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» squashed disc (Go to post)01-06-2016 @ 09:07 
So half a year later your squats and deads are back up.
What did you do for rehab and do you still get pain?

I've had pain in the same area since using an awkward box for squats a few months back, then something popped in that area while doing hang cleans last month. Now i can barely lift 100kg.
» Peaking (Go to post)27-11-2015 @ 10:21 
Thanks for the informative post AMH, this is the kind of stuff i come on forums for.

Having looked at my old journals in my athletics days, it does seem to be similar to this set up without me realising it. Heavy 5s and 3s for ages, fast doubles at 80% for a few weeks, a week taper, then i PB in a comp. Then weights PBs in the gym the following week. Then i'm fu**ed for a few weeks because i get greedy maxing everything.

Do you take time off after the competition? Or straight into the over 85% work again?
» Peaking (Go to post)26-11-2015 @ 21:45 
4 weeks without heavy weights. For the natural lifter, what does this do for the test/gh levels? There must be some kind of decline?

What happens when the cycle ends.
» Peaking (Go to post)26-11-2015 @ 14:45 
Post Edited: 26.11.2015 @ 14:45 PM by HUGE_GUY
Response to AMH

I want to try this. A couple of questions though.

So the AMAP day is the same as Mondays set/rep range but just easier?
When it is 3x8 (x2) Why is this different from 6 sets of 8? and did i read that right, multi sets of 8?!
» Eleiko PL and weightlifting bars for sale (Go to post)29-10-2015 @ 16:54 
Post Edited: 29.10.2015 @ 16:57 PM by HUGE_GUY
Buddha said:There are shops in poland(leoko) and also germany(sport tjedje) who sell them quite cheap Also if you are interested in Leoko you get 50kg more and pay less than a eleiko set.

I used a leoko bar and loved it for olympic lifts, but it bent after i did a 250 squat

600 Euros for that bar
» The IPF and Judging (Go to post)22-10-2015 @ 13:54 
Post Edited: 22.10.2015 @ 13:55 PM by HUGE_GUY
» Strength Shop Bastard Bar review (Go to post)22-10-2015 @ 12:43 
Any more opinions on this bar?

I need my own olympic lifting bar to bring to the gym because the bars have no spin, are too stiff, or are bent. I can use any bar until about 150 for cleans but after that i need something better quality.
» Pause vs normal squats (Go to post)24-09-2015 @ 10:32 
AdamT said:Pause squats for me. Preferbly beltless as well.

I haven't tried a max in a while, but I can tell my squat is way up with reps.

I pause at a good depth and think speed. Explode for 2-3 reps per set.

If I work up to a heavy set of 3-5, then after that I maybe go between 65-85% of max then do a few pause sets for speed.

I notice now even if heavy weight feels heavy on my back, the extra speed work makes the ascend real easy. Obviously I have yet to try this with a real max, but I am hitting previous maxes for reps now.

Granted I am not strong, but squat was always an area I really struggled in, but the way training has been going I will soon catch my deadlift, when before there has always been a pretty big margin.

Just had a look at your log. 4 sessions logged in a year!
155 squat then 100x10 paused....Jesus!
Is this what you still do? I'd rather a few sets of doubles.

AMH said something about switching off then exploding from box squats, learning to recruit more fibres. He says you cant do this in pause squats, but i can sit there as good as any Indian relaxed! I'm wondering if this is why i've found pause squats superior to strength gains.
» Pause vs normal squats (Go to post)24-09-2015 @ 10:11 
Post Edited: 24.09.2015 @ 10:13 AM by HUGE_GUY
Firstly, my goal is just to get strong. Not to lift the most weight in any specific style of squats.

After 3 years i've decided to try Olympic style again and i'm struggling with the form so i already want to switch back. What do people think are the benefits of olympic style vs full paused squats? I'm currently doing paused front squats, oly squats and high box squats.

I've started off with the same weight as my paused squat. Knees shaky, falling forward, not feeling comfy trying to 'bounce'
» SLDL to deadlift ratio (Go to post)24-09-2015 @ 08:12 
Post Edited: 24.09.2015 @ 08:16 AM by HUGE_GUY
Is everyone's stiff leg like this guys?

If so, it seems my SLDL is piss weak. I had a ratio of 200/300 a couple years ago. Now i exclusively do SLDL and it's still weak.

5 years ago i pulled a 280 DL just as a tester from 140x5 straight leg, so straight i felt like i almost hyper extended.
» Effect on size and strength after 3 weeks no training? (Go to post)31-08-2015 @ 13:14 
Post Edited: 31.08.2015 @ 13:14 PM by HUGE_GUY
AMH_Power said:
I think sugar plays a large role. The amount of the anabolic hormone insulin may play a part in this, given that we consume s**t loads of sugar as a nation.
Obviously when timing macros right (like high gi carbs post training) we can get the positives of insulin but not the negatives etc.

Popping out to get gallons of milk!

Maybe a reason i also lose so much is because i come off all supps and don't eat any meat when i don't train. I usually have s**tty hard jobs as well. 90% of my protein is pea protein so i guess i would drop off quicker than most. I quickly get back to my normal self with the 12 inch guns.
Who am i kidding, they are always 12 inches.
» Effect on size and strength after 3 weeks no training? (Go to post)31-08-2015 @ 12:51 
AMH_Power said:
I don't buy into it. Mine is 27.1 at 100kg 20% bf. Thats from a set of Tanita scales.
I am i can only presume if I were to clean my diet up I could influence it better.
Life time drug free
What about you?

At my very best
Gym rats tell me i'm 7-8% fat (whilst giving themselves 3%!), 10% i would say.
This gives 22.6 FFMI

I haven't looked into this much though, only came across it last week on youtube. Does seem a little flawed going by bodybuilders long ago who probably never even had a zinc tablet.
» Effect on size and strength after 3 weeks no training? (Go to post)31-08-2015 @ 12:42 
AMH_Power said:
I use this when cycling training stages to ensure none is lost during rest, deload, peaks, time away and/or different training methods.

Just had a look at this. 5 days for speed? Weirdly my speed is always good even with a big period of training off, specifically power clean and squat speed,just at a lesser weight. Even my sprint speed seems to stay for 2-3 weeks as long as i keep strength up.
» Effect on size and strength after 3 weeks no training? (Go to post)31-08-2015 @ 12:18 
I lose it very quickly, but because of the size lost. I am usually 73kg without training much and it seems 83/84 is when i stop gaining. I remember watching a show that made a guy wear an arm brace for a few days and he lost a cm from his forearm. He also looked like he never trained beforehand, he was a sports Dr.

I took measurements in 2012 before achilles surgery. I was still doing bench and light machine work for the legs.

Surgery 3rd Sept. My quads were 63cm. Calves 41cm.
6th Sept. Left quad 60, right 62cm. Right calf 40.
4th Oct. Left quad 57.5, Right 61cm. Left calf 37. Right calf 39

Obviously the smaller you are, the weaker you get. But i can also regain it quite quickly. Then get stuck at 83kg again.

Anyone believe in FFMI limit being 25/26 for the most gifted?
» funny things that non lifters say (Go to post)27-08-2015 @ 09:27 
Post Edited: 28.08.2015 @ 08:44 AM by HUGE_GUY
Not non lifters, but uneducated assholes in the gym.

'you can only squat big because you have short legs'
'his sleeves help him lift much more'
'You can only deadlift a lot because you have a very long back'
I'm an average guy at 6'0, not some Chinese lifter ffs

*guy sees me squatting 300, proceeds to tell his mates that he could squat that easily for reps before his 'injury'
Same guy sees me doing 190 pause squats another time, says the exact same thing to his mates. Basically, not matter what i lift, he used to do that same weight but much easier.

Guy whos max deadlift is 160 sees me doing a power clean with 170. 'it's mostly technique isn't it' I proceed to tell him i can deadlift 300. 'but i'm much bigger than you'

'you're only strong because you're fast' What?!

I do love causal gyms

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