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» Powerlifters in Sheffield (Go to post)20-04-2013 @ 15:43 
That sounds pretty sweet, where abouts is it? They got a website?
» Powerlifters in Sheffield (Go to post)20-04-2013 @ 14:59 
Just moved to sheffield so am looking for people to train with and places to train.

Trained by myself for the longest time and I reckon that's part of the reason I'm p*ss weak. Need a person/s or club that I can train with and help push each other, and actualy achieve something.

Also might look at renting a garage and getting a few bits of kit in, in the future. I'm getting a bit sick of gyms with orange people glaring at me while I squat cos they want to do some serious curls.
» Got milk? (Go to post)01-12-2012 @ 15:04 
Some saying decent, some saying devil sperm...

Tell ya what, I'll give it a bash over the nexf few weeks, could do one week red top, one green and one blue.

Il do one pint pw, then if anyone cares il report back on here about how its doin?
» Got milk? (Go to post)01-12-2012 @ 14:29 
Mixed opinions then...
» Got milk? (Go to post)01-12-2012 @ 13:37 
I keep hearing that full fat milk is bang on instead of a protein shake post workout, any credence to this?

I'm too poor to buy another tub of protein!
» Powerlifting training partner in/near Dewsbury W/Yorkshire (Go to post)08-10-2012 @ 17:50 
Been out of training a while due to an injury, but started back maybe a month ago. Got some of my old strength back and it's getting to the point where I could really use someone to train with.

I train 3-4 times a week mid morning (typically between 10-12 a.m).

Anyone game? One selling point is that I have access to a pretty decent gym and train for free and so will anyone else who trains with me. My Bid manages Dewsbury Rams Rugby club, so I use the players gym there. Hence morning training, the players use it on an evening.

P.m or reply on this thread if anyone fancies it. Cheers!
» hollywood weights (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 22:20 

Thank f**k for that, i know im weak but was proper panicking then!
» hollywood weights (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 21:57 
Alright at the risk of opening maself up to some serious abuse....

I dont gerrit.

You basically saying there are some strong as f**k people out there n i shud get ma coat? Happy Confused
» hollywood weights (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 21:29 
You see in films (im watching rocky balboa right now) people hauling huge weights around.

Like rocky being about 60 n he just squatted 5-6 plates a side. This is just an example, i know stallones a bit of a beast.

Im wondering if fake hollywood weights exist? Like plastic moulds that weigh nowt, just to make the actors kook strong as chuff.

Anyone heard of owt like that?
» Strongman Natural Qualifiers 2012 (Go to post)16-01-2012 @ 17:58 
Wooooooo! Cheers for letting us know, you need us to resend our emails?
» where's all the powerlifting comps? (Go to post)13-01-2012 @ 08:47 
So far not seen many threads for powerlifting comps. Im fact all i've seen is the GBPF NW ones.

Anyone know of any others? Preferably in the Yorkshire region? If not il be goin for the NW.

» Strongman Natural Qualifiers 2012 (Go to post)31-12-2011 @ 14:39 
samevans said:
see page ten mate

Ah thats brilliant! Found it n sorted, ta very much fella!
» Strongman Natural Qualifiers 2012 (Go to post)31-12-2011 @ 08:06 
samevans said:
yes you can enter, i think i depend where you want to enter

It'll be the northern qualifiers, i'd definately prefer u90 but if thats full i'll give the u105 a bash. Ta for your reply.
» Strongman Natural Qualifiers 2012 (Go to post)30-12-2011 @ 17:02 
drew said:
Oh no you've had to wait 15 hours for an organiser to come on line when presumabley they would of been asleep for most of it anyway. How will you cope????

Won't deny im impatiant, wana enter soon as i can, plus iv sent the organiser pm's n not heard owt back. So was hoping someone other than the organiser could help me out.
» Strongman Natural Qualifiers 2012 (Go to post)30-12-2011 @ 12:16 
I said:Any body know if i can still enter? And how i go about doing it? Taaaaa.



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