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» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)07-02-2014 @ 12:03 
Cuddles said:
You're picking one example, I'm talking about the general principle of funding based on success.
If success breeds participation, then funding success is helping to fund participation. We might be arguing different points, but I think my point is pretty simple to understand.

For me to understand your first point. I would have had to assume you think participation would lead to success. I might have got it wrong.
TBH, i think they could throw as much money as they want on weightlifting, i still can't see medals year after year like some countries.

It's like our sprinters here. Access to everything they will ever need. Other than the odd freak, they don't do too well. They have the right genetics no?
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)07-02-2014 @ 11:55 
VanillaGorilla said:
Lol, he's not hiding, I think everyone knows who he is Grin

I'm trying to find out through his comments.

Most of them he seem genuine. But now and again he seems like a wind-up merchant.
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)07-02-2014 @ 11:48 
polkovnikostin said:
My post was to unit 94.
Not sure why you're getting invloved, you blonde bellend.

Keep hiding, troll.
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)07-02-2014 @ 11:23 
Cuddles said:
Isn't their evidence that success leads to more participation?
Seems they would be funding both if that is the case.

Yes, but most of us can't choose to be in the Paralympics, no matter how inspired we are by it.

I don't get your point though. Why fund both? They are both very unpopular sports, weightlifting brings no medals, and i would guess that the other does if they keep funding it? When i say popular, i meant the fanbase, not how many athletes are involved. As a guess i would think many more watch weightlifting competitions than disabled powerlifting.
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)07-02-2014 @ 10:37 
polkovnikostin said:
Are you saying that talentless able bodied lifters are more important than talented disabled lifters?

Ok, i say it as a joke. But this is like the 5th post now......

You sir, are a PRICK! Always seeking an argument. Are you a troll account?
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)07-02-2014 @ 10:35 
unit94 said:f**k it, I was thinking that funding for weightlifting would be more important than funding for Paralympic powerlifting so now feel free to call me a c**t.

Do the Paralympics not entertain you?!

Joke. It's clear that they only care about medals, not the popularity of the sport. Unless you're saying disabled people aren't important?
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)07-02-2014 @ 09:28 
unit94 said:I'm thinking something really politically incorrect so I won't post it.

As someone who doesn't give a feck about PC, i want to hear your opinion and won't judge you for it.

Others will though! They will hate you. They will want to burn you on a stake.
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)05-02-2014 @ 11:39 
mikex101 said:
That's interesting.
in a nut shell. 'in kind' benefit, covering coaching, comp support etc is worth around 55k/athlete. On top of that they can be paid up to 27k although the average is 18.5k.
So that's a top whack of 82k costs / podium level athlete. Much less development athletes.
Steve mentioned 6 athletes on top of the 4 previously mentioned in triathlon, lets assume they are all podium level and band A - so that 820k tops for those. wheres the other 6.7 million going?
Im genuinely interested to know.

Well, looking up athletics costs because it's easier to find. This is one big cost right here that i would imagine many sports would also have;


The Board Of Directors is tasked with supporting and endorsing high level strategic and financial decisions that shape the delivery of actions within the National Strategy.

Peter King - Chair of the Board
Chris Jones - CEO
Niels De Vos - UKA Representative (250k man!!!!!)
Mike Harris - National Council
Mike Heath - Vice Chair
Karen Neale - Non Executive Director
Nigel Rowe - Non Executive Director
Wendy Sly - Non Executive Director
Tony Shiret - Chair of National Council
Kevan Taylor - Finance Director
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)05-02-2014 @ 11:11 
Steve said:
2nd, 3rd, 5th &8th at the Men's junior worlds last year. 2nd in the women's juniors. Helen Jenkins -former world Champ returning from injury another definite medal prospect ... On top of his GB has top three ranked athletes in most of the different men's and women's paratri rankings who stand chances of medals in 2016

Do you know what the athletes get themselves?

I can't find the page now, but a few months ago i came across A,B and C standard athletes.
A (top level) recieved 27k a year cash, on top of that the medical, training camps and other costs.
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)05-02-2014 @ 10:31 
polkovnikostin said:
He's entitled to negotiate the best deal for himself that he can and the 250k you quote included a performance related bonus of 90k, which based on UKA's performance at London 2012 was money well spent, in my view.

I know. He gets bonuses with medals.

Money well spent? Most of coaches think this set up is pointless. The volunteer coaches put in the hard graft and spend their own money training young athletes. When a talent emerges, British athletics will then try to give the athlete a contract so they have full control and say 'look at what we did, we made this athlete, out system works, give more money plz'
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)05-02-2014 @ 10:17 
Post Edited: 05.02.2014 @ 10:27 AM by HUGE_GUY
polkovnikostin said:
Where is the logic in taking money from high-profile, high-achieving sports and giving it to deadend ones?

Yes, f**k the poor. Funnel all the money up to the already rich! Oh wait, we are talking about sports.

Because most coaches are volunteer in athletics. Yet just ONE gets 250k. Money well spent

EDIT - i just really have a hate for greedy people. You may say 'well good on him, yolo, f**k everyone else, only look out for number one etc', but i actually give a s**t about others. If i accepted that money, i would spread it out to the coaches that really need it.

Or i would contact UK sport myself and give them suggestions of where this money can be better spent. Take some money from one man, fund many who work their asses off the represent this country.
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)05-02-2014 @ 10:03 
Post Edited: 05.02.2014 @ 10:04 AM by HUGE_GUY
polkovnikostin said:
What has the salary of the boss of UKA got to do with weightlifting?

Where the money comes from

Meaning they could be spreading the money out better across all sports. I don't know about the other sports, but i would guess there is a lot of money wasted
» Tom's training log... (Go to post)05-02-2014 @ 09:53 
JohnGym said:Do the 83's, win, retire, become Olympic Sprinter and Bobsleigh athlete.

Tom, im surprised you didn't give bobsleigh a go, seeing as it's the Olympic year. If i wasn't completely f**ked for the last 2 years, i would have! From the guys i know in the Jr team, 83 is too light anyway. These guys are 95kg
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)05-02-2014 @ 09:34 
herman said:
Ian Wilson just did 170/205 as a Junior. USA is way tougher on steroids than here.
That 13 year clarence cummings is also world class if I ever did see it.

Is that from the same country that shot putters regularly power clean over 200, and bench almost 300?

Maybe they are more strict on just weightlifting there?

I'm not saying you can't be good without drugs. But look at what's out there. 77kg guys push pressing 180, 85kg lifter full squatting 320 raw? These poor bas***ds had it against them already, now they will have to work on top of that. The dream is over.

Meanwhile, lets fund 7 long jumpers, some of which make more prize money through competitions and sponsors anyway. Lets give the boss of UK athletics 250k a year, enough to fully fund 25 lifters!
» Weightlifting Loses Olympic Funding (Go to post)04-02-2014 @ 21:10 
Steve said:
You think WADA target the UK? It's UK Sport/Anti Doping who do most of the testing here.
Long before WADA/UK Sport were involved we still didn't win medals in weightlifting at the Olympics

Arent they basically working for WADA? Like Jamaicans had JADCO, USA had ...USADA? I forget. I thought each country had a group assigned by WADA.

I don't actually speak to many British athletes, so have no idea how it works here

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