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» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)27-06-2018 @ 14:08 
Changing up my routine from tomorrow :

Monday - Pull
Tuesday - Push
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - Pull
Friday - Push
Weekend off

Just feeling like I need a change up and get some more frequent lifting in for each bodypart.

Cardio, remaining the same for this week, maybe increased next week.
» 300kg x 4 Deadlift (Go to post)26-06-2018 @ 14:08 
LessThanLuke said:
Can't hurt and if it doesn't work just ignore me Grin

Messed with it yesterday mate..lockout certainly feels stronger so I will keep practicing it, cheers mate.
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)26-06-2018 @ 13:55 
Thanks lads appreciated. Still struggling with my breathing but had a better session today...

I have wrote training out 3x and the site keeps crashing ...can't be bothered again to write loads a nut shell, strength up on most movements and had a huge session that resulted in a ton of PB's again. Weight and reps up on nearly everything and finished up with a HIIT session on treadmill sprints.

» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)25-06-2018 @ 11:22 
Feeling crap today...the asthma I have developed from the pneumonia at Christmastime hit hard during the night and this morning and I have been really struggling to breathe. Got my session in but was nothing special.


60kg x 5
100kg x 5
180kg x 5
220kg x 3
260kg x 2
300kg x 1
280kg x 5

Plan was to go for a max today but just the way I was feeling that wasn't happening so just did a little technique work and trialled a tweak out I have been wanting to try. Nothing special but work done.

Hammer Strength Row

120kg x 15
160kg x 8 rep pb

Moved back to this machine as the other one I have stacked and added weight to and i'm likely to break it so had to make the change.

T Bar Row

60kg x 12 rep pb
80kg x 8 rep pb

Still getting used to the set up on this but its feeling pretty nice and got a nice squeeze each rep.

Straight Arm Rope Pulldown

40kg x 20 rep pb
40kg x 16 volume pb

Decent increases in reps this week and moving nicely, lats burning well.

Reverse Grip Hammer Pulldown

110kg x 10 rep pb
100kg x 10

Feeling heavy today but eeked out an extra rep on the first set and moved to more of a tempo set up for second set for variation.

Behind Back Smith Machine Shrug

120kg x 15 rep pb
120kg x 13

Moved back to these after a good while away and still imo the best shrug variation there is for me, great ROM and muscle worked very hard.

Kneeling Rope Crunch

45kg x 15
45kg x 15
45kg x 15

Knee Raises

x 20
x 20
x 20

Ab work to round things off.


30 mins incline treadmill

Had to slightly reduce speed today as lungs not enjoying the process.

Well I got it done, felt weak and off but not unexpected considering, pleased to get what I did done though. Chest and arms tomorrow.
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)23-06-2018 @ 06:31 
stephen9069 said:Lol that volume is ridiculous mate id hate to see what you would be like if you missed a session i bet you couldnt sit still for 5 minutes.

Lol...volume has always been something I just do, now doing a cut and bodybuilding it helps even more as I am burning more calories quite easily Happy
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)22-06-2018 @ 18:43 
John said:Always blown away when I read your journal,I'd be very interested I the diet side of things,anyone heard of the vertical diet. Awesome workouts.

Thanks is nothing special, just high protein, moderate carbs and fat...eating under maintenance to drop the fat.

I di the vertical diet for a while...its no doubt effective but I found it too monotonous tbh bud.
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)22-06-2018 @ 18:41 
nails said:
Yes, the insanity is certainly back in full force. Well you know what they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
I do have an SSB but it's too damn wide for my garage. I'm a bit loathe to use it outside the rack although I have done before.

Yes I can see that mate...awesome bit of kit though.
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)22-06-2018 @ 15:05 
nails said:Awesome sessions mate, so much damn volume. SSB squats looked brutal. I do like that bar though.

Ta mate, you know me...I love my volume. I am toying with changing to a push/pull/off/repeat set up but currently sessions are working so loathe to change as yet!

You would love an ssb bar mate...very you, its brutal!
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)22-06-2018 @ 15:04 
Fingers crossed it doesn't effect things going forwards mate...that bench has been flying.
» Nails Log (Go to post)22-06-2018 @ 15:03 
A solid session mate...I forgot about landmine presses...I may have to revisit those!
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)22-06-2018 @ 13:14 
Cable Side Lateral Raise

5kg x 20
17.5kg x 13 rep pb
17.5kg x 10
15kg x 15
7.5kg x 21

Cable Bent Over Lateral Raise

7.5kg x 12
7.5kg x 12
10kg x 12
10kg x 12

Cable Front Rope Raise

30kg x 12
32.5kg x 12
35kg x 12
37.5kg x 12 rep pb

Hit delts from every angle with minimal rests to totally pre exhaust them, very painful pump at the end, one of those times it hurts so good but you don't know what to do with your arms to stop the pain lol.

Smith Machine Bradford Press

40kg x 20
60kg x 10 rep pb
60kg x 8
switch to just normal seated smith press
80kg x 8
60kg x 7
40kg x 10 + 11 partials to complete muscle failure.

Despite pre exhausting strength well up on last week and all felt lighter, delts on utter fire at the end after that triple drop and partials finish.

Smith Machine Tricep Extensions

60kg x 15 rep pb
60kg x 13
60kg x 10 volume pb

Much easier than last week, reps up with ease and a huge pump, can get a good slow negative and a deep stretch on these, really like elbow aggro either.

Smith Machine Drag Curls

65kg x 12 rep pb
65kg x 12
65kg x 12 volume pb

5kg up and reps the same as last time, felt so light I thought I misloaded. Great pump.

Tricep Pressdown

Straight bar 50kg x 15 rep pb
Rope 40kg x 22 rep pb
Rope 40kg x 18

Prefer the rope I think but wanted to try it, now I can do these without pain its nice to push them, triceps working very hard.

Machine Preacher Curls

50kg x 12
30kg x 15
30kg x 12 + 5 + 4

Biceps wasted from drag curls but banged out some reps here, quality pump.


30 mins Incline Treadmill

And that was that, decent session and banged out pretty quickly, delts and arms in bits now. Weekend off...doing my PT training this weekend, might do some extra cardio but will see...2K low calorie day tomorrow then I think I may do a slightly higher day sunday but still clean.


» 300kg x 4 Deadlift (Go to post)22-06-2018 @ 13:13 
LessThanLuke said:
I'd say in between 10-15 mate. Check out my videos or Rhianons on IG.

Thanks mate, i'll give it a try.
» Ox's Journal Of Insanity (Go to post)22-06-2018 @ 06:07 
Weekly weigh in and measure...weight is up just over 1lb on last week, my waist has come in 1/2", this was week 8 of my cut.

This cut is not going at all like I thought it would...muscle appears to still be creeping on despite being in a fairly hefty calorie deficit, training days I am sitting on 2800kcal and 2 off days a week I am on 2100kcals, protein still high.

No changes this week in terms of diet but may switch up my training program from Monday but not decided as things are clearly working as they are. Cardio will remain the same.
» Stephen9069 Training Journal (Go to post)21-06-2018 @ 19:43 
stephen9069 said:Its safe to say swimming has wrecked my shoulder, iv woke this morning with a lot of pain and very reduced range of motion exactly how it was a couple years back.

Ah mate no way Unhappy How is it now?
» Nails Log (Go to post)21-06-2018 @ 19:43 
400kg Reverse band dead is a goal of mine...physically can't fit the plates we have in gym on the bar though Unhappy

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