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» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)02-06-2022 @ 19:25 
unit94 said:
I bet you all my money Eddie isn't actually picking the team haha it'll be Darren and Colin selecting them.
The thing with Kristin Rhodes is though, does anyone actually know her? Obviously we do but I doubt many people in the crowd will be that aware of her. Gabi did come 5th I didn't realise but God knows who they'll pick.

Obviously I'm not in a position to say what you have

Yeah I doubt many in the crowd would know Kristen but maybe a decent % of the American fans would?? I donno i just reckon that's who they would at least try to get. Gabi was pretty good at world's, she won the yoke and the deadlift.
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)02-06-2022 @ 12:18 
unit94 said:Yeah it does make sense! Inez is one, Victoria Long I imagine? Am I missing anyone that's obvious? They don't seem to have many top opens anymore. Maybe Nadia Stowers with OSG?

Don't know the full events or how exactly everythings going to work but i'm not sure it does make sense, Eddie has looked at it as who's the best at each event for the men, but doesn't seem to have for the women. With a grip event Becca obviously isn't going to lose so that makes sense, but if there's a deadlift lucy is 100% a lock, an unless it's dumbbell Donna isn't going to win an overhead vs Inez, so that doesn't seem to make sense. I suspect they will have tried to get Kristin Rhodes out of retirement.
» WSM 2022 (Go to post)30-05-2022 @ 09:46 
luki said:What happened Martins and Oleski on stones? Martin's usually beats Tom eg 5 Inver stones in 23secs at rogue invitational. Looks like Novi only did 4 of 5 stones. He's usually one of the best. Did he drop one?
You can't really look at the invitationals results for who's the better stone lifter as not only different stones an tom competing the week before but Tom just went out an did a steady run to secure his spot in the comp. Martins went out after, seen it was a very doable run an knew Tom had took his time so went for the win.

Not sure what happened to Martins, maybe fatigue also but i was saying to Becca before the stones that i thought tom would still win by a large margin because it doesn't align to novikov doing well on the stones an i was concerned he would be one of the bottom placings an might lose his 2nd place, which unfortunately happened. Reason was that he had basically already shot his wad, actually he had shot three of them. He went all in on the deadlift on day 1, that's very risky with multiple pulling type events on the 2nd day, then he went all in on the truck pull to start day two also. Basically he had f**ked both his back and his legs now an then he again went all in on the powerstairs an pretty much finished himself off. Combine this with the fact he went out on the stones with Tom and knows he 100% has to beat Tom on the stones which he simply cannot do even fresh an it was a recipe for disaster.
» WSM 2022 (Go to post)29-05-2022 @ 17:55 
Unreal from Novikov, he just does not know Tom is supposed to win this. Unfortunately for him the powerstairs are lynn's ones and they are really high, an the implements are also the tall ones, so everything is massively stacked against him, but he doesn't seem to give two s**ts.
» WSM 2022 (Go to post)28-05-2022 @ 20:35 
Mikeneto said:Hooper wins the first event.

I can see him winning the 2nd event as well. He is a freak.

He's defo a freak but the 1st event was his best event an pretty much expected. Funny that he predicted exactly the 12 reps he got on the deadlift though haha I think the surprise is more Novikov kind of in 2 ways, obviously the deadlift doing 15 reps maybe more than anyone expected but also you would expect him to be quicker on the medley. I wonder if whatever he tore in his knee at the arnolds has been an issue for training yoke so he's being doing more static lifting or its all he's really been able to do with being a soldier.
» WSM 2022 (Go to post)27-05-2022 @ 13:44 
PeteHodgson said:Had anyone seen or heard of Hooper before this? I’d seen ‘the worlds strongest fan’ suggest him, but never heard of him other than that. First international comp and he cruises through to the final!

Yeah was a lot of hype about him, he won static monsters seemingly out of nowhere an put up a 475kg competition deadlift soon after that. I predicted he would go through to the finals but had Evan in my 5th spot, i think now that's probably where Mitch will end up. He could possibly win the first two events in the final but he's very inexperienced and has never done a truck pull or powerstairs so i think that's about as high as he could place with tom, novikov, brian an martins in the line up. Who the f**k knows though, even he doesn't.
» WSM alleged corruption by WUS. (Go to post)26-05-2022 @ 09:08 
Yeah tom's 230 was a bit touch an go if I remember correctly but yeah it's on Stoltman youtube. 100% agree with Martin's doing better on this in the contest, put him on a 220kg too but it's really going to come down to how they do it, they tend to always do last man standing rules with bigger jumps these days so could be a lot of ties an favour some and not others.
» WSM alleged corruption by WUS. (Go to post)25-05-2022 @ 14:06 
PeteHodgson said:
Fair enough. Maybe it is tilted in his favour then. Didn’t know Tom was good at behind the neck jerk as I’ve not seen much footage. I agree Licis doesn’t look as good as I thought he would do.

Martins is a bit of a weird one as his training style is such that he is always fatigued in training, which is how you should be but he maybe goes a little overboard, most likely thinking I'm going to out work everyone else an train the events more so be more skilled, which again is largely correct. However I personally think he maybe goes a little too high on the load and frequency at the same time an does often have injuries because of this (pretty sure he's got some shoulder and hip issues currently). Either way it means he's often in a high state of fatigue which means any speed and explosive events are very difficult. Thus may explain why his worst event is the most explosive event in strongman (throwing) and why he's struggled so much with another explosive event in the behind the neck jerk.

The above said, after the deload and rest before the comp he of course is a different man an a great performer in contest so I'm sure he will do well. Could certainly be on the podium.
» WSM alleged corruption by WUS. (Go to post)25-05-2022 @ 12:08 
PeteHodgson said:Athletes being on some sort of retainer seems fair enough. But rigging comps to suit them is a bit off. However, how would this work if there’s several athletes being paid if they’re in the same comps? Also, does anyone think any of the recent comps have suited either Stoltman over anyone else?
I actually thought the events at this years WSM did the opposite. No max log. Run in on stones to perhaps take away Toms advantage. Flintsone press to suit others like Licis, Bish etc.
Plus the grip event doesn’t play to the strengths of either Stoltman.
Unless this year WSM are ‘helping’ someone else.
However, this has been done before in comps hasn’t it? Straps for frame carry to suit Big Z more for example.
So, as JT said, we shouldn’t be surprised. Just sounds like this WUS fella stirring it for his own gain.

You are way off on the events, they don't suit Martins, they massively suit Tom. Martins is actually not that great at flintstone lift, he's struggled an the best we have seen from him has been 25kg down on what we have seen from Tom. Tom loves the event, looks to be his best overhead and he could even possibly win it. Also wrong on the run in's, they actually favour tom as he's very good at front carrys and loading, basically the best in the world at both. Tom's training with the run in's have looked completely effortless, one motioning every stone to 200kg easy an run in's looking really comfortable. The final events are absolutely perfect for Tom, he's very good at every single event. Again he's great at medleys and front carries, an also pretty damn good at yoke now so the box to yoke medley suits him big time. Car deadlift should be his best deadlift as it suits the taller and heavier guys due to being on a pivot point, it's essentially lighter the taller you are and you can also use your weight to your advantage (think of a drag) an his deadlift has come on a lot. Truck pull, also a perfect event for Tom, again height and weight go in his favour and he's been winning these kind of events against everyone comfortably. Powerstairs with run in is again a perfect event for Tom, very strong in that position, again the height for the steps and again run in's suit tom as he's a fast mover, big strides etc Obviously got to actually get the job done but unless he's sick or injured or something he pretty much can't lose.
» WSM alleged corruption by WUS. (Go to post)25-05-2022 @ 09:10 
Samthepigman said:I don't understand the who har really.

It's like Luke said, the best athletes get paid the most to compete, and those who perform best throughout the year get better groups in the WSM quals, which makes sense. As you don't want to end up with Shaw, licis, nova, Tom Luke etc all in the same group and a bunch of nobody's in another

Loz said that the events for WSM almost mirror the events of WSM 2015 when Shaw won. Are they favouring Shaw? Who is an entity of his own in regards to strongman and federations

Similar but major difference is it's not 2015. They are indeed good events for Brian, however they are extremely good events for Tom, he basically can't lose unless he royally f**ks up.
» WSM alleged corruption by WUS. (Go to post)24-05-2022 @ 14:17 
I'm really not going to comment too much because we don't have much to go off, we just have one short audio clip, with basically one side of a story so for me unless you know Mark, Colin, the Stoltman's or Eddie on a personal level and have got multiple sides of the story and more information, I don't think you should have much of an opinion. You also have to keep in mind Colin only has a job with worlds strongest man, he's not the one in charge so if things are the case or not, it may not be his decision. I think it's more the final events that really sway things to an athlete or not though, not so much the seeding thing or what groups people get.
» WSM 2022 (Go to post)23-05-2022 @ 09:29 
For me it's big Tom all the way this year, Brian just edging out Novikov for 2nd, Martins 4th Evan 5th
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)03-05-2022 @ 14:40 
unit94 said:Obviously things can change quickly in sport but after seeing Becca on Saturday, it's going to be a very tough task for anyone to beat her in any comp. If she can win a pressing event the other ladies will really struggle to take points off her.

I think so too, especially because Donna, Lucy and Annabelle all performed really well an there was still a large margin not just in points but also in terms of how far ahead Becca was to the 2nd place result in some of the events she won. I feel like this would have been the case at worlds last year too if not for her knees being so bad, she would have won 4 of the events otherwise imo so i think that kind of masked where she was really at an it's been shown now.

Definitely not going to be getting complacent, its right back to the grind but at the same time this may have very well been the most dominant performance in the history of strongwoman in terms of at a high level contest so have to take a step back an be happy about it too.
» World's Strongest Woman (Go to post)03-05-2022 @ 14:26 
KevC86 said:
Unless I'm remembering wrong she didn't win DB or deadlift. Moore took DB and Unders obliterated the deadlift (200 x 18, who the flock does that??).
She did make embarrassingly easy work of the car hold.

Yeah tied Donna with 8 reps on the dumbbell, made a mistake after 3 reps that threw off the rest of the event for her an ran out of time. Lucy is one hell of a deadlifter, i said to Becca if she does 15 or more just do enough for second place so she just did one more than Donna an stopped. Had done the 10 with 30 secs to go an all moved the same so obviously a good few more there but no way 9 more. She did 2 minutes with more in the tank on a car in training that she said felt the same weight so yeah the car hold was pretty comfy for her.
» Eddie Hall vs Thor Björnsson boxing match (Go to post)19-03-2022 @ 23:42 
Gotta give Eddie props for how well he hid that right hand, f**king stealth mode. I'm pretty sure some people did not catch on to his game plan (since they couldn't get the stream to work).

Maybe he had an invisibility cloak on an thought Thor couldn't see him loading up for the 30 seconds prior to each punch he threw but the cloak didn't fit an he just didn't realise Thor could actually see him.

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