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» Working long hours & strength training (Go to post)18-02-2014 @ 17:10 
Cuddles said:
Actually no, I am contracted to work 217 days a year. Of the 17 days 'holiday' that i have contractually had since 1st September 2013, I have worked 9 of them. I also tend to work on Sundays (my only 'day off' a week for half of the year).
But your point was?

You must be a very dedicated teacher. Or always behind on marking.
» Strongman 2015 (Go to post)31-01-2014 @ 21:37 
This is fantastic market research! You've got a real GRIP on this contest.
» Strongman 2015 (Go to post)31-01-2014 @ 20:49 
You can't put on a strongman comp and expect to run it like roulette fishing.
» UK STRENGTH CHAMPIONSHIPS 2015 (Go to post)28-01-2014 @ 23:30 
MrSmall said:You are missing certain key points Paul.

Prize money in almost anything serious is not provided by the competitors.

Sport isnt gambling, it cant have the same setup as poker.

You arent going to get the strongest guys battling it out for "100,000" unless you ge 15 athletes with a lot of spare cash competing only in your competitions 12 times in a year.

This in no way seems motivating for anyone of any level to participate in. The big guys wont bother because no smaller guys will want to just give them money essentially.

Random better auggestion. Knock it down to 50, do 4 comps a year, minimum participation of 10 guys per class, cash for every top 3 event placing. Thats 500 quid per comp you set for prizes. Winner overall takes 50 with 2nd 30 and 3rd 20. event win is 40, 2nd place is 30, 3rd place is 20 over 5 events. If you have more than 10 then you cover all the other things that cost and when that is also covered you add evenly distributed increases in prize money.

That is a good idea.

I liked the initial idea but 250 comp entry plus travel and hotel/food puts it at nearly 400-500 for a comp entry. Steep.

I don't reckon you'd get the participation but good luck mate, stick to your vision.
» i won the lottery (Go to post)19-01-2014 @ 10:44 
brownbear said:
3 numbers is 20-25 isn't it?
I thought 4 numbers would be more like 1000??

Proof that a little knowledge is dangerous.
» Beard help. (Go to post)18-01-2014 @ 14:00 
Only for short hair, it widens the tip. Doesn't affect the longer hairs, they're just wide at the tip. Great for stubble tho.
» Beard help. (Go to post)18-01-2014 @ 13:16 
Mate the biggest mistake any beard grower can make is trimming too early. A decent length is at least 6 weeks old, the you can trim. The trouble is the thick hairs grow at different rates, so leave it at least 4-6 and them get the clippers on it to regulate length. Just have to put up with the homelessness.
» What's your worst fail? (Go to post)12-01-2014 @ 20:21 
Post Edited: 12.01.2014 @ 20:22 PM by joewills
I'm particularly proud of this moment early in my strongman experience...

Ignore the stone platform
» u105kg Strongman 2014 (Go to post)08-12-2013 @ 18:31 
The system is great, brilliant progression between comps and a clear qualification procedure. Thanks for the hard work Ben. It was great to be part of it last year.
» England's Strongest man Southern qualifier under 105 (Go to post)13-10-2013 @ 19:48 
Is it too early to get names down? Happy
» Build Up 2 The Commonwealth Games 2014 - Shaun Clegg (Go to post)01-09-2013 @ 17:01 
I've really been enjoying following this thread, you can really see the difference since the beginning. I know nothing about oly lifting but Shaun looks so much snappier with his jerks. Those snatches were crazy quick too.

Keep the good stuff coming, looking forward to it!
» X Factor Starts Again Tonight! (Go to post)31-08-2013 @ 19:47 
Best show on tv by a mile. Highlight of my weekend.
» Bristol's Strongest Man and Novice 2013 (Go to post)30-07-2013 @ 15:29 
Using the giant tyres from pro strength onto pallets, so will be just around or above parallel for all athletes. Each rep touch and up, bouncing ok.
» Bristol's Strongest Man and Novice 2013 (Go to post)25-07-2013 @ 18:12 
» Strongman in the papers! (Go to post)20-07-2013 @ 12:46 
Ramsay777 said:Gold top milk is essentially cream.

It's f**king disgusting.

False. It's got more protein per 100ml than whole milk. It's just 5% fat, where whole is 3.5%.


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