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» No longer fat but still a gay, Scottish all round cunt (Go to post)02-06-2008 @ 00:08 
Really enjoying the vids Tony and the home gym set up!

I hope to copy the tyres for bumper plates idea once im home.

Are those the new adidas weightlifting shows in the decking press section of the vid?

All the best

» OL form check. Some light lifting. (Go to post)29-05-2008 @ 21:43 
Post Edited: 29.05.2008 @ 21:45 PM by BARBUDA
Thanks Guys!

Sorry the vid quality is so crap its done on my awful phone!

I'll try and use my camera next time!

Rusev - Yeah i see what you mean it certainly does not feel completely overhead. I shall work on that and use full cleans too.

Here is the vid from tonight. Again, sorry but the quality is poor.

Are my hips low enough?

Has my back got enough of an arch?

is my lifitng too "backy"

Rob - potetially there is, Tommy Yule is a trainer here for the elite athletes but im not sure if i could get help from him or not.


» olympic training at Rusev (Go to post)29-05-2008 @ 21:39 
Appreciate that Rusev!

Im working my way through them now!



p.s i took some new vids today which i shall put in the other thread.
» OL form check. Some light lifting. (Go to post)28-05-2008 @ 21:17 
Post Edited: 28.05.2008 @ 21:17 PM by BARBUDA
Right attempt 2 at posting this. It does not seem to be jumping frames now - excellent.

Tonight i took some vids of me doing
- clean and jerk
- powerclean and jerk
-2x EVEN lighter powerclean and jerk

Now i know the weights are seriously light and not really challenging but i just wanted to see how my form is looking before adding weight.

Any help and advice appreciated!

» Olympic weightlifting resource (Go to post)28-05-2008 @ 15:53 
Yeah, ive removed the ironmind ones and put in a few new ones.

I'll update it with more vids when i have more time.


» Olympic weightlifting resource (Go to post)25-05-2008 @ 15:50 
No worries guys!

BOAR - I am a man of my Word! even if it did take 15months.

Mishima - great to hear from you mate!

I would love to start a journal as i want to get specifically into Olympic lifting but with the mess my body is in - its gonna have to wait. I also will need coaching.

Very impressed with your progress!

» Olympic weightlifting resource (Go to post)24-05-2008 @ 16:16 
Post Edited: 28.05.2008 @ 15:50 PM by BARBUDA
Hello. I made this over a year ago now and i believe i promised BOAR i would post it here. Ive taken my time but here it is (assuming my reformatting for here has worked) Happy

Also i have recently found some new stuff which i shall put in soon!



p.s i think most of the ironmind vids have been removed Angry

Olympic weightlifting resource

Training programs

Eric Midkiff's Olympic weight lifitng workout plan

westside meets olympic lifting

Alexeev prepares for the 1974 world champs

Eastcoast Golds sample workout


QWA Beginners

QWA Intermediate

QWA advanced

Body buildings best kept secret

Olympic weight lifitng primer

EXRX OL prgrams


International Weight Lifting Federation

Olympic weight lifting comittee

O WOW (olympic weight lifting on the web)

weight lifting magazine

History of OL lifitng

Dan John's website

lift this directory


common technique errors weight training

Tutorial videos

Olympic instructional vids

EXRX Ol vids

Gayle Hatch vids

part 1 technique vid

Part 2 technique vid

Tommy Kono lecture part 1

Tommy Kono lecture, part 2

Training videos


Dimas Spyrou Training 2000 Olympics


Pyrros 04 olympics


Training methods of the high level weightlifter

The programming and organization of training

The criteria and parameters of training in a weightlifters multi year training system

speed under the bar

selection process of junior weight lifters

prolonged perservation of sporting form

phase structure of the snatch and clean

phase structure of the jerk

pecularities in the training of weightlifting of different qualifications

natural changes with training

an interview with Pavel Pervushin

How to establish a training plan

factors infulencing the effect of explosive force in speed-strength activities

common technique errors

Alexeev prepares for the 1974 world champs

twice a day training
» FitLike Gym Strongman Challenge 31/05/2008 (Go to post)23-05-2008 @ 16:25 
Hey Hamish! Im sure they would but i'm meeting them in London town that weekend to see "The Boss" play Grin .

I shall def make a trip there once im home!

I really cant believe there is a facility like that a few miles from where i live - in the middle of no where!
» FitLike Gym Strongman Challenge 31/05/2008 (Go to post)23-05-2008 @ 15:38 
Post Edited: 23.05.2008 @ 15:40 PM by BARBUDA
Gutted about this, I would have liked to go and watch seeing as its only 15 mins or so from home. Shame im stuck in the midlands for uni Unhappy

Is there anyone here who trains at this gym regularly?

Is it open to the public?




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