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» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 22:11 
Erm, not a huge amount, about a stone and a bit. I should have went for 250 but was in training for a meet of sorts so i wanted to save it then the bar was bent (probably due to big lifting from big loz) when i got there and it totally f'd me trying to keep it on the shoulders.

I have not maxed regular dead from the floor in a long time, most i've done was 260 in the past, could have maybe done 280 at that point (i was over 20 stone back). I like to do a lot of deadlift variations that cause me to struggle getting weights to my knees or pull from my weak point below the knee, so i rarely pull straight weight from the floor.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 20:58 
Post Edited: 27.01.2012 @ 22:12 PM by PaulSavage
Alright will try that.

January 27th 2012

Powerclean 107kg 4 sets 2 reps
High pull 132kg 4 sets 2 reps
45 seconds between sets

Calf machine 5 sets

Hanging leg raises 4 sets 6 reps
Decline crunches upto 8kg kettlebell behind neck x 6

Dumbbell hammer curls 30kg x 6
Negatives 36kg x 4,4
Dumbbell concentration curl 3 drop set
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 14:39 
Post Edited: 27.01.2012 @ 14:42 PM by PaulSavage
Why does the edit not kick in till the next post?
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 13:44 
Post Edited: 27.01.2012 @ 15:11 PM by PaulSavage
Joni - I think so too, northens especially will be like doing the Arnolds for me. Put my back against the wall now so gotta come out swinging. I plan to put on some size this year but still do 105's next year. Can afford to put a fair bit on as long as I lean out, which isn't an issue for me. Course a plan is just a plan, might not happen that way.

Thing - Am just starting back at mo but I think I could have done over 300 in a suit late last year but not raw from 15 inch. As for squatting, used to be decentish at it, best front wrapped 235 for couple singles, used to do heavy backs against bands. At the moment I'm having knee issues plus my weight being low does not help either, cant squat for s**t right now. Am thinking about putting it on seperate day than deads to try bring it up, not sure, always put them same day usually.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 13:09 
Post Edited: 27.01.2012 @ 13:11 PM by PaulSavage
Checked weight and not put on as much as I'd like starting New diet tomorrow..

Meal 1 - 4 whole eggs, 4 rounds wholemeal toasted with butter, milk
Meal 2 - 4 rounds wholemeal toasted, peanut butter, jam, milk
Meal 3 - 4 rounds wholemeal toasted, peanut butter, jam, milk
Meal 4 - protein shake
Meal 5 - oats, peanut butter, milk

If I don't train no shake and that's it. May not sound like much but will be jar of peanut butter each day and 6pints full fat milk, is around 4000 cals in those alone. More of a natural source diet. If it doesn't work will up it.
» 100kg jerk (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 21:42 
What does the k stand for?
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 21:31 
Post Edited: 26.01.2012 @ 21:32 PM by PaulSavage
January 26th 2012

Decided that wasn't enough - second session

Standing lever squat upto 12 20kg plates x 6 (couldn't fit more on, should have used 25's but were far away haha)
leg press upto 16 20kg plates x 8 (should have just went 10, 20, this is too much cardio!!)
reverse band back squat (reds) 172kg 2 sets 8 reps
reverse band front squat (reds) 142kg x 6 (lat cramp ended set early)

Nothing heavy, just trying to fill up quads, had to rush through, gym was closing. I need to get a leather belt, one i want keeps saying out of stock.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 18:53 
Post Edited: 26.01.2012 @ 21:31 PM by PaulSavage
January 26th 2012

red band leg extensions 3 sets
one leg box squats against red band 2 sets

Wanted to do something extra for quads as they have been pretty much fine when everything else has been a mess. Obviously not doing enough for them..this was actually really tough.

Now that i have changed to opens (if allowed) need to get a 120kg log done, don't think i have done that. For the block press i would be happy if i got the first two, am terrible strict presser to say the least.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)26-01-2012 @ 13:50 
Post Edited: 26.01.2012 @ 13:57 PM by PaulSavage
So you came into my log to moan ?? haha have changed to opens since you been such a baby about it but don't think just because i've been doing this a while I would destroy inter comps. I started pressing with 10k dumbbels and maxing @ 60k deadlift/don't take the peds others do (have nothing against it). As for the open comps I have done, was reason for it but dead last in the first and pulled out with injury in the second.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)25-01-2012 @ 23:47 
January 25th 2011

one arm hang 2.5 inch bar x 35,36 seconds left, 33, 40 seconds right
two hand 3 inch bar under pinch type grip x 28 seconds
two hand 3 inch bar wrist fully crooked hang for 1 minute 30

strict press in log position upto blue bands stretched from low shin for two singles
handstand push ups, log position, top half only for 5 reps
blue band stretched from mid shin one arm press with leg drive x 6 right, 5 left
red bands hooked under feet strict press log position x 7

push ups against blue+red bands x 10 plus three drops
dips against blue+red bands x 4 plus three drops
side laterals 2 x ??

Seen an englands qualifier earlier and noticed there was a spot open, decided to go for it. Events..

- Axle 140k for reps, any way from floor to overhead
- deadlift from 15" last man standing, start 300k no suits or straps
- axle squat 260k wraps and briefs allowed
- tyre flip several flips then duck walk followed by keg load upto 170k
- 160k farmers
- hercules hold 130k

If my knee wasn't so f'd i would say last 4 events good for me but good enough for these weights? not sure. Most i have done on axle is 130 as far as i can remember, the deadlift without a suit would have to be a monsterous improvement as it's the hardest height for me to pull from, and never tried 160 farmers before. Maybe crazy signing up for this but should help get my ass in gear.
» the body extreme uks north of england strongest man,esm qualifier (Go to post)25-01-2012 @ 20:22 
I wasn't questioning anyones hard work, or want anything to change for me. I was just voicing my opinion, didn't realise that wasn't allowed.

I signed up because it's a good challenge for the time frame, have done 130 axle, 150 farmers etc At this point I would rather compete against the best guys and lose, rather than compete against the worst and win. Don't think you get better that way.
» the body extreme uks north of england strongest man,esm qualifier (Go to post)25-01-2012 @ 18:59 
I didn't say I dont want to compete, just voicing my opinion.
» the body extreme uks north of england strongest man,esm qualifier (Go to post)25-01-2012 @ 18:28 
If we all went by that, levels of enemployment would be rediculous! I just think it defeats the purpose of having an all round contest and that's all I will say.
» the body extreme uks north of england strongest man,esm qualifier (Go to post)25-01-2012 @ 17:18 
Haha made that clear then!

This phones shot, mod feel free to delete the repeat posts. Would if I knew how.
» the body extreme uks north of england strongest man,esm qualifier (Go to post)25-01-2012 @ 17:16 
Just noticed how you must lift 2 of first 3 events to do the rest. I don't want to be a cry baby b**ch but I don't understand this rule. I don't understand it because if you put the last three events first it's not an issue, favours the short stocky static guys. If your going to do that may as well give double points for those events. If your going to put 6 events in a contest, let the guys go at it for 6 events! We all work our arses to the bone, shouldn't be disadvantaged because of our body type etc have came dead last first two events and finished top 4 in past contests.

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