifting as a positive lifestyle activity James. He was also quite a bit more than 'just' an orthopedic surgeon and now well into his 70's still squats and pulls heavy on a regular basis. Whilst I don't bother much with gurning heavy lifting anymore when it comes to general benefits I'm with Pete on this one. It's just a pain to get the balance right.

Fatpete said:
"Oh yes, hugely beneficial. Like comparing day with night

And it is the one LittleA thinks it is"

Thank you to you both for the replies.

I am very glad that is the case. My own presumption has always been that it is. I would by no means class myself as anything more than average in terms of natural physical ability; however, I think that, over the years, the benefits have shown. Aside from lifting I play cricket. Even at my least athletic (e.g. 120ish Kilos) I have seemed to be more durable than contemporaries, bowling 200+ overs per season without issue, year in year out, whilst some more talented friends have more or less broken.

LittleA - I think I am in a similar boat there with lifting. I still have a bar, plates and a rack which get used several times a week. I have just learned not to really care how much I am lifting. Provided it is fairly frequent and fun the objective is achieved, usually with very few reps or worries.
» John 'Chaos' (Go to post)27-06-2018 @ 23:07 
I am not frequently on here any more but remember his posts. Sad news.
» General benefits of training (Go to post)27-06-2018 @ 23:03 
Fatpete said:
I once spoke at some length with an orthopedic surgeon who told me that if you compared two men, one who had lifted all his life and one who hadn't, there would be a huge difference in their physiques and well being. Nowhere he assured me would that difference be more noticeable than in their backs.

Did he suggest that the difference would be a positive one - that lifting would be beneficial to well-being? I am curious to know.
» Training for events without equipment (Go to post)13-06-2018 @ 21:37 
Jaybuk said:Specifically log yoke and stones? Will have only oly bar and rack to work with. Have some thick rubber plates that could be taped together as a makeshift stone or is that pointless?

In my (somewhat distant) experience, you don't need a great deal of experience to make rapid technical progress withe those events. Moreover, unless you are already very, very strong, you will see more long term benefit from continuing to focus on getting bigger and stronger.

If you don't have a specific competition in mind, a road trip to train events every few weeks is a good way forward.

As has been mentioned already, sandbags are helpful. They're cheap and accessible, and don't rip your skin off.

If you're doing stones in a competition I'd also remember that some decent tacky is the most significant investment you can make.
» Does ageing, death and the rapid passage of time concern you? (Go to post)10-10-2016 @ 22:51 
Quite a bit.
» Training, Kickboxing and Middleagedom (Go to post)03-04-2016 @ 00:20 
My advice has to be - work within your capacity. Setting a programme out, especially when part of your training (kickboxing) is going to be very draining, is not likely to be that much fun.

I'd suggest that if kickboxing is your thing, do that, and then keep the weights easy.

I play cricket in summer/try to maintain some fitness by running in winter, so my approach is keep the lifting simple. I generally squat (because I like to) and press (because I feel I need to) every session, mostly by feel and mood. It can mean some brief sessions but my logic is that if I am performing a movement a few times a week, I don't need to push that hard.

I won't claim great things but I have maintained reasonable strength levels doing this, without ever having to get wound up or psyched up to lift, or indeed run myself into the ground.
» Fat to Phat (Go to post)03-04-2016 @ 00:10 
FAT_SAM said:Tonight

Pre workout -
modafinil and caffeine
no halo no cialis (not ideal but short of funds atm)

Squats naked knees.
20kg jumps up to
305kgx1 pb

Paused squat

Speed deads deficit


I like that session!

However...forgive my ignorance but...cialis? The image in my head is not necessarily quite right! Is it a blood pressure thing?
» James's training log (Go to post)18-02-2016 @ 21:14 
18th Feb


Clean+1 strict then 1 push press
55kg*3 sets
75kg*3 sets


Press btn
» James's training log (Go to post)17-02-2016 @ 22:18 
15th Feb
Run 2.2 miles. Middle mile 9.45.

16th Feb
Got older.

17th Feb


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