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» Completing the Tetralogy (Go to post)15-01-2020 @ 16:42 
danbaseley said:Sounds idyllic, in some ways.

I train at 3 gyms.

One gym I train at has a lot of orange men taking selfies and training topless. Good old topless lat pulldowns.

They actually charge women 30% less to be members than men.

When you see the dullards who train there, and their lack of manners, you understand why.

The other 2 are pretty good: Lemans Gym in Halstead has a lot of strongman gear: but crappy bars, which people constantly f**k up rack pulling.

RP Fitness in Cambridge has Texas Power Bars and Racks. The only thing bad is the occasional UFC wannabe practising take downs in the warm up area.

People are weird.

Jesus, I mean, even if I was in good enough shape to train topless I never would as I'd be embarrassed to have the "hey everyone, look at ME!" persona.

Tell them you now identity as a woman. Instant discount!!! Grin
» Olympics - Who's Watching What......and When? (Go to post)15-01-2020 @ 13:02 
Pikefingers said:
I think it must be olympic year again, as London was 2012 and it's every 4 years.

Sorry, I meant to say "it IS Olympic year", not question whether it was or not. I can't wait for a bit of the weightlifting, although a lot of the former big names aren't lifting due to retiring or being banned. I think all the entertainment rests on Lasha Talakhadze's shoulders.
» Completing the Tetralogy (Go to post)15-01-2020 @ 11:54 
Well, the gym that I train at, which had a decent number of powerlifters at, now has NONE! In fact, I'm the last person there who seriously (to any degree) trains primarily for strength.

Because of this, I've started weightlifting again. The free weights area is nice and quiet, especially for a January, and I've got my own bar there and there's 20kg bumpers so it'll suffice for now.

The idea is to get back to around a 95kg snatch and 120kg C&J. We'll see......
» Olympics - Who's Watching What......and When? (Go to post)15-01-2020 @ 11:51 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Just bumping this highly popular thread (724 guests currently viewing) Happy

It was like that yesterday as well. I reckon its a bot trying to gain access to something. Maybe it'll help me find my password so I can log in from my phone again?!

Is it Olympic year this year so maybe this thread will see a resurrection last this year?
» Renegade Robson's Ridiculous Road to Ruin (Go to post)09-01-2020 @ 13:34 
Robbo said:
Cheers mate I wasnít sure how well I was doing really but been working on my running a lot. Trying to maintain a decent level of strength whilst getting super fit. I donít try the fast stuff too often as thereís a huge injury risk at this weight but Iíve always been fairly fast over the short distances
Iím training to become a pti in the prison service. Itís a very sought after job in there and tough to get through as the ptiís training me are very proud of their position and wonít let through anyone. Job for life for me and now Iíve passed the selection course Iím hoping I then land the job and go on the 13 weeks training course soon

Awesome, good luck!

You'll have to try and get in a nice cushy open prison were inmates don't kick off too much! Not that you'd have too much trouble dealing with them. Can't be any harder than being on the doors and they'd probably not want to lose their gym privilege anyway.
» Xmas WSM 2019 (Go to post)09-01-2020 @ 11:20 
oggy22 said:
Special K was unreal on the overhead medley - popped them 60kg dumbbells as if they were 10kg ones and popped up the log in one movement - unreal!!! Be interesting to see if he could beat Big Z's log record - I believe Big Z is targeting a 2021 return and wants to beat his own log record

I can't imagine Big Z beating any records now, let alone one which he did when fairly healthy and injury free 5-years ago. That 5-years makes a big difference once you pass 40.
» Renegade Robson's Ridiculous Road to Ruin (Go to post)09-01-2020 @ 11:17 
Robbo said:
Thanks Si, yeah it was 24kph. Did some 400m sprints then went into the 800s. Recovery was good mate. Iím only 15 and half stone currently and fitness is through the roof due to some huge training/fitness workload over the last few months including a 5 day 9 hour a day beasting course
Looking to get a 5 min mile soon, hit 5:30 a few weeks ago but improved a lot since then. Would love to hold the speed for a mile and hit 4 but canít see it happening lol

This really is unbelievably good. When I used to Thai box I ran most days, although there was no rhyme or reason to what I did, unfortunately. The best I managed was a 5:13-mile but I only weighed 9.5st. To do doing the same but 6st heavier is literally blowing my mind.

I read you are doing a PTI course, is this to go into the armed forces, prison service, something else? I think you'd boss it. You'd get the respect of the big lads because of how strong you are but still have the respect of the fit lads because of your fitness....and because of how strong you are. (skinny guys always love strong blokes! lol)
» Landmine presses (Go to post)06-01-2020 @ 15:09 
IrishMarc said:Used them quite a bit with lads who have shoulder issues.

What sort of shoulder problems are they useful with Marc? I don't really have should pain but when jerking (weights overhead!) I do sometimes get a pinching as I reach lockout.
» Renegade Robson's Ridiculous Road to Ruin (Go to post)06-01-2020 @ 15:08 
Robbo said:Training

15 min jog

6 x 400m sprints

2 x 800m sprints

All done at 24kph (4 min mile pace)

4 x 30 sec hill sprints


So the 800m sprints were done at 4:00min/mile pace? Eek

For a guy of your strength I think that it pretty* phenomenal.

*completely mindlbowingly

What was your recovery like after the sprints? I'm expecting you were back to breathing normally within a couple of mins?
» Xmas WSM 2019 (Go to post)30-12-2019 @ 13:36 
I've hardly managed to watch any of it so far this year. Thank the lord for catch-up tv!

I think Tom Stoltman comes across as a really affable bloke on tele. Passionate about his family and the sport and it's nice to see someone smile rather than just screaming or gurning.
» Political thread anyone? (Go to post)20-12-2019 @ 10:13 
DeanW92 said:Slimsim, im curious, do you have a student loan?

When somebody says they have a 35k student loan, at first i would be like whaaaat! But when its split down monthly, to me it doesn't seem so bad. The example given on the gov website says someone earning 27k a year pays 60 quid a month.

It is a matter of perspective as others say they would love to earn that much money, whilst some claim its nothing. To me 30k here ain't bad.

And why does 3 days work with the same hours matter? Work/life balance. Option to do an extra day or 2 at an enhanced hourly rate.

Sick pay? Surely most people take this into account when comparing two jobs. 2 days ago i thought i might have fractured a mettertarsal, i had just bought all the stuff for my home gym and have time off soon for christmas so i cant afford to have time off sick at the moment. So the last 2 days ive been taking codeine and going to work. This is why staff throughout the NHS (not just nurses) are off on the sick so much, any little excuse and they are off, i have had around 3 days off sick in 9 years.

I had a student loan of about £11k, but when I went to university there were no tuition fees and it's those which are the issue. How many people don't go to uni because they don't want to be straddled with a massive amount of debt? What folly by the government to try and attract nurses into the NHS when they'll only earn an average wage but have massive debt for the privilege.

And "only" £60/month means it would take someone 48.6 years to pay off their student loan, so basically they are stuck without throughout their whole working life. In effect, that means their gross pay is £1,000/year less than someone without the loan so not only are nurses taking on a large debt to qualify for a job which only pays an average wage, they are then actually taking home a lesser income because of the debt they built up. How does that make sense?

I'm not sure where there is the evidence to show that most people within the NHS take sick leave at the drop of a hat? Even if nurses do take higher than average sick leave, as Rick states, it could easily be due to their working conditions. Working shift patterns that screws with the body clock, being in incredibly stressful situations which are often understaffed, basically, having people's lives in their hands.

And going back to your metatarsal.......why don't you have income protection if you don't get sick pay? Potentially you could have £1,625/month of cover, which pays out after a just 1 weeks ill-health and pays out for as long as you are ill for less than £50/month - so less than the student loan payments a nurse would have to pay? EVERYONE should have income protection, whether you get sick pay from work or not.
» Political thread anyone? (Go to post)19-12-2019 @ 16:38 
KevC86 said:
So many people say this without having a true grasp on what money they are already spending from the expendable budget.
Obviously this isn't personal as i don't know your specific circumstances but so many people claim they've nothing left after bills without considering the fact they are spending £100 a month on takeaways, or twice that on nights out.
Expendable/disposable income is money not spent on essentials rather than money actually saved at the end of the month.

I had a client yesterday change his life insurance cover amount by a little and it saved him 27p/month. He then claimed that will add up over 33-years. I'd be amazed if that same person didn't spunk money on at least several things totally unnecessary, like we all do, and think nothing of it.
» Political thread anyone? (Go to post)18-12-2019 @ 10:37 
Post Edited: 18.12.2019 @ 10:38 AM by slimsim
DeanW92 said:
The mean average will probably also include London so not a fair comment as nurses down there get paid more also.

London weighting is applied but based on housing costs in London it is not that great. An extra £350/month which I'd expect is swallowed up in housing and travel costs easily.

In my opinion 30k is a good salary for where i live (yorkshire) and also for the rest of the northwest.

Not really. I lived in Leeds for 14-years and Harrogate for another 2-years and I'd say the majority of people I knew would be earning more than £30k, not London earnings (although I did know people earning well over £100k) but certainly plenty who wouldn't class £30k as a good salary - they'd class it as "ok" but nothing more.

Nearly every job here would require some sort of degree, apprenticeship or starting from a lower role and being promoted (to earn more than 30k) jobs in the public sector also usually have lower salaries but other benefits.
For me (electrician) i did a 4 year apprenticeship and still wasn't put on full wage so i left the company, nobody gets paid if you have a day or two off work,

So you did an apprenticeship, would have been paid through your apprenticeship, wouldn't have ended up with £35k of debt yet somehow think because you did on the job training it's the same as training and incurring a massive debt doing so?

you have to be off for more than 5 days and then you get SSP which is like 80 quid a week. Also usually you get 20 holidays plus 8 bank holidays. Nurses start off on 27+8 rising to 33+8, they also work 3 days a week. Book 3 days off and in effect you get 11 days off work, they also get 6 months full salary sick pay.

SSP is £94.25/week but this is nothing to do with the question and neither is holiday entitlement. Sick pay entitlement within the NHS is dependent on length of service. It only builds to 6-months full pay, plus a further 6-months half pay after 5-years service. Also, just because your employer doesn't offer sick pay that's hardly a nurses fault. I know employers in the private sector who offer group income protection schemes which will provide their employers with 75% of the income for as long as they are unable to work, even if that is years.

In regards to the holiday entitlement a nurse will typically work a normal 37.5hr working week but yes, it's spread over less days per week. I'm not sure how this is relevant as they are still working the same number of hours as most people.

My other halfs wage tops at like 41k for an accountant in the NHS and she does a specialist area with only her and her manager in that team. She could be on 60k+ in the private sector.

I'm not sure the point you're making with this? Confused
» Political thread anyone? (Go to post)15-12-2019 @ 20:09 
DeanW92 said:
Minimum wage is around £19000 a year, nurses start off on 24k. As per every NHS job you get increases in wage inline with inflation and there is a banding system. After working there for 10 years you reach the top of the band which is around 30k (although at the moment this has been changed so it will take 5 years) Student loans are also paid off as a percentage of your wage, the more you earn, the more you pay each month towards you student loans. My other half is an accountant for the NHS and so everytime she gets a wage rise she ends up paying more towards her pension and more towards her student loan.
The nurses may never pay off 50k and im sure it gets scrapped after like 20 years? So the more you earn the more you pay towards it and the more likely it is you will actually pay off the full amount.

But the mean average income in the UK is nearly £30,000 so studying for 3 years, having £30k+ of debt and then only ending up on an average salary makes no sense, yet to the goverment think they'll attract 50,000 more nurses whilst simultaneously implementing an Australian stle points based entry system to the UK when the financial limit to enter the UK is set higher than an average nurses wage.

There's a big problem there.
» Political thread anyone? (Go to post)13-12-2019 @ 16:30 
DeanW92 said:
The bit about University, the fees now at up to 9grand a year are ridiculous, they where fine when it was just over 3. The problem is so many people go to uni just to toss it and have no idea of what career they want, i bet 30% of people don't even complete their third year, if it was free to go to uni this problem would only increase, at the current costs there is probably not as much of this happening but i will probably put some people off who generally should be going to uni.
My other half studied accountancy and is now an accountant, paying off the 11 grand it cost for her to go to uni is not a massive problem because she choose her course knowing what she wanted to do.

The thing is as well, some occupations like accounts can earn seriously good money, however, I was talking to 2 students doing nursing the other day. One had £35k of debt the other nearly £50k. The one with more debt had to pay for childcare through her entire degree because if you are a student you aren't eligible for the 30hrs free childcare a week. Now nursing isn't badly paid but chances are without some significant promotions they are only going to earn slightly in excess of the national average wage but start of with a massive debt for the pleasure of getting the education which they MUST HAVE to do the job. It's madness!

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