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» Ross's training life (Go to post)22-02-2015 @ 21:04 
Well done Ross
» Britains Natural Strongest Man 2014 - Northern Qualifier. (Go to post)07-07-2014 @ 15:37 
Top 5 in u90's

1st - Me (Shaun Plews)

2nd - Thomas Prince

3rd - Dave Baxter

4th - Shaun Smithson

5th - Simon Davies
» Ross's training life (Go to post)15-06-2014 @ 18:31 
well done mate
» Britains Natural Strongest Man 2014 - Northern Qualifier. (Go to post)30-04-2014 @ 19:08 
Post Edited: 07.05.2014 @ 19:36 PM by plewsy
Could you put my name down for the u90s please?

Shaun Plews

Posted Membership and sent entry fee via paypal
» 335kg deadlift (Go to post)07-12-2013 @ 18:27 
Nice lift
» u90kg News (Go to post)07-12-2013 @ 18:26 
» u90kg News (Go to post)07-12-2013 @ 18:25 
Thought it might have been just had to check
» u90kg News (Go to post)07-12-2013 @ 18:14 
What's a Maxle?
» Shaun's Training Log (Go to post)21-10-2013 @ 21:35 
» 300kg Deadlift (Go to post)21-10-2013 @ 21:28 
» Ross's training life (Go to post)21-09-2013 @ 23:27 
Well done today mate Happy
» Shaun's Training Log (Go to post)16-09-2013 @ 21:20 
Cheers Happy Hoping overhead doesn't let me down again at Naturals on Sat. We shall see
» Shaun's Training Log (Go to post)15-09-2013 @ 17:45 
Cheers. Kicking myself today for not doing the lighter option log but never mind Happy
» Shaun's Training Log (Go to post)15-09-2013 @ 13:28 
Dragons 5

Not good at write ups but thought I'd give it a try

Even 1 - Max Deadlift - 3rd

For some reason I thought this was last man standing and wasn't until Shane told me otherwise. luckily I changed my last lift just in time. If I had paid attention n realised form the start I'm pretty confident I would have got a 300kg as the 290kg felt easy for me.

Attempt 1: 250kg

Attempt 2: 260kg

Attempt 3: 290kg

Even 2 - Loading - 3rd

Wasn't confident going into this event after doing s**t at Esm. Didn't think I would get the last keg up at all so was shocked when I managed them all and in a good time too.

Event 3 - Over head - Last

Really f**ked off with log. Some days can do it others just can't. Should of gone for the lighter option but never mind. Aim for next year is to master the log.

Event 4 - Moving medley - 2nd

Knew that I had to do good in this to try n get some points up after scoring 0 on log so just went for it.

Event 5 - Arm over arm - 1st

Love arm over arm.

It was decided after I did my turn that one side was easier than the other so me and a few others had to do it again on the harder side. Finished it faster than the lighter side and won the event Happy

Event 6 -Stones - 2nd

Thought I was going to do absolutely s**t at this and none of the stones were going to go up. But surprisingly all went up including the 160kg and in a fast time too. Didn't realise how close it was between me and Dan until looking back at the video

Came 4th Overall Happy

Had a really good day n enjoyed competing. Fantastic competition n Dan did a real good job organising and running it Happy

Everyone did brilliant and congrats to Shane, Luke and Dan for podium finish Happy
» British Natural StrongestMan 2013 (Go to post)09-09-2013 @ 17:00 
Im in. Shaun Plews


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