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» Belts & Advice (Go to post)16-02-2012 @ 18:14 
Have gone for a strength shop lever belt - but also thinking about getting a Zulu one also!!

Thanks guys
» Champions of The Future 2. (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 22:00 
Any more 1st time comps this year - I'm under 105kg and mate is under 80kgs!
Or spaces in this comp?!

» Recovery from Bicep Surgery (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 18:33 
Lots of sports massage along with active and dynamic stretching!

I suffered a quad rupture - different parts of the body but all muscles are the same.
» Belts & Advice (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 15:27 
I've suffered with a lower back problem since a teenage. Of late I've been very tender in and around the SI joint and have trouble bending and sitting for long periods of time.

I've never beenone for wearing a belt, only thing I tend to use are straps - i know this is probably not to clever and I should use a belt before now.

But, hey ho - better late than never - I'm not a massive lifter (but maybe someday).

What belts would you suggest, been looking at lever belts rather than buckle!

With the lever do you overlap the to ends or should they just meet?

Any help would be greatly appreciated - including possible suppliers!!
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 14:27 
Just had chicken breast with rice, 2 scoops of muscle milk with H2O!
» Diet help (Go to post)14-01-2012 @ 16:50 
Ps sorry what are processed carbs, forgive my ignorance!
» Diet help (Go to post)14-01-2012 @ 16:49 
Thanks really appreciate the help!
» Diet help (Go to post)14-01-2012 @ 16:06 
Very true Gorilla - apologies, I would like to drop 4kgs get back to 100kgs.

Should I cut carbs out or reduce them?

What protein intake should I aim for?

I'll get better with the more posts, thanks
» Diet help (Go to post)14-01-2012 @ 15:58 
Hi guys - I'm a former rugby player, who has recently had to stop playing after suffering 2 significant injuries:

1 - quad (left leg) rupture in Sept 2009
2 - severe dislocation to left elbow, Nov 2011.

I've been back in the gym for a few weeks and elbow is feeling good, lifting coming along nicely. However my diet is not great, I'm after any guidance you can offer.

I'm 189cm tall and 104kgs.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!
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