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» EUROPEAN STRONGEST MAN 2012 GIANTS LIVE (Go to post)28-12-2011 @ 17:39 
robdren1981 said:thanks for the oppurtunity and to all the guys supporting me . really appreciate it. its on like donkey kongHappy

After your performance in UK's it's well deserved mate!Happy
» EUROPEAN STRONGEST MAN 2012 GIANTS LIVE (Go to post)28-12-2011 @ 16:44 
sroll said:Interesting what neil (junction owner) - said to me today! Im too modest to say that I have a chance of winning this competition! Ed hall, jack mac have been world class and are the future of this sport at all levels! But I will say this - before I tore my bicep off I finished 5th or 6th in a major opens final (which ed hall won in 2010 - englands held by bob dalgleish)....since then Ive loaded a 201 kilo stone on my 3rd stone session of the year....ive run with a 390 yoke and a 320 deadlift off the floor is nothing for me..... The owner of the comp venue asked if I could be the wild card entry and it has been completely over looked! In fairness I havent competed for a while as I was getting over a major injury so there is the argument of why should I get a shot at it based on performances! The answer is I shouldnt..... But if a guy has a realistic chance of being top 5 if not higher why isnt he in? Why did some1 say to me I have a great chance of winning uks next year? and now turning around and saying Im not in contention at all??? seems odd to me that?!

If this had of been held at another gym I wouldnt of said a word based on the fact I havent competed since april! But the fact its being held at the gym I train at, the fact the owner requested I be a wild card, and bearing in mind my gym form (witnessed by the selector) and also the fact Ive finished quite high in a major opens final (when others in this comp havent!) I cant help but think favourtism is being shown by people who i actually thought were my friends!!!

In any case good luck to all the guys who compete - and espcially my mates tom shaw and mark lawson! I will be there to shout you on!

When you win UK's next year it will get you automatic entry to 2013 anyway Grin
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