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» Trying to get some Savage power (Go to post)14-09-2011 @ 22:45 
September 14th 2011

Weight upon waking 102kg. Waist 34 1/4".

Push press against bands upto 69kg x 3, 80kg x fail, then jerks upto 90kg x 1
Push press 80kg x 8
Strict plate press against bands 25kg 2 x ?? (hooked them up to the hole in the plate where you grip it)
Dumbbell press 36kg x loads of presses as well as snatches
Alternate front lateral raises 20kg dumbbells x ?? plus drop
Side lateral machine 100lbs x ??
Incline dumbbell flys 20kg x ?? supetset with 36kg dumbbell flat extensions x ??
Overhead ez cable extensions 3 drop set
Assisted dip machine x load of reps

At the gym i only weighed 101.75kg fully clothed with shoes on, and it was half 8 at night so i had several meals in me. I weighed the bar that to me feels much heavier than 20kg (everything at this gym feels heavier than it should!), and it only weighed 21kg. I then weighed a 16kg kettlebell and it weighed less 15.4kg. I would imagine those are certified weights and cant be wrong. If scales are off by that would put me roughly 104-105kg in shoes/clothes. This would make more sense. Started loading up on creatine today anyway.

Feels like dumbbell press is most likely best pressing event for me. Snatching this was easier than pressing it though i was worn out in the shoulders. Felt like i could throw it well over my head.
» Cheshires Strongest Man u105 (Go to post)14-09-2011 @ 19:13 
Post Edited: 14.09.2011 @ 19:15 PM by PaulSavage
I have a couple details of events but still dont know anything about the deadlift other than it's 240kg for reps. It it raw with no suits/straps or it is suited/with straps? is it standard height/standard bar or no? it is touch and go or dead stop? I will most likely come in last with this one no matter what but would still like to know.

Oh and it is just me or is that keg toss very heavy? don't the guys at worlds strongest man struggle with 20kg kegs to the same height even though the little ones are easier..?? Have not tried this yet.
» Boltons strongest man 2012. (Go to post)14-09-2011 @ 18:53 
JC said:
UK Strongman North doesnt market its self as a NW Strongest Man thing...its had guys from the South & Midlands compete

A little bit outside of that, i remember placing 3rd to two poles in one of the UK strongman north comps.
» Trying to get some Savage power (Go to post)11-09-2011 @ 23:42 
Post Edited: 12.09.2011 @ 23:49 PM by PaulSavage
You alright Mark, yeah was LOADS going on at bodypower.

Bit of rain never hurt nobody Mark, not unless they slipped over carrying a 300kg yoke Eek

I have to go to Rochdale monday for work and it will be very tough (i work for carpetright so this is not the only strongman lifting i do) day so no way i could train tuesday as plan'd, i instead booked the day off today and got after it. Obviously not fully recovered, have not trained anywhere near 100% yet for this comp but i will do what i have to.

September 11th 2011

- Overhead work. Axle upto 100kg push press, 110kg jerk, then some work against bands with the log and axle, followed up with log strict presses. This again went terribly, i think i have done 110kg for 3 push press on axle before. Not getting the pop out of legs i want. Injured knee started to hurt.
- Reverse band deadlifts on the axle. Worked upto a double with 280kg rehband only. Then did what was supposed to be a couple sets for speed with 170kg beltless standing on plates, however they were about as fast as Usain bolt, whilst carrying a small elephant. I have no leg drive off the floor with the knee, legs not firing. Need to find my oly lifting shoes.
- Arm over arm simulation on the seated row machine. I wrap'd a towel round the handle, put the stack on and hooked a red band to it. Did two 3 drop sets, one without chalk, one with. Very tough on the grip and was painful on the knee.
- Frame hold with straps and gloves on. Warm'd up with shrugs without the straps upto 140kg of plates on the frame. Unfortunately this one has spinning handles so i decided to put the gloves on to save my skin and wrists (these straps cut me), however this still worked out to be tougher than a regular farmer grip. Straps were not going on right. I started with 280kg and did drop sets all the way till one plate was left. I wanted to hold a heavy weight but also push past the mental block of having to stand with the weights for far longer than my body wants me to.
- Yoke. Did 2 longer runs with 260kg in rehband belt, not trying to go super fast just wanted to get used to moving with the weight. After that i did a shorter but faster run with no belt.
- Medley of sorts. Did 160kg yoke for speed followed by plate swings/raises starting with a 50kg plate, then dropping to a 20kg and a 10kg. Did this twice and supersetted the last one with pass out and die haha
- Lat pulldown triple drop set and done.

Bust up pretty bad. Video -
» U105 Northern Quals Potential Events (Go to post)11-09-2011 @ 18:49 
Post Edited: 11.09.2011 @ 18:59 PM by PaulSavage
-pulling or squatting event -much better with a car, people dont understand weights.
- pressing event -the big dumbbells look heavy, so do wooden logs and viking press if something big is put on top.
- time event -crucifix looks good with axes also people can understand the weight in this, hercules hold would be good to watch if you can make it look cool like at wsm.
- moving event -maybe yoke if you did the hercules but do something different like 10m for max in 30 seconds with rising weights, not the same boring sprint out.
- distance event -can use a number of types of objects to carry for max, hussafelt stone is pretty cool but just a regular river rock looks a lot heavier/tougher. Conans can look good also. Course farmers for distance is good event also depending on what other events you choose.
- fitness/endurance event - arm over arm or truck pulls always look cool but definately make the arm over arm a heavier vehicle not just a 4x4 uphill and also rope is definately needed for a truck pull, you can't pull as heavy without it and is a much worse event.
- speed event - tyre flip, fingals finger or some kind of medley involving heavy awkward stuff and sprinting.
- loading event - atlas stones obvious choice but also like sand bag loading as well as natural stone.
» POUNSTONE WSM 2011 (Go to post)10-09-2011 @ 22:40 
EDCLARKE said:poundstone is monstrously strong ,i really like his training videos . i find his constant blathering about being the smallest and not taking any peds a bit annoying though ( and also extremely unlikely).

When did he say hes not taking any peds? can't recall of that. Derek's talk of being 'a little guy' is obviously insane, considering he was what, 345lbs with abs at the last arnolds? Could be that he feels he needs to have even more muscle so in his head he has to think like that.
» NEW Olympic Strongman Thread (Go to post)09-09-2011 @ 18:49 
I should be coming down Sunday, will do the events of Cheshire's 105's or as close as. Hope to see you guys there.
» u105 Northern Qualifier for ESM/BSM? (Go to post)07-09-2011 @ 23:20 
MrSmall said:I'll pick events:

120 farmers for distance
no tacky stones
max dip
arm over arm
db press

what you think, Millsy? Grin

» Trying to get some Savage power (Go to post)07-09-2011 @ 21:23 
Session in gym the other day -

September 6th 2011

Beat up today, have been for the last couple sessions, struggling.

Bunch of overhead work for the medley - log was way worse than terrible, couldn't get it set on my shoulders / drive my legs into it. Need to change this quick or will be very bad for me.

Some grip work with blob and thick handle dumbbell then deadlifts in hardest position for me to pull from, set chains on it but not very well, may as well of had straight weight on looking at the vid. Think top single was 220kg plus the chains, i was just adding 20kg till i wasn't sure i could 20kg more.

Went downstairs for the farmers hold and yoke, back was far too shot to do arm over arm. Did two sets of reps to failure on BC500 gripper (in an effort to make the grip harder for the farmers) then did 100kg plus the farmers (110kg?) for about 65 seconds. Grip didn't really move but holy trap pain, and the pick up was WAY too heavy. I figured this event would be good for me but depends on the pick up height and how fried my back is. Never actually done this before.

Yoke next, did a run with it empty then thought f the warm up and loaded 200k on it. Did 3 runs of that, then put some 10's on for the last set. Started to rain heavy on the last light run so rushed for the heavier one. Drop'd it twice then went the rest of the way. Very slow but think i just rushed, probably trying to impress mark or just didn't factor in extra weight. Think that's 300kg (contest weight) with the yoke included though, and honestly it felt light, i just need some rest/practice.

Then did some lower body, upper body and grip/wrist assistance work.

Couple clips -
» Trying to get some Savage power (Go to post)07-09-2011 @ 21:22 
Where i started - 15 years old, 65kg x 1 deadlift, 35kg x 1 bench press
PB's now - 25 years old, 260kg deadlift (overhand grip/belt), 235kg front squat (wraps+belt), 127.5 axle, 140kg close grip bench press.

Competition history - competed in a bunch of the UK strongman north novice events, made the finals a couple times, best finish in qualifier was 3rd. Competed UK strongman north open and came last. Competed in bodypower open, pulled out half way through. I have had too many bad results that were nothing to do with strength but always lost points on deadlift. When i moved up to open i got an arm injury 3 weeks out and then got a kidney infection that nearly killed me just after that, lost over 2 stone in bodyweight, came off anti-biotics 3 days before the show. For bodypower i had a knee injury and hardly trained for it. I have also done a couple grip competitions, won a local one and placed second in British grip championships.

Recent happenings - still having knee trouble, have been doing a lot of grip work over the last several weeks, trying to work my way to certing the coc #4 gripper. Decided to do Cheshires 105's as my weight is low enough now (have been leaning out to make my hands less chubby), last minute but only just seen it. Have not done any events since bodypower and did pretty much none before that too.
» Savage Power - breaking into the 105's and certing COC #4 (Go to post)05-09-2011 @ 17:02 
Not much savage power right now but am working on it. Some background info on me. Started lifting at 15, and i'm 25 now so has been a decade since. First lift was a bench press of 35kg, i thought it would be light but the weight shocked me and fell on my chest before i managed to lock it out about 10 seconds later. First time deadlifting i did 50kg for sets of 6-8 to failure so my max was probably 60-65kg. I didn't squat for a while and was even weaker in shoulders than i was in bench. I put on about 50lbs in the first 6 months of lifting (started at 178lbs and fat) whilst taking my body fat perfecentage down. After a couple years of bodybuilding training i weighed 233lbs with about 8% body fat. At that point i was fairly muscular but still not at all strong, i could deadlift 160kg for 5 reps and seated press 75kg. Then i had a year off lifting due to moving, a relationship, working etc

At 19 (weighing 177lbs but lean) i started training for mma and got back in the gym, was doing a lot of bodyweight exercises, somebody handed me a coc #1 gripper, i couldn't quite close it but ended up looking them up on the internet only to find Jesse Marunde who i had just seen compete in wsm was cetified on the #3. I set a goal to do the #3 before i was 20 and ended up getting into strongman.

By my first contest i was 18 and a half stones and though i had an injured back (had back and wrist pain for a couple years on/off) i didn't do terribly, i did van deadlift for 4 reps, 85kg log for 4 reps, finished the arm over arm and the keg loading, think i finished around mid way. After that i decided to wait till the next year, heal up injuries etc competed again in the uk strongman north novice event and thats what i ended up doing for a couple years after that. The level of competition had gone up each year so although it was novice it was still tough for me, i remember the top 3 in the finals one year weighed 26, 24, and 22 stones. I was able to qualify for the finals but not do so well in it.

I then moved to gloucester and lived about 25 feet from the whey consortium gym, so trained with a bunch of guys there, including Laurence Shahlaei. That really improved my mind set of whats possible and helped me a lot mentally, i took my bodyweight to over 20 stones and was improving my brute strength. I had done 200kg deadlift for 10 dead stop and squatted 240kg fairly easily with rehband belt. I could strict press 92.5kg. I decided it was going to be my last year of competing at novice and was looking to win the whole thing. I came into the qualifiers weighing 19 stone 10lbs and even though i came nowhere in the truck pull (which i should have won easily) due to not having the correct footwear i still managed to finish 3rd place overall being two poles. I even did ok in the deadlift getting 7 reps @ 230kg (i think). It was my best performace to date and i felt like everything was going in the right direction.

Seeing the events for the finals had a squat and not a deadlift i felt i should at least be top 3 however everything went tits up, i lost my footing in the truck pull and came to the line quicker than i realised so touched it well after i could have, ended up getting 3rd with half a second to 1st. Then the overhead medley i could not press the stone, i felt like i could have done the 'harder' items (axle/log) but could not press the 74kg stone, it was too narrow for me and i couldn't really get both arms into it/didn't have the shoulder strength. After that i was one of the 1st to go in the squat, which was 220kg for reps, i felt like i would be doing 8-10 but only got given 4 (i did 6), they were making me go as low as i possibly could and it was very hard to do this in the suit, plus the think was rocking all over the place when i went down (the bar bent so they had to get another). Lifting the weight up was easy, i just couldn't get down that low without nearly passing out. Was only won with 10, most got crushed. After this it went from bad to worse, in the hercules hold i felt like i could have done 2 minutes but at 30-40 seconds they told me it was touching the floor on the right so i had to stop. Obviously, your not gonna be as fresh next time, but i went 1.10-1.15 and then they said it was touching again, at that point i chucked the thing down an went off yelling so i didn't starting punching people haha i could have won but f's sake, how hard can it be to clip the thing a few notches in, plus it only happened to me. I think the final event was skip loading and with me having to go out as one of the first guys it gave a big disadvantage. The second implement was a 100kg chain and i simply couldn't load it. After this everybody started hooking the chain onto the skip and then putting it in that way. I would consider that cheating but apparently not. Event was won with a time i felt i would have smashed otherwise.

Came out of the contest feeling like i had just been kicked in the balls for no apparent reason. Moved back north for work and last year did the uk strongman north again but this time went to the opens, i had been working a lot and was down around 18 and a half stones in bodyweight. Decided going leaner might actually help in some of the events so i went down to 17 stone 10lbs but in a lot better shape than previous years. My strength felt good, i could power clean the 120kg axle weight and press it pretty easy. The crucifix (my worsed event) was also going well, it was 20kg each hand, i had worked up to 15 seconds. In the arm over arm i also felt good, had used as much as 336kg on the tyre at oly gym, was doing 150kg farmers, running with 120kg sack no problem etc I felt like i had slightly overdone the prep for the contest, 16 weeks was too long, i was mentally tired but at 3 weeks out i got an injury to my arm in the crucifix and then shortly after that i got a kidney infection that nearly killed me. I had lost over 2 stone in 2 weeks, could not get out of bed at one point and only just came off anti biotics for the show.

Had managaed to put a little weight back on but still only weighed 15 stone 9lbs in the morning and on top of this they completely changed the events and i was first out. Instead of the very heavy wagon pull they changed the arm over arm to a very easy 4x4, and being first out i didn't know it was easy. I had not trained this for speed as nobody had finished the heavy arm over arm in the finals the year before and that included felix. I ended up going an awful lot slower than i could have, it did not help that a 10 year old was feeding the rope to the wrong side. The weight of the axle was 143kg and not 120kg, and i couldn't lift it. The crucifix were only 12.5kg and not 20kg, i had no endurance and the arm injury had me really struggle. Even the tyre flip and sand bag load went massively wrong as they had not thought about how there was no place to grip it on uneven grass, i had to go out first and it took me nearly the entire time to find a place to grip it (of course everybody after me then knew where to grip the thing), i flip'd it again and time ran out. The only event that i had an oppertunity to do well in i managed to balls up too. For some dumb reason decided to grip the 130kg thick handle farmers at the front so i could pick them up easy but i kept droping them and had no idea what was going on. Half way through i decided to grip them the normal way and turned out the pick up was really easy and then i shot to the line but only ended up mid pack in the event. Gripping them at the front made the side dig in to the hands and pry the grip open, the grip was actually really easy when i grip'd them the normal way. Last place overall and another big disapointment.

It took me a while to get my head/heart back in the game but eventually i got back to it and was starting to feel really good, my overhead felt good, deadlift, everything. I squatted 185kg for 12 easy one day and then when i turned around my right knee felt weird like it was going to pop. That was just after i signed up to do bodypower open comp. Basically i ended up hardly training for it, and the knee totally went on the first event. I pulled out half way through.

My knee is just now starting to feel better, i have been doing a lot of grip work recently so only done a couple of sessions with heavier weights. My bodyweight is only just over 16 stones right now (though 9" off my waist from when i was 20 stone). I want to certify the ironmind #4 gripper next year so working on that is a big goal for this year but ultimately it's always to improve my brute strength. I looked at the events for 105's UK's and thought they would be pretty good for me and then found cheshires strongest man under 105kg is in a months time so decided to start training for that.

Some training from the other day (was beat up and tired going in) -

Going oly gym tomorrow.
» Under 105kg Structure 2012 (Go to post)02-09-2011 @ 23:12 
Agree a lighter comp is definitely more brutal, doing a 1 rep max every event would be extremely easy, the events that are tough are events in which you go all out for a minute to a minute and a half and cant stand up afterwards.

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