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» uk strongman north (Go to post)28-08-2011 @ 21:54 
what a day!!!!, ive never put my body through that much in one day, really enjoyed it i came in at 10th so was over the moon with that as it was my first ever go at strongman and the events, big thanks to a few of the guys i spoke to who helpped me out no end with lending me straps,belts ect, and for your encouragement and tips,rik davison gutted for you tho hope your bicep heals quick m8, thanks for the tip for the final event to rik, helped me out bud.

all in all a fantastic day competing with a bunch of good guys Wink

Jonny Harriss
» uk strongman north (Go to post)22-08-2011 @ 19:53 
Post Edited: 22.08.2011 @ 19:53 PM by Jonny5
hay mark i posted my form off with cash last week, haven't heard back, am i in the novice comp? cheers.

name Jonathan Harriss
» uk strongman north (Go to post)18-08-2011 @ 19:17 
danton said:I had same worries leading to my first comp matey, I couldn't even pull the weight of the van from 18inch on an oly bar, but if the card dead is side handles, yo should be fine, as its from knee height and you can use a lot of leg drive, my 1rep max was 200kg on normal deadlift. From what I was told and experienced (in my 1 comp) is that with a side handle deadlift, you will be able to lift 60-100kg more thatn what you can deadlift off the floor

oh ok m8 thanks that puts my mind at ease a little, hopefully my name will be added to the list tomorrow as its not on it today. gunna be a fun and exiting day, i didnt think there would be that many guys taking part tbh. wow!
» uk strongman north (Go to post)17-08-2011 @ 19:21 
spoke to mark, sent form off with money so all is good, but just been to gym and tried out the dead lift and failed miserably got to 170kg for one lift and thought my pancreas was going to fall out my belly button so had to stop, I think I maybe letting ambition get in the way of ability on this comp, but still it will be a good starting ground.

any advice would be much appreciated
» uk strongman north (Go to post)16-08-2011 @ 19:22 
hi guys new here, I have text mark to see if there is any places left in the novice, hopefully I will be able to take part.

I have never been involved in a strongman event but have always wanted to, i had to check youtube for some of the events lmao, if I make it in it will be a really good starting ground for me so i can see what sort of power I will need to compete with the big boys. hope to see a few of you there.
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