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» Benni and his 528kg deadlift prediction. (Go to post)17-04-2019 @ 20:37 
I like B too but heís kidding himself
» Strength shop Bow bar experiences? (Go to post)23-02-2019 @ 16:57

Anybody used this or own one?

Iím gonna buy a rack and some weights for the garage but was reading in to a Duffalo Bar to alleviate wear and tear on shoulders, elbows etc etc

But the price of the Duffalo Bar is too much to warrant it tbh so I saw this and wanted to know if itís a suitable replacement?

And as for the bar itself does it still feel just like a barbell back squat or does it change the movement at all like an SSB would? Because the low bar back squat is what I train (other than pause squats high or low bar)

» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)10-02-2019 @ 19:04 
LessThanLuke said:
I struggle to believe the weights in this. He's shown nothing in his last few comps to suggest he's even close to 420

People were saying the same thing about his overhead weights a while back, now thereís no question heís one of the very strongest in the world overhead

I donít see why this would be any different, not much point in him lying about weights, heíll get found out at his next comp
» General benefits of training (Go to post)12-06-2018 @ 12:32 

I keep thinking I should drop to 3 days a week but invariably end up going 4 to 5 for some reason

Plus I'm old now (33) so 3 days a week would suit me better I think, I need to make the switch
» WSM line-up (Go to post)06-05-2018 @ 17:04 
MJG said:
I would imagine his bells palsy and the fact he can't actually act may put the blocks on that one.

Haha was gonna say the same thing

Unless he just gets parts as a mute henchman I'd say his acting career is a non starter
» Becca on BBC news beat and radio one (Go to post)05-05-2018 @ 16:58 
She's 28 stone at 6'3?

Holy s**t that's crazy
» Eddie Hall podcast appearance (Go to post)22-09-2017 @ 16:33 
What was he referring to when he was talking about Thors current troubles in his personal life and intimidating referees?
» 500kg Squat - Vladimir Alhazov (Go to post)26-07-2017 @ 13:35 
Amazing squat

I remember his 1250 in multi ply back in the day was to a properly legitimate depth as well

Very good lifter
» Europe Strongest Man (Go to post)02-04-2017 @ 11:43 
BrenWad said:Yes he can press huge weights. Log will be harder to do strict. He will never beat Thor or Shaw at a pull ir stones. He's an unlikable c**t I hope never flukes aWSM

f**k sake your like a woman with your b**chiness

Step away from the forum and have a word with yourself
» Europe Strongest Man (Go to post)24-02-2017 @ 11:51 
BrenWad said:
He's one of the c**tiest ppl I've ever met.

Care to elaborate?
» Still would have passed in the IPA! (Go to post)13-08-2015 @ 12:45 
Text book stuff
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)26-04-2015 @ 15:13 
Z just said on Instagram he'll be back stronger next year

Hopefully he will come back. It's pretty clear from the cautious way he was doing his deadlifts he was having issues with his back
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)25-04-2015 @ 08:22 
Well Z's blown it

Gutted. I hope Shaw wins now
» Best powerlifting coaches ever? Top 5 list? (Go to post)21-04-2015 @ 11:14 
Ernie Lilliebridge sr
» Who's going to win WSM 2015? (Go to post)01-04-2015 @ 12:11 


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