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» The Royal Counties Strongest Man 2012 Novice and Opens Comps (Go to post)05-03-2012 @ 11:56 
Post Edited: 05.03.2012 @ 11:58 AM by PaulSavage
You put myself and my brother in twice (once for form, once for payment).
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)29-02-2012 @ 16:06 
Post Edited: 29.02.2012 @ 16:07 PM by PaulSavage
February 27th 2012


Axle deadlift upto plus 180kg x 2
Dumbbell laterals 7.5, 12.5, 15, 17.5kg x 10 PR (I think)
Pressed one of the big monster dumbbells
Log upto 12in log empty for a lot of singles
One motion reps on thinner log for 2 sets
Drop set incline log bench
Yoke upto plus 240kg short runs
Farmers upto plus 60kg for distance with turns / held at end
Dumbbell curls 2 sets
Stones over yokeno tacky upto 107.2kg x 3 then smaller stone one motions x a lot

Not sure of the weights of equipment at this point.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)22-02-2012 @ 14:50 
February 22nd 2012

on 3 inch bar..
pullups various grip superset with dips leaning far over for 3 sets
pushups x ?? With two rest pauses superset with rows x ?? with two rest pauses

wide grip upright rows x ?? with two rest pauses
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)22-02-2012 @ 09:28 
February 20th 2012

leg extensions
lever squat machine upto 12 plates x 8
leg press upto 20 plates x 1 (???) 3 with help
free squat machine upto 9 plates x 8
russian leg curls 2 sets
hyper extensions bar on shoulders 52kg x 10 plus two drops

Wanted to do zerchers but rack being used again. Weak as today but workout was tough.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)19-02-2012 @ 15:23 
Post Edited: 19.02.2012 @ 15:24 PM by PaulSavage
February 19th 2012

Handstand pushups 4 sets
2 x giant set of dips, push ups on 3 inch bar and side lateral drop sets
2.5 inch bar one arm hangs x 32,32 seconds

Have pulled out of northerns due to work as well as right now being bad timing for heavy shows. Am not getting enough sleep with too many niggles and too little time to train. Not happy but it is what it is. Still going to be training hard just pushing to the brink / being more relaxed about it. Overall I'm happy with how training has been going so I don't really have a lot to moan about.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)16-02-2012 @ 21:44 
Did some pressing the other day, nothing special to note was destroyed from monday.

Febuary 16th 2012

leg press upto 20 plates x 10 PR?
seated squat upto 10 plates x 10
seated calf machine upto 3 plates x 10 with two drops

decline crunches 10kg behind neck x 8 with two drops
double crunch machine stack x 10+2+2 (rest paused)

Just trying to blow up the quads, back still too shot/tight to put any pressure on it.
» VOS TV - Terry Hollands - Training 06/02/12 (Go to post)14-02-2012 @ 08:48 
Could be a mental game or just that the clean took a little too much out of you. Definately looks like you have 200 press from how easy the 170 was.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)13-02-2012 @ 23:29 
Febuary 13th 2012

6 inch raised reverse band deadlift (blues) upto 272kg x 4 PR (had 1-2 more)
romanian deadlift to knees and back up (no belt) 202kg x 10?, 150kg x 15?
russian leg curl upto +25lb plate x 7 PR

pull ups palms facing upto +60kg x 1 PR
barbell rows underhand grip upto 147kg x 4 PR
long bar seated rows 3 sets
back extensions with bar on shoulders 57kg x 4, drop 27kg x 4, drop to bw x 4 (ouch)

barbell curls upto 57kg x 4 strict then 2 with some swing, plus 4 cheat curl & slow negatives

The bar goes to the floor pretty easy with 65kg using the blues so really doesn't take much off from the blocks. Was happy(ish) with that. Either i was just shot or ronnie colemans 495lb rows is absolutely rediculous. That was really heavy.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)10-02-2012 @ 20:34 
lol It's just varations of the same stuff for the most part. The band work i have done has been heavy (for me) actually. Even just hooking the light red bands under my feet is very heavy at lockout, feels like my back will snap (i think they are 12 inch iron woody but can't remember).

Did a little back assistance yesterday, pull ups, heavy shrugs, rows etc Left arm tendon was still hurting so didn't push.

Febuary 10th 2012

standing strict press upto 85kg
Push press 105kg (did a second but whatever)
back down strict to 70kg x 8 (maybe PR haha)
dips upto +60kg x 5 (PR)
close grip bench with slow negs 105kg x 5 (paused the last)
z lockouts (bit above head) 105kg x 3 (heavy and didn't want to push)
incline dumbbell flys 70lbs x 8 (PR)
side laterals 55lbs x 6 (PR) with two drops

Just testing out how the bands have worked for the most part though did do some stuff heavier than i have before. Lockout strength is up as expected, shoulders weak as 6 year old girl/the usual. Hoping to do some events next tuesday. My legs are still shot from the other day, hamstrings especially still feeling like they are torn.
» BodyPower Expo. (Go to post)10-02-2012 @ 11:38 
From what I can recall, the cost of a pass for the weekend is more than 30 quid. Thus you save money competing as you get the pass free. May have actually been VIP too which is more expensive. Seems like a pretty good deal..??
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)07-02-2012 @ 21:25 
For me I don't train to be good in raw deadlift off the floor, train towards pulling big numbers in a suit when i end up getting one, and for deadlifts from mid shin and car deadlifts (as these are what's done most in competition).

Febuary 7th 2012

standing lever squat upto 10 plates (25's) x 6
karlsen squat upto 12 plates x 3
leg press upto 24 plates x 3 (how many plates did ron do??)
leg extension upto stack x 8
back extension with bar on shoulder upto 50kg for 3 sets of 8 reps

Will do the back assistance stuff in a day or two, tendon in left arm got messed up last week.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)05-02-2012 @ 14:32 
Febuary 5th 2012

Handstand pushups 3 sets 2 reps (nose touching floor)
Front raises 2 drop sets
Dips x 25
Close grip push ups on 3 inch bar x 25
Push ups on 3 inch bar x 25
Side lateral drop sets
One arm hangs 2.5 inch bar best 39 seconds, 3 inch bar best 19 seconds

Just something to keep things ticking over till next week, been in Wales doing hell week for work.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)31-01-2012 @ 19:12 
Post Edited: 31.01.2012 @ 19:20 PM by PaulSavage
January 31st 2012

back - medium day

block deadlifts against blue bands 172kg for 8 sets of 2 reps (45-60 seconds rest between sets)
russian leg curls 2 x ??
hyperextensions holding three 20kg plates x 8

one arm pull up negatives x 2/2, 2/2
one arm dumbbell row upto 80kg x 4/4
shrugs (farmers grip) upto 100kg stack +140kg x 4
frame hold +200kg x ??, +160kg x ??

towel grip pull ups x ?? plus hang for as long as i could

Should have probably gone heavier on the pulls but back was feeling tight. Those frame holds were f'ing heavy, leverage is against you where it's side grip and no chalk allowed with slippy bars, i think i only managed 30 seconds or so.
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)29-01-2012 @ 13:59 
Post Edited: 29.01.2012 @ 14:01 PM by PaulSavage
January 29th 2012

Strict press 2.5 inch bar
- bar 2 x ??
- plus red bands stretched progressively more x 6, 4, 4 (nearly passed out on the last set)
strict press log position red bands hooked under feet x 8,6,4
Push ups gripping 3inch bar
- red bands x 18
- stretched red band 3 x 7
Side laterals for 2 drop sets

Noticed little rip in one of the bands after this - fck
» Paul Savage 2012 (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 22:55 
Post Edited: 27.01.2012 @ 23:01 PM by PaulSavage
Thanks, need to get back to it. Yeah 20 stone 4lb morning weight is heaviest.

You don't need to max a lift to know if your stronger in it but never had a regular deadlift from the floor in any of the comps i have done. I tend not to struggle off the floor, either fail below the knee or finish the lift.

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