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» cookie clicker (Go to post)05-06-2014 @ 21:40 
Post Edited: 05.06.2014 @ 21:49 PM by Chemby

A save file for you - it kind of ruins the game
» Dissertation (Go to post)29-04-2014 @ 15:35 
Motorbiker said:
What was yours on?
Mine was on phosphate ligands on Cobalt (II) species and their thermochromic behaviour.
Like 2.5k out of mine was experimental. X was added to Y and stirred for Z hours.
Wrote mine up in about a week.

Mine was more structural biology because I realised I don't really like chemistry too much loal. Protein crystals and structure. Half of it was in the lab trying to crystallise and the other half on the computer determining the structure.
» Sweating (Go to post)29-04-2014 @ 15:31 
Post Edited: 29.04.2014 @ 15:33 PM by Chemby
AMH_Power said:
If it just in the culprit spots (arm pits, lowerback etc) then as above, it's probably just hiperhidrosis, just a part of life.
If it's everywhere/generic go to the docs, this isn't normal. If it's related to squat/training... it could be allergies to pre/post workout, materials at the gym, you could even have spinal damage causing mild shock. Anyway, I don't think you are asking the right people, I'd go to docs in both cases for peace of mind.
If it turned out to be something serious that could've been treated easy early, you'll kick yourself for asking a bunch of strongmen/powerlifters instead of a doctor.

Good point. Doc's it is.

slimsim said:Are you definitely only sweating on the days during/following training?

I suffered with hyperthyroidism a few years back and would literally sweat at the slightest exertion. Even walking would result in sweat running off my face, down my back etc. This was at about 85kg as well so it's not like I was a big fat knacker.

Have you suffered with any unexpected weight loss, irrespective of how much you eat?

Its definitely only following training for about 24-36hrs and my weight hardly ever changes. I'm going to ask the Doc though. Nip it in the bud.
» Sweating (Go to post)29-04-2014 @ 15:30 
ironcolin said:I've suffered from this a few times after very intense, heavy all out workouts. When I had it I would wake up through the night soaking in sweat, resulting in going for a shower and changing the bed. I looked into it and put it down to stressing the nervous system. I also spoke to a sports physiotherapist who advised me to ensure I had adequate carbohydrates and hydration prior to these sessions which would help reduce the likely hood of it happening.

Sounds like something I'm going to try, just up my carbs and hydration prior and see what happens
» Sweating (Go to post)29-04-2014 @ 15:29 
MrSmall said:Sounds like AIDS.

Nah, I got over that one already, you just need to catch a couple doses of hepatitis and they cancel eachother out.
» Old Rap/Hip Hop songs (Go to post)29-04-2014 @ 03:06 
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A new one I found recently
» Olympic Weightlifting gyms near Ramsgate? (Go to post)29-04-2014 @ 02:08 
Post Edited: 29.04.2014 @ 02:13 AM by Chemby
I know hi-reps in folkestone is a PL orientated gym, not sure what they're like for accomodating weightlifters though. Probably only a 20min drive away.

Edit: Just read Europa is in Crayford. You're not getting there within an hour. :/

There is always bodytech on the Whitstable bends. A bodybuilding gym but they have bumpers and are pretty laid back. A few good powerlifters there too. Probably 25-30mins from Ramsgate.

If not the only other ones really are DW (NO!) or Al's in New Romney but thats quite a way away.
» Carpet Squat (Go to post)29-04-2014 @ 02:02 
I don't get the joke. It was a strong lift. With all these new up and comers maybe one day we might see a shag pile farmers walk, constantly pushing the boundries.
» Sweating (Go to post)29-04-2014 @ 01:24 
I have been pretty bad with keeping up training for the last few months but everytime I get back in to it after a while I sweat loads and I mean loads.

Had a pretty hard squat session last night and I'm sitting here over 24hrs later in my boxers, in a not very hot room dripping with sweat. Does anybody else get this or know a way to stop it.

Basically I sweat buckets for days after a 'heavy' session.
» Dissertation (Go to post)29-04-2014 @ 01:20 
Finished my dissertation before easter. Only 5000 words not including experimental side (Chemistry). Did it in two all nighters and my lab work got published loal. Still waiting for marks but it should be good. Makes up a little for all the terrible exams, just a shame it's only worth 20 credits out of a 240 credit course. Just push through and give it everything you've got because in a very short amount of time you'll be able to forget about it.
» Hafthor is doing an AMA on reddit right now. (Go to post)18-03-2014 @ 19:30 
As the title says.
» Help me possible win a supplement sponsorship :) (Go to post)13-12-2013 @ 05:00 
» R.I.P. NELSON (Go to post)06-12-2013 @ 17:07 
The ANC have never exactly had a good history have they?

What he did was good but the people he got in to power are most definitely not.
» help mario to start in Wales uks strongman (Go to post)06-12-2013 @ 16:57 
Well after all that it doesn't really matter as I'm a poor student who can hardly afford to feed myself let alone give money away but I wish you the best of luck Mariusz
» help mario to start in Wales uks strongman (Go to post)06-12-2013 @ 14:37 
Explain to me please, is that the same as applying for British citizenship?


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