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» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)17-03-2022 @ 00:19 
macroth said:
While this may be true, "train yoke light and fast" is (good) advice you can easily find on the Internet or get from any half-decent online coach or cookie-cutter training template. I'm not sure it's going to give anyone an edge at the WSW level.

Who said it would?
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)16-03-2022 @ 18:27 
danbaseley said:Do many people only do one pick up?

This is not me being facetious. Whenever I see anyone training yoke - Licis, Stoltmans, Andrea Thompson, Kieliskowski, pretty much everyone I watch on YouTube, etc - they are doing multiple sets and pick ups. And varying loads.

I can't remember the last time I saw anyone "max out", or even fail a yoke run.

That was replying to the term 'people' as in most who train it not top competitors. I see people going way too heavy / failing yokes etc all the time in the gym. This is what most people get very wrong in general, they often train way too heavy with poor technique an fail weights or grind through reps on the same weights week in week out making little to no progress, an getting injured a lot using bad form.

They all train slightly different but mainly multiple sets of single runs or there an backs. Not seen anyone else train the ladder system increasing weight for yoke in the same set (i do this for farmers and frame too but distances go upto 60m) unless its training for an actual medley event.
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)16-03-2022 @ 16:00 
macroth said:
Is it your belief that "regular yoke" for people typically means 30m runs? Or only 1x10m while Rebecca is doing 3x10?

Most will just do from whatever one side of the course is to the other at the gym they go to or they will do 20m or whatever they are doing in the next comp. They will also frequently go far too heavy going way too slow, dropping the yoke multiple times an even fail so literally teaching themselves to completely fail, all whilst messing recovery up for weeks an suffering damage to the spine.
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)16-03-2022 @ 15:34 
unit94 said:
Bloody hell what did she do in the 8 hour session? That's a long session!

Full comp events for multiple sets plus accessories. That's pretty typical for her in event sessions, it will normally be 5-6 hours for a heavy event sessions an longer if she needs to do a lot of lighter technical work as im very much a perfectionist / borderline ocd with it an she has dyspraxia so it can take hours of doing something for her to make improvements, especially when the exercise or event is a new one to her. To me this kind of thing is what separates though as the vast majority don't understand how technical the sport is at all do they. Its no different than practicing swinging a golf club all day to me, you have to put the time in.
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)16-03-2022 @ 15:06 
Right that's that said an the simple facts an truth. Feel free to argue away an slate away, say i said whatever other bulls**t i never came close to saying. I'll leave you to it.
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)16-03-2022 @ 15:02 
Okay, ill get to how genetics work but first ill explain one time how i coach since you are guessing I'm a terrible coach based on exactly f**k all an will in future have to state that what im about to say is bad coaching if your going to continue this trend.

Obviously this is the extremely short version an this is specific to Becca. By far my main priority is to eliminate weaknesses so that means eliminate bad events / bad lifts and more specifically to eliminate the weaknesses within the event / lift, which i do by optimising exercises / events to her specifically. For example her yoke picks were a huge weakness in yoke, she would take a long time doing the pick an it would take a lot out of her an lose a ton of time. What i did about this is i stopped her doing regular yoke an i only had her do yoke in a medley ladder format meaning she does three lots of 10m with increase in weight each time for a single set. This means she gets 3 times the amount of work on the pick and her starts than the typical athlete and all her training is focused on sprints getting the yoke up an accelerating to top speed very quickly, which is extremely beneficial to your times. She's now got one of the quickest pick ups an starts of anyone in the entire sport. I do this kind of thing for all her events and all her lifts so where is the weakness on a deadlift? Where is it on a log lift? Is it technical? Is it a weak muscle group? At what point does she struggle/fail? Ill Taylor exercises that specifically target those weaknesses in the exact same positions. Every exercise she does is done for specific reasons to achieve a specific outcome, i don't just have her do a deadlift or a squat or whatever just because they are good strength builders, often exercises will have to benefit several events for me to even trial them in training. Its all highly tailored rather than a general fit with a lot more thought gone in to it. This is why Becca only came out of the top 3 once (4th) in all the events she did from all comps last year and is one of only a handful that have really no weak events in the sport.

Obviously there's loads more to it than that an i'm well aware i have a huge advantage over others in that i get to coach her 24/7 every session in person an that also helps the results a lot but to the genetic thing, i have always said her genetics are good but no she isnt the genetic freak that you seem to think she is. She wasnt born silly strong an just made for strength, there's women out there that could deadlift 3 times what she could when she started, she could barely shoulder raise a 5kg plate when i first trained her. This is the most common trend amongst the freaks out there in that they were all born strong as f**k.

This by no means is me saying she has poverty genetics, thats not even close to true. Does 6 foot 4 and 150kg help? Long term id say yeah as the weights get heavier, i think its a good thing for injury prevention too so i think it helps overall but certainly its also a hinderance a lot of times. What i dont think your realising is the women's arnt typically the same heavy big person events the mens are an its much harder for a woman to build muscle an fill out a larger frame so its really two different things. The average height of former worlds strongest woman winners is only 5'6 actually. Ultimately its dedication and being consistent that does it, Becca hasnt missed a session or gone off programme once in 6 years, she gets up at 5:30 an does her daily morning walks in freezing cold darkness, she's done 8 hour training sessions in what may as well be a sauna. It's not just been given to her, she works hard as f**k for it.
» Arnold's 2022 (Go to post)07-03-2022 @ 15:42 
PeterDeLaMare said:
Watching it live was awful. You could hear a loud and sharp crack as the log landed on his bent knees. I hope Iím wrong but this could be the end of his strongman career.
Yeah it was the most horrific accident I've ever seen in strongman. Seemed like such a lovely chap talking to him at the SBD meal the night before too an 100% the biggest most muscular I'd ever seen him so really hope he can come back.

The worst thing was it could have been avoided, literally my first thought when I sat down was wow those pads are low. Not sure what the thinking was with that as its not supposed to be a deadlift test an was just no way out for him when he started to fall. The pads should be there to catch the log in exactly those kind of circumstances.
» Ermm here goes (Go to post)03-03-2022 @ 12:09 
Thanks for the write up, hopefully you get your invites. As for being a to**er, Personally id still at least do the first 1/2 - 3/4 of the bags that way even if you can't generate the force quick enough for the heavier ones simply because this is timed event an its s**t ton faster that way an you can use the fact that you are more athletic than a lot of the others to grab the bags, jump back an throw. I'd also practice throwing the bags off blocks so it forces you to work on generating the required power very quickly.

Good to see your not put off by the deadlift result, considering the numbers of the others it wasn't bad at all and has for sure been improving.
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)27-02-2022 @ 22:45 
Post Edited: 27.02.2022 @ 22:46 PM by PaulSavage
dannyboy73 said:Its sussposed to be ironic.
I have mask it or casket next to mine and I am outspoken about masks not actually preventing infection spreading.
Moreover, yours is actually a complement Paul.well, thats how i see it.

I don't think it was meant as a compliment an there's people on here that genuinely think I don't understand the sport an training etc exactly because they themselves don't understand things an have the common sense of a deranged moth.

Obviously I get trolling an I get banter an having a laugh but those kind of people never say anything that's not negative on top of that they consistently post complete bo***cks as if its factual information. This is where mods are needed to come in an f**k those people off so the people that can actually provide some good information will stay an there can be some lolz but it can actually be a place where people can come to learn about strongman/woman, oly lifting, powerlifting etc
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)27-02-2022 @ 19:49 
Rick said:
The moderators are me and boar. I think you'll struggle to find an occasion of either of us trolling. Idiots, possibly. But I think you may be confused.

I can't see it on my phone an really don't give a s**t at this point but assuming its still there a mod has put 'has little understanding of the sport' next to my name, this is obviously trolling an I get having a laugh an im anything but high strung but its a bit of piss take when your doing seminars an work shops with kaz an coach the strongest woman on the planet looking at her on a poster next to z an donna. Again I'm all for a laugh an bants but you got to have some level of respect for people who actually do have a high knowledge of the sport an bother to post on here as ultimately its for getting information out and its the bulls**t like this that ends up with almost nobody with any real clue posting on here. There's pretty much only unit left.
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)27-02-2022 @ 14:04 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:Is this the return of Mr Savage to the forum? Happy

What's next for Becca, and how is your own training going Paul?

Nah i just come on to look at units log. Unfortunately the moderators are also idiots / trolls on here so will always struggle to keep anyone here.

Ive at least done some training in the past month or so, she's attempting 4 world records / rogue record breakers at the arnolds.
» Ermm here goes (Go to post)27-02-2022 @ 14:00 
Yeah well done bud, fancied you for 5th, just that bas***d deadlift again but a quick heads up on the bag toss since nobody seems to understand the event. The big swing, bigger rom = higher height is not correct. You don't need to swing it at all, that doesn't do anything but weaken you (imagine trying to swing your powerclean max like that before trying it) an waste time. You need to approach it like a traditional oly lift, clean or snatch really its same thing, you start in a strong upright position an pull using hips and traps in the same exact way you were powercleaning the axle. The best way imo is to jump back, have the bag stop above the floor slightly behind you but still in a very strong upright position squatting down (watch over shanes position) then you explode through with hips an traps not shoulders (he wasnt getting this part right but his start position was so much stronger than anyone elses that he still won).

If you do it correctly you will literally throw the same bag a metre higher in the same session.
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)02-02-2022 @ 10:29 
That's great, a load of bo***cks like everything else you say, but great. I've never once had a single thought on the third law of thermodynamics??

I'll leave you to that basement Dan, good luck with it.
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)01-02-2022 @ 22:22 
danbaseley said:
I don't think (m)any people gave her stick.
There was a lot of disagreement about Paul - who sometimes portrayed himself as the Svengali behind ALL her success: and the real reason for her success: rather than her natural talent and ability.
She stood by her man - and it was often seen that he was living off her success; and that she was, perhaps, successful in-spite of him.
This was back in the whole Savage refuting the third law of thermodynamics - along with some slightly less troubling, but no less controversial training hypothesis.

No dumbass, this is only your perspective because you don't have the intellect to understand my training methods, which work very well, hence the cabinet full of trophy's to right of where I'm currently sat. Also not because of 'natural talent' because she works extremely hard, not missing a single session or going off plan once in several years. The same several years you have been stuck in that basement doing f**k all.

An no I have never claimed to be the be all and end all of her success, its one thing to know how to do it an teach that, its another thing entirely to actually do it. It takes both of these things and a huge amount of hard work on both sides to get better daily and stay ahead of the curve. Not talking bulls**t about someone on the internet who you literally know next to nothing about just to try make your pathetic life better in some way. Feel bad for you dude, hopefully you break the cycle some day.
» WSM 2020 (Go to post)14-11-2020 @ 09:22 
An nice moderation dick heads. Obviously the multiple world titles ive coached to in the sport are just blind luck Happy but no worries, ill just take my lack of understanding elsewhere, its ok

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