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» WUS World Records (Go to post)15-04-2020 @ 16:31 
Post Edited: 15.04.2020 @ 16:39 PM by PaulSavage
93hopkinsonr said:Anyone actually think Thor might not pull 501kg?

Yeah I'm not sure he will just simply on the fact it's a rushed prep. He's only been able to do a handful of sessions, and was recently peaked for the Arnold's. You really can't peak fully more than a handful of times a year, he did a 4 month prep for the Arnold's for example.

If he dedicated a full prep after properly recovering from the last one I think he could pull more than 501kg though, so he might just do it anyway.
» WUS World Records (Go to post)14-04-2020 @ 22:17 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Scales can be inaccurate, or even rigged.

Sure but it would be easy to prove the scales work. Assuming calibrated plates are used they have to be accurate to a high degree, that's basically the point of them. Weigh multiple weights, scales in the same place etc it's pretty easy to prove. You can also use postal scale, known brands / models that are expensive and known to be highly accurate, to the gram even. These are often used by high level grip athletes even just to prove training lifts.
» WUS World Records (Go to post)14-04-2020 @ 21:32 
My thoughts on this is that in reality I think it's actually harder to do and more legit rather than less. This is assuming the weights are weighed on video and everything measured, clearly shown, detailed rules etc if not then it's bo***cks, but I think they will do that.

Yes doing it on your own kit helps obviously but Eddie literally took his platform, nevermind his bar, and it was on home soil, plus he had 10,000 fans screaming at him, that's going to help. Also he went out exactly when he wanted, and the others had to wait a long time before there attempts after (probably causing Jerry to tear has hamstring) so it wasn't really done in a fair comp anyway. Thor hasn't really been able to do a proper build up either so he's definitely up against it.

As for the other records, again as long as everything is weighed and shown clearly, i don't have an issue with it. Yes doing a different log or whatever on the day can make things much harder so definitely your own kit can be a big advantage and yeah sometimes you don't get enough rest time to be ideal at a comp. That said, fact is the weights are often not what they say they are in comps, even with high level comps it's often not accurate. I've had a 120kg axle that was later weighed and it was 146kg and a 140kg axle that was used at wsm was weighed in at 127kg afterwards. That's just one event, happens with everything all the time, events are changed, weights are wrong, that's how strongman is. I'd say weighed in on video with everything clearly shown and proper rules is pretty legit as it is what its stated to be. Only issue I have with it is other athletes not being allowed to attempt the same record but obviously that can't really be done at the moment.
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)29-03-2020 @ 17:50 
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» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)22-01-2020 @ 15:48 
Post Edited: 23.01.2020 @ 17:15 PM by PaulSavage
Ended up not starting the YouTube series at this point as its just been pretty much impossible to video in puregym where were training right now. There's literally 200 people in the gym whenever we go. May try and record a couple of the workouts at the end of the month but its really difficult in there. Actually against the rules but its just that theres no space anywhere.

We are however managing to get good training in and everything's going well. I'm still trying to combat arm and knee pain as best I can, doing all I can to try resolve the issues. Gained 10kg of bodyweight (157kg) and a good bit stronger.

Becca has lost 7.4kg whilst gaining muscle and strength, is looking really good for next phase. We now its likely a stone series will be in worlds strongest woman so that's been added to the goal list for next phase. There's 4 big goals now, heaviest yoke carry ever done, heaviest farmers carry ever done, heaviest car dead lift ever done and heaviest atlas stone ever done.

Obviously farmers she already has but goal is 175kg (2.5 plates on the farmers we have) for 2 way or 155kg both ways (2 plates on). Yoke is 400kg as said. Car dead lift I need to look into, but the setup we have is very tough compared to some as its very close and no way of measuring what's in the hands with an actual car i dont think we can with plates on it. Atlas stone I assume is 160kg but might be more but goal be 180kg as f**k trying to equal and 170kg we have is massive so the 180kg is the next difficulty. Of she doesn't hit all the goals or even none of them I'm not arsed as long as she gets a lot stronger its just something to shoot for. Big log is also in there just don't know of weight.

Trying to build her up to 100lb high incline dumbbell presses right now. She's improving a lot on dips / tricep and shoulder strength so all going in right direction.
» The 2020 Arnold Pro Strongman USA Qualifier - Live Stream (Go to post)21-01-2020 @ 16:48 
Shaw was clearly sick, breathing out of his arse every event and still nearly won against Martin's so obviously still very capable. Thor would have won every event but maybe farmers getting close second though. In reality Martin's is not close to him just seems that with how they did world's. Hopefully it doesn't happen next year but being in the same place it's not looking good.
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)06-01-2020 @ 18:00 
Post Edited: 06.01.2020 @ 20:15 PM by PaulSavage
The YouTube series will start next week so videos should be up the week after. To update I've still got a bunch of pain in arms and right elbow now, doing everything I can to stop it but it's certainly not an easy task. Hopefully can sort this before proper bodypower training starts. I'm still weak as f**k at this point but have put on 8kg in the last 2-3 weeks (155kg now). Becca is getting strong as f**k again, legit finding it hard to lift more than her. She's not doing Wales strongest woman now as for whatever reason the weights are crazy light with really zero strength involved, I think it's something daft like 100kg actual implement weight on Hercules hold, 18" deadlift medley is 140/160/180 when Becca did 17 reps at 180 last year, the sandbag medley starts at something nuts like 25kg or 30kg, think even the heaviest is 60kg. She asked about it (in a nice way) to the promoter and he basically told her to get f**ked and then ignored her too so that put the nail on the coffin there. Shame she will lose Wales strongest title an can't qualify for Brits etc but obviously there's no point doing a comp with a promoter like that and she would have to be training ultra endurance stuff (in terms of strongwoman) as the comp is so light the lighter much weaker athletes would be the ones to beat. That kind of training isn't going to get her winning world's strongest woman. Instead its a long and heavy off season then probably just Europe's and world's with long preps. One of the goals for the off season is a 400kg yoke. The biggest goal though is dropping as much body fat as possible, she's doing fasted cardio every week day now. Hard life, early mornings etc but there's just no way to do it for her otherwise. Dropped 3kg the first week so fingers crossed it continues.
» Xmas WSM 2019 (Go to post)02-01-2020 @ 17:43 
Post Edited: 02.01.2020 @ 17:50 PM by PaulSavage
oggy22 said:
Totally agree with all of the above. It was designed to take it away from the big guys (Thor & Shaw) maybe they've had enough of them dominating. Things like putting the loading race on sand doesn't help anything - how is that really testing strength by just making it more difficult for bigger men to run on? They wouldn't put truck pull on sand would they!!
the DL hold was pathetic in a WSM final - it should have been max DL or log in the final!
I hope next year they revert back to some of the old format - go back to 6 events, get rid of the playoff showdown which regardless of this DL technique, absolutely robbed Navikov of a place in the final - top 2 in every event and then loses after putting a 180kg atlas stone over a bar 13 times because the other guy is bigger and better at that particular event!! Pathetic!! That's simply a stamina thing and usually easier for the bigger man to pop it over the bar while a 'smaller' man has to struggle more to get it over each time.

Yeah essentially you are screwed if you aren't really good at stones unless you are top 5 in the world and get a good group, an of course not everyone is built well for stones. This is how world's strongest Man works though, they only care about drama on TV or selling a story. They don't care about the sport or the athletes well being (always hot as hell temps and hardly any notice for warm up time, loads of bad injuries). They simply care about making money and I'm sure they make plenty, certainly a hell of a lot more than the athletes do that's for sure.
» Xmas WSM 2019 (Go to post)02-01-2020 @ 16:59 
Post Edited: 02.01.2020 @ 17:00 PM by PaulSavage
Rick said:Some random thoughts, having watched the lot today and yesterday:

I was really happy to see the same events in ever hear, until they f**ked it by changing from log to circus dumbbell for the last two heats. WHY? ar****les.

I think Novikov was absolutely robbed. Two reps turned down in the deadlift and one in the press, all of which were as legit as many others imo. Should have been Shaw in that stone-off, and that would have been very interesting.

Licis was awesome, and what a great advertisement for the sport he is. Every bit as marketable as Mariusz was.

Were the finals normally five events? Seemed short to me.

Eddie was an excellent presenter, no surprise to anybody who's been watching Eddie Eats America (which I recommend, he's a natural presenter, and it's fun). I'd love to see Eddie and Loz not only presenting but doing the commentary in future. Be nice to have some actual expertise, wouldn't it.

Pretty much all novikos deadlift reps looked like shoddy lockouts and he literally did 6 inch less than everybody else and in 6 inch better position. Why not just have a 2 foot long strap and lift the bar 2 inch if it's allowed? Everyone would do that if it was but it's obviously against the rules. He was clearly not stable with the dumbbell either, the only time he stopped moving for a a split second he was losing the dumbbell behind him so wasn't in control, that's why he had to walk backwards. This was the the same for all athletes, not just him, the rules are you have to have feet inline with the implement locked out and under control. For all Brian's reps he was completely stable because he has stronger core / more bodyweight.

Don't get me wrong as I'm a Martin's fan for sure and he did great on the deadlift and stones and was definitely in great shape but the contest was literally designed for him to win. Basically on his door step with all his best events at the best weights for him and they even put weak events or what they thought was weak events for who they knew would push him the most on those events. The 1st of 2 medleys they put on sand so the bodyweight of guys like Thor and Shaw would hinder them and they made he implements lighter to suit Martin's more. The overhead medley again they made light so it would suit Martin's more. They then startegicaly put the squat next, obviously for reps as Martin's is known to be very good at squat for reps but also because they knew it was likely only kila would beat him on the overhead medley and they didn't think he had a good squat so essentially Martin's was going last knowing the number to beat. They then put a grip hold event in because again Martin's is known for his grip strength and at that point they thought both kila and thor had weaker grips and would drop points, and they knew Martin's would win the squat so be out last knowing the time to beat. Also from everythimg seen on social media he knew the events well before other athletes, other athletes such as Shaw actually found out some of the events from watching Martin's YouTube. If you look back you can see he was putting big emphasis on squat, stones and grip for a number of months and then he was training the overhead medley with double dumbbells even. He obviously knew the events a long while before world's, maybe for several months (his training sure did fit the final events perfectly if not) and the other athletes were saying they didn't know the events even a month or weeks from he comp, Thor, Shaw etc

Again, I'm a Martin's fan, but that was a crock of s**t, there was almost no possible way he could lose.
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)30-11-2019 @ 16:22 
Pikefingers said:Just out of curiosity, would Becca ever be interested in doing a PL comp?

Yeah, she's mentioned it a few times, would just be to go for the all time world record total like Thor and hixxy have though so would be a one off type deal down the line when she's strong enough.
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)28-11-2019 @ 22:51 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:You haven't left again have you?

No just not really much to update or post. Haven't filmed anything, hopefully getting a canon M50 in black Friday deals an start filming with that, want to do some proper YouTube videos but we are training and both getting better (I'm probably doing bodypower again, she's maybe gonna do Arnold's but we haven't decided on anything yet).
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)18-11-2019 @ 22:31 
danbaseley said:Just finished the long term review of OSG for you Vs your cockamamie, delusional one!

The funny thing is, and by funny - I mean with a massive serving of pathos - 'Becca probably could be a triple crown champion.

With the right coach.

You don't actually know much of anything about her or my coaching though.
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)18-11-2019 @ 22:30 
Post Edited: 18.11.2019 @ 22:46 PM by PaulSavage
danbaseley said:

She's still junior now isn't she? Could definitely do 15 or so touch an go when back to fitness, 20 with some training isn't far fetched at all but obviously goals change. Coc #3 cert she is obviously capable of, she's done better at grippers than any other female, 10 reps no set on coc #2. 150kg stone she can easily do, she has nearly done that already an it was stuck to the floor / she was knackered when trying it. She will end up doing a 180 or 200kg. There's no point in rushing her, she's still in her early years of training. As for world champion in multiple sports etc she's already 2 X world champion in both strongwoman and grip, she beat Elizabeth at an arm wrestle with no training for it who's competed at world level and I see no reason she couldn't be all time record holder in powerlifting. Obviously you can't do everything in 3 years, all depends what she wants to do after she wins world's strongest woman.
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)18-11-2019 @ 16:29 
As for what now, the plan is very different for this year as last year Becca needed more experience to combat her nerves etc Thats no longer an issue so next year will be much fewer contests and very long prep for worlds with a lot of event practice as even if she wasn't sick, it still wouldnt have been enough time after doing arnold europes 5 weeks before. This time that's not an option. Its annoying not to get the pro card but it's got to be one or the other with too close together. As for me, im just going to try do the same things becca is doing an go from there, its more laid back training for now so maybe i can but tendon issues in my arms are still a big problem. 1st training back tonight.
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)18-11-2019 @ 16:15 
Post Edited: 18.11.2019 @ 16:18 PM by PaulSavage
So as for worlds ill do a quick review of it and what exactly happened in my eyes. Firstly the prep was the worst we had done in all contests by a mile due to her chest infection. 3 lots of antibiotics and literally the entire final prep on them and with the chest infection just made things pretty much impossible. I adjusted things as best i possibly could but a lot of things were not an option, anything over a few reps was hard for her, any kind of moving would make her worse, her strength was way down and her fitness was awful. Probably more importantly though she just couldnt train much so hadnt been able to practice the events and everyone that knows anything about this game knows thats a f**ker. I knew going in there was zero chance she would win, there was no way, i knew andrea had some injury issues so wasnt sure how she would do other than obviously the deadlift and i knew viking press she would do good too but donna looked super focused and had been preparing for a long time. Fithen also looked like she had a really good prep but knew she would still struggle with the farmers etc I thought Brooke also had some good events in there though would be slightly down on the pressing but i thought the places would be what they were minus victoria long who nobody knew who the f**k she was coming in. I seen it donna, andrea, jess, then either becca or brooke. That was with me thinking the chest infection had gone though, which it seemed like was the case and she had finsihed the last course of anti biotics, but it wasnt, she really struggled to breathe and it pretty much killed her on every event an got worse with each day.

So onto the review

Day 1

Event 1 - Viking press

Becca has never came close to losing a viking press, shes beat some of the best pressers in the world on this and easily so even with the s**t prep i still thought she had a chance to win going in. Started out fine but then basically completely died and only used the first half of time. Obviously the ability to get air in would have helped but the other thing was cns again wasnt firing properly she wasnt able to fight a single rep at all. That was the case all prep with the infection, Knew straight away with annabell getting 8 reps an becca only 10 this was a very poor performance as last time at bodypower at 110kg (this was 130kg) annabell got i think 12 an becca did 24 easy with 10 seconds to go. The facing the other way thing was a little different and made it harder and going out before the others mattered too but still this was an awful result, definitely an event she should be getting 20+ on and winning but just had no power, couldnt fight reps at all and zero conditioning. Basically at this point im thinking this is not going to go well :/

Event 2 - farmers walk

This was a bit too light for my liking think it was 111kg so grip wasnt too much of a factor but still, it was going to be a quick event at least so i thought maybe it could go better? Nope, was several seconds off what she should be at with this weight, i was looking for 17-18 seconds an she got 24 so it was s**t basically. The turn wasnt actually that bad, thought it was worse at the time but she just wasn't quick like she noramlly is, i remember thinking she looked super slow at the time. Possibly was going slower so she could breathe, had done that a good bit in training too but yeah havent seen her move this slow with that weight unless shes been smashed from previous events so not good sign early in a contest.

Still at this point theres donna and victoria in joint 1st, then andrea in 2nd (or 3rd?) and becca a half point back in 3rd (or 4th?) so not that bad considering how far down she is on her best.

Day 2

Event 3 - deadlift ladder

So she was coughing up phlem again at this point and this went wank in warm ups, i didnt want to say but i was a bit concerned she wouldnt even get the 3rd bar (225kg), 185kg was SLOW in warm ups and she just hadnt done hardly any deadlift training. The other factor was we had to rush in 2 heavyish deadlift / events sessions in last minute so i just dont think she was fully recovered but otherwise would be basically coming in pretty much untrained so i figured it was best to do them as at that point on new anti biotics she was breathing better. Ended up doing the planned 3 reps and not bothering with the last one, but was just a bit slower than planned. She had only ended up practicing the technique she was using once kind of diving down to the bar mixed grip and gripped the right side on the 3rd a bit off an started to tear a callus so called it. That was fine, i think with a rest and strapping up with her usual style she could have got this last one but the knurling was f**king her hands as was super sharp new bars and it wouldnt have mattered anyway as the others would have done them quicker anyway and she was still quickest to 3 bars out of the finalists so on that front perfect game plan. Honestly this was a good performance for where she was at as the planned final 3 weeks out heavy deadlift was supposed to be 260kg for a triple and think she did 225kg total for a triple 9 days out in the end and couldnt do even 200kg before that failed multiple sessions. 7 got all weights (247kg was the last) pretty quick and becca was after them in 8th i think.

Event 4 - medley

This was a big worry with the chest infection but there was 90 seconds and the drag was pretty hard so i figured she could still do pretty good as she would be the strongest on the drag and a lot wouldnt finish. Plan was take time on the implements to try save energy then destroy the drag. Absolutely no doubt fresh she could have done that drag in like 10 seconds but the implements took everything out of her. One of the issues was the husafelt was really low down and she hasnt ever used one like that before so miss gripped it and couldnt pick it up at first, then when she did get it didnt get the right technique on it and it was way slower because of this. That cost her a lot of time and a lot of energy and was probably the difference from doing well to doing not so good. Practised and fit she would have done really well at this event as shes good with the heavy implements (they were good and heavy) and even better with a heavy drag but wasnt going to happen on this day. She tried REALLY hard to even get the result she did.

Overall dropped down to 8th.

Day 3 - finals

Event 5 - axle

Had never used a fixed axle so i made sure she got a good bit of practice in on it before they started and actually warm ups looked great. She just got the technique wrong and tried to fight it while doing that which killed her off after the 1st rep. This was really the only event where she performed poorly to what she could actually do as i have no doubt she could have got 3-4 reps getting it right but this is where it would have been a lot better to use a fixed implement and be more specific which was the original plan before the sickness but still, maybe thats something we could have done differently possibly, not sure though as would have been worse for other events as she had very limited opportunities to train. 3 reps would have got her joint 3rd i believe and a lot more points.

Event 6 - power stairs

I actually thought she could win this one even in her current state. The other girls did a little better than i thought, especially victoria long who was night and day better than the others but becca just didnt seem to have much left, i think having to fight with that husafelt so much as killed her back power as these werent that heavy for her even out of shape. Still got her best result here getting 4th but yeah wasnt great either haha

Overall - 7th

Obviously not what we wanted but it is what it is, still getting 7th best on the planet in this kind of shape is very hard to do and we have learnt a lot about how the contest runs etc so that will help for next year where hopefully she won't get sick.

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