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» Knee supports? (Go to post)16-03-2012 @ 09:37 
Post Edited: 16.03.2012 @ 09:39 AM by HUGE_GUY
Oxman said:These are nice Stu, i have the knee and elbow ones.

Are they considered raw, good for oly lifting?
» Britains Strongest Man Under 80kg (Go to post)15-03-2012 @ 22:44 
kev said:
Impossible to train at any standard without having to put up with niggles and injuries!

Believe me, i know about injuries. Im going for my 2nd op in 2 years. But covering them is a bad idea, i've recently wised up.
» Britains Strongest Man Under 80kg (Go to post)15-03-2012 @ 22:29 
shanejer said:Sorry to hear .... I have more injurys than I can count Grin

Drugs sort me out

Niggles will lead to surgery, or early retirement.
» Britains Strongest Man Under 80kg (Go to post)07-03-2012 @ 15:49 
shanejer said:
Blah blah blah Happy
I believe I bet monies you wouldn't show ..
Anyway, if your injury is real good luck with surgery and rehab !

I faked the bone spur behind my achilles and drew it on the scan before the doc noticed, all because im scared to compete against you.

Smalls, next season? Dont know. It's stupid but i want to try jump a pb before surgery, so it'll be the summer when i have the op and not sure if you know but achilles surgery is a c**t to recover from especially when they cut open the tendon.
» Britains Strongest Man Under 80kg (Go to post)07-03-2012 @ 12:42 
shanejer said:I f**kING TOLD JOE STEELE HE WOULD BULLs**t ME



IM ACTUALLY GUTTED..............................................................................


Knew you would have something to say. You can come to athletics but high chances i'll have to bail out of them comps too when the time comes. But still, i can standing broad jump over 3.50m f**ked achilles or not, id say thats enough to beat you little fella.
» usain bolt training vid (Go to post)16-02-2012 @ 09:15 
Tom_Martin said:So what are you saying Joe, that I'm NOT faster than Bolt over 40m?!

You can be a real prick sometimes Unhappy

HA! I guess your not doing any 60's now? The commentators give people the wrong impression of how good Bolt's start is, but you knew that.

On the 140 clean, i guess theres a limit to how much power it will help put down within that 0.1 seconds on foot strike. Higher clean might help the initial slower steps.
» usain bolt training vid (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 21:02 
Post Edited: 15.02.2012 @ 21:04 PM by HUGE_GUY
Don't forget at the Olympics he celebrated pretty early. It was worked out he would have run 9.55 if he run all the way.

I hope he gets back there because lately he's been no where near. Maybe he's waiting for the Olympics to get back on his super drugs though. I only say that because in a documentary years back, he said he will prove hes not on drugs by running super fast every year, saying he couldnt be taking drugs for so long.

EDIT - On the power clean thing. I was told by a uk athletics physio anything over a 140 clean wont matter for most sprinters
» usain bolt training vid (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 20:48 
I cant find indoors. But Chambers ran a split of 6.41 at 60m back in 1999, he finished the race with 9.97 though.

Have a look at this though, Bolts 10m split from Beijing

That poor reaction time and still that fast to 10m, better than Ben Johnson.
» usain bolt training vid (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 20:28 
Luke, can you find the 10m splits for that race with Powell? His start was perfect in 08, and i can only find his 20m split from his 9.58 (09) race, and that was quicker than everyone else even without having the best reaction time.
» usain bolt training vid (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 20:05 
Luke, i also have a sprinting background, well jumping anyway same thing. You are specualting, i am stating fact.

Look at each 10m splits from his 9.58 WR, no one can touch him in any distance 10,40,60 or 100m.

A big power to weight ratio will help you come off the blocks and 1st couple of steps, and if you dont have all the other tools that's as far as that will take you.
» usain bolt training vid (Go to post)15-02-2012 @ 19:29 
There's much more to sprinting than power to weight ratio. Some one like me or Tom who are very strong for our size, if we are lucky we would beat Bolt for the 1st step, then get our ass handed to us. Bolts 10m time is quicker than anyone else.

Things like tendon stiffness is important, achilles length, toe length or something like that. Loads of people that don't even do weights are very fast.

And the other thing, you have 0.1 seconds to put as much force as you can into the ground while sprinting, weights is a lot slower.
» THE DRAGON 2.0 (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 18:25 
I think i've already ruined it lol.
» THE DRAGON 2.0 (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 18:15 
Tom i can't work that one out. If you lean back enough can't you just bench it up??
» THE DRAGON 2.0 (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 18:03 
I never lie about my numbers, it pisses me off when people do that. The only vid i have is a 130 press from about a year ago which isn't worth putting up.

My pressing is all from the leg drive. I dont bench or military press so im not that strong. In fact while i injured my ankle recently i tried maxes and it was 125 paused bench and 92.5 mil press - see, s**t.
» 140/160 (Go to post)27-01-2012 @ 13:52 
Hey it's you! The guy who was trying to convince track athletes to lift properly on another forum. Them guys are 'experts' so they don't want anyones advice.

I've trained like you said for the last year now and PB's just keep coming. Just twice a week, low volume stuff.

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