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» US Presidency (Go to post)21-10-2020 @ 22:23 
Billwest said:Fair enough. Btw, Did you hear, apparently Giuliani is in the new Borat film? Very embarrassing, by all counts.

That was my link above.

Will, I didn't call pedophilia a family problem, and I think you're smart enough to know that. The (alleged) activities of a man's son are, from his perspective, family problems; he's not responsible for the behaviour of his adult offspring. It says something good about Biden that you're having to attack his son, for lack of other targets.
» US Presidency (Go to post)21-10-2020 @ 18:42 
What, this Rudy, a completely trustworthy man?

Honestly, attacking one side for their family problems when the guy you're backing openly wants to f**k his own daughter is interesting projection
» US Presidency (Go to post)21-10-2020 @ 10:20 
billynomates said:
I dont think its a bad thing per se. The criticism is of people who are overly woke, or go out of their way to get offended on behalf of black people so that they can "virtue-signal". Its surprising how many black lives matter protesters are white.

Wait. Because I'm white, I shouldn't think black lives matter? Jesus.
» US Presidency (Go to post)19-10-2020 @ 23:27 
Totally agree , I used to vote labour , definitely feel like I have no representation now , I cant decide who I despise more the f**king Tories or the current crop of woke t**ts in the labour party .

Obviously, you're entirely entitled to your opinion, but I find this so puzzling. Firstly, I really don't think the bulk of the Labour party are especially "woke", though obviously some of their support are. Secondly, given a choice between one lot who are busy shovelling millions to their mates while leading us into a catastrophe in order to shovel billions to their mates and simultaneously mismanaging another catastrophe, and another lot who are a bit more PC than you'd prefer, is it really that hard?

The problem the centre and left in this country have had for generations is we'd much rather fight each other than the actual enemy, which is why we consistently get the s**t kicked out of us despite forming a plurality. The perfect is the enemy of the good.
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)19-10-2020 @ 18:51 
I have ridiculously too many pans. Makes me happy, though. And I could cheerfully find room for many, many more. I covet some little copper sauciers, in particular.
» coronavirus (Go to post)19-10-2020 @ 18:48 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:OK, solid reply Rick. Not sure about 'rare' though. I witness this sort of thing from time to time. I personally would tend to avoid a cashless business/organisation. From a customer's point of view it feels slightly discriminatory.

This is by far the biggest problem - the seriously disadvantaged have trouble accessing cashless methods. That's a societal problem, though, probably best solved by attacking the underlying issues.
» coronavirus (Go to post)19-10-2020 @ 13:21 
But thatís rare. Normally a contactless transaction is far quicker than paying in cash and making change, even if both sides are efficient. Businesses then have to count it all, bank it (labour-intensive and theft/robbery risks, and with costs), carry floats to make change with, etc, and punters have to contend with piles of loose change all over the place. Itís a pain in the arse. And thatís before we get into hygiene.

There are more and more cashless businesses now, and itís not because theyíre hip.
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)19-10-2020 @ 13:15 
Well worth scouring charity shops - surprising how often LC stuff turns up there for silly money (I get gifted it by my mother, who enjoys a charity shop very much).
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)19-10-2020 @ 09:36 
Thanks, Mr Wolf. I am gradually getting less slow at prep, but it still takes me ages. (Cook time is very short.)
» what did you have for tea? (Go to post)18-10-2020 @ 22:44 
Lovely. Yeah, my mum likes her pork crisp, her lamb well done, and her chicken and turkey a bit over, but with enough gravy it all works.

I had gong bao chicken with cashews, snap peas with lap cheong, wok soup, and rice. This was an pretty calm and relaxed cook for me, I think I'm gradually getting less chaotic.
» coronavirus (Go to post)18-10-2020 @ 17:53 
Exactly. GDP drop and deaths are pretty well correlated across the world with only a couple of countries well off the trend line; the problem is we're on the line, at the wrong end.

Although I suppose you could argue that we've successfully traded more deaths for less economic impact but it's hidden by the other economic catastrophe we're rolling into...
» coronavirus (Go to post)18-10-2020 @ 15:12 
I think very few people support tier 2 or 3, because they're nonsense. The government appear to be willing to do anything except what will be effective (definitely universities, probably at least temporarily schools, and of course actually doing test and trace and supporting people to isolate rather than pouring money into Serco's pockets).

For what it's worth, I live in Bolton, and so have been under the equivalent of tier 3 until quite recently.
» US Presidency (Go to post)17-10-2020 @ 20:28 
I didn't think Hunter was running for office.
» The Final Countdown (Go to post)17-10-2020 @ 15:46 
You are one of the two biggest cardio monsters I know right now (the other being a colleague who has had a change of life and gone, in a year, from being a bloater like me to running to and from school Thursday last week - a half marathon each way. In a 45lb vest). Beast.
» The Assassin (Go to post)16-10-2020 @ 21:31 
Start 7:25.

FitNotes Workout - Friday 16th October 2020

** Flat Barbell Bench Press ** (Superset 1)
- 20.0 kgs x 12 reps
- 60.0 kgs x 12 reps
- 80.0 kgs x 12 reps
- 90.0 kgs x 10 reps
- 100.0 kgs x 8 reps

** Seated Cable Row ** (Superset 1)
- 30.0 kgs x 12 reps
- 60.0 kgs x 12 reps
- 80.0 kgs x 12 reps
- 90.0 kgs x 10 reps
- 100.0 kgs x 8 reps

** Seated Machine Press ** (Superset 2)
- 22.5 kgs x 12 reps
- 25.0 kgs x 10 reps
- 27.5 kgs x 8 reps

** Cable External Rotation ** (Superset 2)
- 10.0 kgs x 12 reps
- 10.0 kgs x 12 reps
- 10.0 kgs x 12 reps

** Superset Interval **
- 03:00

** Stretching **
- 10:00

Had to wait to start due to the barbell room being at Covid capacity. At gone seven. Felt surprisingly good once I got going. Strange days indeed.

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