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» My Sexy training diary (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 02:05 
Fightings for losers

Peace and love is where it's at

Sleep well fandangers, as I will be for most of the morrow Grin

Oh while discussing drinks, I love amaretto and cranberry
» My Sexy training diary (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 01:44 
TravisFandango said:Just saw that video Mr Mike! Absolutely super, it must be said! I'm almost speechless with admiration, although not quite, as I'm a bit tipsy and the typing equivalent of a gob s**te.

Thanks alot mr Fandango!

Fear not being typsy around me, my whole working life consists of such

I drunk guy who has never met me has just hugged me, said he loves me and I look like a guy from reservoir dogs

Give him half an hour and he'll probably try and glass me lol

I feel a thread coming along in the morn...
» Olympic Weightlifting Training (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 01:34 
TravisFandango said:
Not sure about that Mr Mike, you and your weightlifting chums seems to do jolly well in strongman too.
Part of my tea consisted of a tomato tonight. It was nice and I liked it.

Well we have fun, and help put together a good show when competing

Plus everytime I compete I get a free t shirt and can make a new video as well as a write up too Grin
» Olympic Weightlifting Training (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 01:28 
VaughanOLifter said:Epic lifting!

Another weightlifter on sugden, sweet!!!

Also throw up some clips, as you can see people do watch them

I think I remember something about chea saying sm was quad dominant or some such... I'd say its hamstring dominant tbh

(see Wayne's latest bulls**t thread and Kevin Stuarts comments)
» Olympic Weightlifting Training (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 01:19 
TravisFandango said:Jedi knights of the barbell! I've never been able to move that fast, even without weight. As Peter Andre would say... Insania!

Lol Travis

Transferring said ability into strongman is somewhat fruitless

I don't like fruit anyway, except tomatoes
» Olympic Weightlifting Training (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 01:17 
slimsim said:Brilliant lifting! I wish mine olympic lifts had ever looked that effortless and every single snatch looked identical.

Plus those push presses at the end of the second vid Eek
Christ, everything about it was brilliant

Apparentely we've met, thanks for enjoying me do my thing... And the big compliments!

Re the snatches and good technique, I was very very surprised at how I was able to confidently move as haven't do any weightlifting in a year or so

My snatching is pretty flawless technically on these

I'd love to get a big push press when my dicky leg is less dicky
» Olympic Weightlifting Training (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 00:57 
Thanks for watching lads!

It's good to have some lifting contributions to put up
» Is it possible to be a decent strongman without.... (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 00:44 
Wayne_Cowdrey dead lifts and back squats?

Could front squats, power cleans etc do the job?


Absolutely not
» My Sexy training diary (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 00:39 
Sean_Clarke said:Those videos are class Mike.

Cheers Sean, I happy with them too so glad you liked them... Good f**king 15 minutes of clips in those babies so fair play for watching

I included a warm up from empty bar and starting weights so the full session could be viewed start to finish

I made another today during my third weightlifting session, but will start to decrease the warm up clips in future vids

Thing is... I'm all of tricks now Unhappy

» My Sexy training diary (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 00:34 
chaos said:I've been waiting all day to watch that vid (don't have youtube at work Unhappy ) and can honestly say I wasn't disappointed. Very strong mate

I'd be careful about using the word strong in my journal buddy, I'm average at best

BUT thanks alot big man!

This northern under 115 will be a massive baptism for you... And it will be interesting you (apart from me) who you beat
» My Sexy training diary (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 00:26 
shanejer said:Updates ?

I did some power cleans and snatches because of you're recent video

I will update tomorrow daytime as I am keeping my training jotted down on paper at home

I haves few updates I can make now though

I've still got a bad left hip, another month longer before it will be gone I reckon. I won't be able to squat hard until this passes

Both my wrist are crushed to bits from my first snatching session but with the aid of bio freeze I get away with a few push presses

My lower back is much much better. Thank goodness

So a but of a mixed bag really, but training is lots of fun overall... And all the lads are doing well too!

(except Joni, he's not even strong)

I hope you enjoyed your bit of weightlifting too, feel free to throw up a video... It's easy to get bored of deadlifting and sumo squatting videos

I'd like to do 250x3 like you this year
» 2012 u90 northern ESM qualifier (Go to post)25-01-2012 @ 23:13 
Pagan just reminded me you lot don't do any of that 24 hour weigh in bo***cks

Mini beasts
» Ali - 250 kg x 8 Squat Belt Only. (Go to post)25-01-2012 @ 23:08 
I can't see the video but the title and intro says enough

» Olympic Weightlifting Training (Go to post)25-01-2012 @ 19:37 
Here's a couple of videos of some training I've put together

On the second clip there's some excellent lifting from current British champion Shaun Clegg


» 2012 u90 northern ESM qualifier (Go to post)25-01-2012 @ 14:57 
shanejer said:
I forgot squats in wraps at 100kg counted as aposed to comp refd naked knee WORLD RECORDS

Good lift!

Good lift!

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