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» 173 kg Log C&P @ 100 kgs (Go to post)29-05-2012 @ 21:43 
Post Edited: 29.05.2012 @ 21:45 PM by Carlos_Reyes
Haven't posted here lately after I decided to end my pursuits in the 90KG class and pursue a 105KG Pro Card here in the states, but I thought I'd share this with you pressing freaks across the pond. I'm 5 weeks out from my pro-am. Training has been going well with the weight I've been able to put on.
» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)12-01-2012 @ 01:44 
Post Edited: 12.01.2012 @ 04:28 AM by Carlos_Reyes
Monday, January 9th - Overhead

Got sick on Saturday and didn't have a chance to get my 4th day of training in. After 3 weeks of heavy log press, I figured I'd switch things up with a little dumbbell action.

Circus Dumbbell Press
75 kgs / 165 lbs x 4 (2 right, 2 left)
79.5 kgs / 175 lbs x 4 (2 right, 2 left) - rep PR
84.1 kgs / 185 lbs x 1 (0 right, 1 left) - weight PR
Video -

Felt awesome about the 84.1 kg lift! Huge PR! Missed the weight 5-6 times with my right hand, then nailed it by my left on the first try. Funny considering my left is my weak side...

Band Suspended Strict Press
4 sets 8 reps, two danging 25lb plates on each set

Dumbbell Rows / Band Pullaparts
4 sets 12-10 reps

Fat Rope Pushdowns
3 sets 15+ reps

Wednesday, January 11th - Squat

SSB Box Squat w/ +90.9 kgs / +200 lbs Band Tension - all sets beltless
Worked up to 206.8 kgs + 90.9 plus kgs / 455 lbs + 200 plus lbs of band tension x 1. It's official that my new favorite exercise for building brute strength is heavy safety bar squats with tons of band tension, beltless!

14" Rack Pulls - right at my sticking point, beltless
252.2 kgs / 555 lbs for 3 sets of 5

Dumbbell Reverse Lunges
4 sets 8 reps per leg, working up to 45.5 kgs / 100 lb dumbbells.

GHR's / Donkey Calf Raises
3 sets high rep

Strength is on point - bodyweight is climbing and I'm smashing PR's that I was hitting around Nationals prep. Training has been focused and nutrition on point. Heading back to school this week, I'd love to go back with a U90KG BSM invite!!!
» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)07-01-2012 @ 17:49 
Friday, January 6th - ME Bench

Close Grip Floor Press (index on smooth)
Worked up to 152.3 kgs / 335 lbs x 3 (rep PR), very pleased with this because I used an even closer grip than I normally use.

Incline Dumbbell Press / Neutral Grip Pullups
3 sets 12-8 reps, worked up to the 50 kg / 110 lb dumbbells x 8, pullups after every set

Pec Dec Flyes / Rear Delt Machine Flyes
4 sets 12-15 reps

Dumbbell Shrugs
4 sets with the 59.1 kg / 130 lb dumbbells for max reps. Best set was 20.
» Carlos Reyes - 368.2 Beltless Yoke for 13.7 Meters (Go to post)04-01-2012 @ 20:32 
Post Edited: 06.01.2012 @ 15:02 PM by Boar
Did some heavy beltless yoke after some heavy deficit deadlifts today...needless to say my spine is feeling it! I use the Rehband back support to keep warm in the gym, but those who have it can attest that it is not supportive in terms of adding stability. Not the fastest speed I've ever had, but I'm just happy I finished with no drops.

» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)04-01-2012 @ 20:27 
Tuesday, January 3rd - 5/3/1 Log Press (week 3)

I was due for this training session on Monday, but I woke up with a nasty head cold. I get sinus infections often due to my nasal passages being all screwed up, so I decided to rest and not waste a workout. Came back in on Tuesday feeling great and ready to hit a PR.

12" Log Clean and Press (clean once)
Worked up to 140.9 kgs / 310 lbs x 4 (rep PR). Opted for clean once to save my back for deadlifts on Wednesday.
Video -

Seated DB Press (no back support)
4 sets 10-8 reps, worked up to 31.8 kg / 70 lb dumbbells x 8

DB Side Raises / Seated DB Cleans
3 sets 15-12 reps

Weighted Dips
3 sets 12-10 reps, worked up to BW + 60lbs of chain x 10

Wednesday, January 4th - ME Deadlift

Deficit Deadlifts - bar set as low as possible, just enough for me to slide my feet under the bar
Worked up to 252.3 kgs / 555 lbs x 1 (13.6 kg / 30 lb PR), then did a down set with 227.3 kgs / 500 lbs x 5. Went beltless on all sets, but used straps at 500 lbs and up.

Yoke Walk - all sets beltless
327.3 kgs / 720 lbs x 27.4 meters / 90 feet
350 kgs / 770 lbs x 27.4 meters / 90 feet (beltless distance PR)
368.2 kgs / 810 lbs x 13.7 meters / 45 feet (beltless weight PR)
Video of the 368.2 kg set -

One Leg Hamstring Curls
3 sets 15+ reps

45 Degree Hypers w/ Barbell (holding out in front w/ snatch grip)
4 sets 10 reps with 45.5 kgs / 100 lbs
» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)02-01-2012 @ 06:45 
Post Edited: 02.01.2012 @ 06:55 AM by Carlos_Reyes
Saturday, December 31st - ME Front Squat / Events

Reverse Band Front Squat with Doubled Mini Bands
(~18.2kgs / 40lbs at the at the bottom, less than 2.3kgs / 5lbs at the top)
Worked up to 227.3 kgs / 500 lbs x 1 x 2, 238.6 kgs / 525 lbs x 1
Video -

Keg Carry (bearhug grip)
4 runs with the 106.8 kgs / 235 lb keg

Stones over 1.5 m / 58" Bar
A few doubles and triples with our 150 kg / 330 lb stone, technique work. Stones were too dusty to hit any appreciable number of reps with Angry

Planned on doing some heavy yoke, but our implement was getting some new holes drilled in when I wanted to work with. Not complaining however, now we'll have a lot more diversity with height in training. Final week of 5/3/1 log tomorrow, I'm due for 136.4 kgs / 300 lbs. Might switch to clean once on the last set to see if I can't put up a higher number of reps Wink
» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)02-01-2012 @ 06:40 
Post Edited: 02.01.2012 @ 06:41 AM by Carlos_Reyes
» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)02-01-2012 @ 06:40 
Post Edited: 02.01.2012 @ 06:45 AM by Carlos_Reyes
» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)30-12-2011 @ 21:15 
Thursday, December 29th - DE Bench Press

Speed CG Bench Press
102.3 kgs / 225 lbs 4x3
115.9 kgs / 255 lbs 4x3 - stopped pressing like a goddamn bodybuilder, been hammering my form on the bench and already good things are happening. Used to do speed work with 84.1 kgs not too long ago...

Band Suspended Bench Press
43.2 kgs / 95 lbs of bar weight + 54.5 kgs / 120 lbs total of plates suspended with bands for 4 sets of 8. These were brutal, really tore up my stabilizer muscles.

Ring Pushups
2 sets max reps with BW only - 22 and 20 reps, respectively.

Chest Supported Rows
4 sets 12-10 reps

Thick Rope Pushdowns
3 sets 15-12 reps

Looking forward to ME Front Squat / Heavy Yoke / Stones on Saturday - video to come!

Sparrow said:
I hope so! I'll be hammering the stiff legged deficits too to nail the hammies.
Your 155kg log max would suggest your max on a bar would be much higher than 143kg. Still, interesting that you have dialed in your log split jerk without regular barbell work. That's exactly what I'm going to try to do... Do most of the big loggers in the US split jerk?
Oh, and you'll NAIL a 300kg deadlift - I pulled it 2 weeks ago for the first time and your repping numbers are much better than mine. Are there many u90kg guys in the US that can pull 300kg?

Split jerking the log is MUCH different than split jerking a barbell IMO, in terms of the mechanics of the lift. So I tend to stay away from overdoing it with BB/Axle split jerks when I'm dialing in my log press. Most good American 90kg and 105kg pressers are push pressers with textbook form. The split jerk is kind of rare, but a lot of guys are starting to adopt it with great success. I believe Scott Porter (105kg Pro) has done a 168.2 kg log with a split jerk. It's tough to get down, but the potential carry over is too great to never try it.
» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)29-12-2011 @ 01:32 
Wednesday, December 28th - DE Deadlift

Speed Deadlifts with 36.6kgs / 80lbs Chains
165.9 kgs / 365 lbs + Chains 4x2
175 kgs / 385 lbs + Chains 4x2
Feel really good about these. I am insistent on making sure my speed work is truly speed work (not going too heavy), so I'm glad that my DE numbers are on the upwards swing while still maintaining the speed I like to see.

Stiff Leg Deadlifts off Platform (bar at shoelaces)
175 kgs / 385 lbs x 10 - rep PR
184.1 kgs / 405 lbs x 8 - rep PR
193.2 kgs / 425 lbs x 6 - rep and weight PR
No straps and touch and go reps, so these smoked my forearms. 300 kg deadlift...I'm coming for you!!!

SSB Walking Lunges
4 sets of 8 reps per leg (16 total reps per set). Last set was at 97.7 kgs / 215 lbs. These are brutal with the safety bar! I'm trying to do as much SSB work as I can before I head back to school for next semester, because I don't have regular access to one there. Really fried my core and upper back.

GHR's / Standing Calf Raises
3 sets 12-15 reps, light and continuous sets on the way out the door.

Good workout! Even though today was a dynamic effort day I'm starting to see some good things in my deadlift indicator exercises.

Mr Small - Thanks for reading! Hopefully these numbers and future videos will stir up enough interest for a BSM U90KG invite!!! Wink

Clegg - Big front squat and events workout this want video, you got it boss!

Rob - Thanks for coming down! We always seem to smash PR's every time we train together, haha.

Sparrow - No problem mate, you'll get some great carryover from really hammering your GHR volume. I haven't maxed on a barbell jerk in years. My training background has roots in olympic lifting, and the last time I hit a max clean and jerk was at 143.2 kgs / 315 lbs. I was 17 years old and much lighter in BW (84 kgs), so I'm kind of curious as to what I could hit now.
» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)27-12-2011 @ 06:35 
Still sore as hell from Saturday's session, I had to suck it up big time for this session. US National U90KG Class Runner Up Rob Kearney came down from further away in Connecticut to come train with myself and Mike Mastell. 3 solid pressers in the room in the same workout...the pressure is on!

12" Log Clean and Press Each Rep
Worked up to 130kgs / 285lbs x 5. Just scraped by Rob Kearney's huge set of 4 Wink . Training with stiff competition really gets the PR's flowing.

Axle Strict Press
3 sets of 5 reps, heavy.

Neutral Grip Chinups
4 sets max reps with bodyweight, best set was 14

Face Pulls
4 sets 12-15 reps

Incline EZ Bar Skullcrushers
3 sets 10-8 reps
» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)25-12-2011 @ 06:44 
Saturday, December 24th - Christmas Eve DE Squat

Speed Squats with Doubled Monster Mini Bands (~81.8kgs / 180lbs tension at top)
102.3kgs / 225lbs + bands 6x3
125kgs / 275lbs 2x3
143.2kgs / 315lbs 1x3

Sandbag Carry
136.4kgs / 300lb bag for max distance. 4 sets total. Best set (3rd) was for 6.5 laps (1 lap = 12.2 meters / 40 feet). Good exercise for training my #2 overall strongman weakness (front carries - Hussafell Stone / Shield Carry in particular) because of how tight you had to squeeze the bag to get a good grip.

One Legged Leg Press
3 sets 15+ reps, looking for some endurance type training here.

Dumbbell Shrugs
3 sets 20-10 reps

Overhead Yoke Walks
4 sets of 4 laps with turns, same distances as for the sandbag carry.

Great session after sleeping in pretty late on Christmas Eve Day. Really hammered my conditioning and hamstring endurance with the sandbag, which is something I struggle with on the Hussafell Stone. Tried the overhead yoke walks for the first time today and they were killer on the core and obliques. Definitely making these a staple. Merry Christmas to all you boys across the pond! Grin
» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)24-12-2011 @ 02:52 
Sparrow said:Strong logging!

I see you use the 45 degree back extension for hamstrings work - would you recommend one? I'm thinking of getting one of these with my Christmas money. Either that, or a GHR.

Hey mate, I'd recommend the GHR all the way. I have irregular access to a good glute/ham machine, and I can confidently say that no other accessory movement boosts my squats, pulls, stones, etc. more than glute ham raises. Plus, with a good glute ham machine you will probably be able to set it up to do hyperextensions. Not too much of a difference between that and a 45 degree back raise.

Thursday, December 22nd - ME Bench Press

Close Grip Incline Bench Press (all reps paused)
Worked up to 136.4kgs / 300lbs x 1 (paused), and just missed 143.2kgs / 315lbs by a hair at lockout after blasting the press. Triceps just stalled. Frustrating!

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press
4 sets 12-8 reps, ending with 52.3kg / 115lb dumbbells x 8 (PR)

Hammer Strength High Rows / Cable Rear Delt Pull-Aparts
4 sets 12-10 reps

Weighted Dips
3 sets 15-10 reps, working up to BW (92.7kgs / 203lbs...way too light for my liking!) + 29.5kgs / 65lbs x 10

Good session, moved quickly because I had to get to a party. Incline bench felt strong despite the miss, and got a good pump on the assistance work. Christmas Eve events tomorrow with some DE Squatting, then a good log session on the horizon for Monday with 105KG Pro Mike Mastell and U90KG Nationals runner up Rob Kearney. Might have to break out the video camera for that session Tongue
» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)22-12-2011 @ 18:12 
Wednesday, December 21st - ME Deadlift

Deadlift with 100kgs / 220lbs Band Tension (strong Jump Stretch bands on deadlift platform)
Warmups: 135+bands to 405+bandsx1
197.7 kgs / 435 lbs + Band Tension x 1
206.8 kgs / 455 lbs + Band Tension x 1
215.9 kgs / 475 lbs + Band Tension x M
175 kgs / 385 lbs + Band Tension x 5
- All working sets were with straps, no belt.

Stones to 1.42 Meters / 56 Inches
143.1 kgs / 315 lbs x 3
150 kgs / 330 lbs x 3
165.9 kgs / 365 lbs x 1

45 Degree Hyperextensions w/ Weighted Safety Bar on Back
4 sets 10-8 reps, these totally smoked the hamstrings. First time doing this movement.

One Legged Hamstring Curls / Donkey Calf Raises
3 sets 12-15 reps
» Carlos Reyes - Training Log (Go to post)20-12-2011 @ 18:56 
Monday, December 19th - 5/3/1 Log Press (Week 1)

12" Log Clean and Press Each Rep - worked up to 122.7kgs / 270lbs x 5, just hit prescribed reps and stuck to good split jerks on each rep.

Band Suspended Strict Press - 20.4kg / 45lb plates suspended with light bands for 4 sets of 10 reps

Dumbbell Rows (dead stop) - 54.5kg / 120lb 2x12, 56.8 / 125lb 2x10

Rear Delt Flyes w/ Gymnastic Rings - 3 sets 12-15 reps

Straight Bar Tricep Pushdowns - 3 sets 8, heavy


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