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» WSM 2016? (Go to post)08-08-2016 @ 17:49 
Post Edited: 08.08.2016 @ 18:17 PM by Benvie
93hopkinsonr said:I don't know why there's so much doubt with hall. He was 4th last year, certainly stronger this year and one of the men who beat him isn't in it. Surely he'll be 3rd at worst.

It's not a lack of strength that makes me doubt him. It's what looks to be a serious lack of fitness (as others have said this could be all gamesmanship and he's fitter than he's letting on) and kettlebell throw being in the final, an event that he has historically been pretty poor at and hasn't shown any signs of a drastic improvement in. Add to that the fact that Shaw is excellent at it as well as there being other excellent throwers like arsjo above him and I think he may well haemorrhage points on that event and lose a good few on the frame too.

It comes back to the fact that the strongest man isn't always the best strongman.


I do think he will be on the podium as you've said, I just don't see him challenging shaw for the win like others have said.
» 'He's ok' (Go to post)08-08-2016 @ 15:00 
KevC86 said:Have we all seen the male gymnast who snapped his leg? That looks f**king awful. I wouldnt have thought such an injury possible just using human bw from that sort of height.

Did you also see the footage of them dropping his stretcher as he was being put in the ambulance?
» 'He's ok' (Go to post)08-08-2016 @ 15:00 
KevC86 said:Have we all seen the male gymnast who snapped his leg? That looks f**king awful. I wouldnt have thought such an injury possible just using human bw from that sort of height.

Did you also see the footage of them dropping his stretcher as he was being put in the ambulance?
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)08-08-2016 @ 13:58 
scruffmcbuff said:
Finally saw the videos of his training.
He looks uncomftably over weight and out of shape.
That said hes fooled me once and maybe hes hustling us all.

This is what I was thinking, hopefully he is just having us on and he is in better shape than he looks. I'm not really a fan of Hall but kinda want him to get his win so he can retire and lose weight. If he carries on the way he's going and at the weight he's at I'd be seriously worried about his health.

However, barring some sort of serious injury I don't see any way that Shaw will lose it this year, especially with thor looking in poor shape.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)06-08-2016 @ 23:18 
Andy_f said:
Kevin Nee?
He must still be under 30 but feels like a lifetime since he last competed.

Him and arild haugen were the two that stuck in my mind in terms of starting young and burning out quickly.

Also, just saw a video thor put up on fb of him doing frame carry. It looked pretty pedestrian speed wise, I did have him down for finishing first or second but if his recent videos are anything to go by he doesn't look like he's in anything like the form he has been previously. Hopefully he's just holding something back for the comp and will turn it on in the final but it doesn't look too promising for him.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)05-08-2016 @ 21:51 
drex50 said:Mateusz will beat Hall in every event except deadlift, maybe plane pull also

Kieliszkowski put a video of a truck pull on his fb or instagram the other day and his form looked pretty poor (for WSM level anyway).

As an aside, does anyone know why his deadlift lags so far behind his other events? Is it down to some sort of injury or just hasn't had time to come up as much as he's still young?

If he can bring up his deadlift I can see him being a future wsm winner. However I hope he is sensible and takes his time rather than trying to rush things and ending up broken and washed up by the time he's 25 like we've seen from plenty of other guys.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)02-08-2016 @ 07:45 
MJG said:
Shivlyakov is out?

I think I read that he'd already committed to the Hong Kong Arnold too so is doing that instead.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)01-08-2016 @ 22:21 
chalk said:I'm looking forward to seeing how Loz fares in this one, he's not had the best of times with injuries over the past few years but appears to be back on form

He should be able to pretty much coast through his group. Especially with shivlyakov out. Id be very surprised if loz and caron didn't qualify from their group.

Hopefully it'll mean he can conserve some energy for the final as i want to see him do well.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)01-08-2016 @ 14:15 
beza said:
You think Caron will beat hall? Quite shocked at that.

I think he could well beat him. Hall looks like he might lose big points on a couple of events. Caron is unlikely to be outstanding on any events (ie beating the top 2) but is likely to do well at everything and not really drop many points anywhere.

Arsjo will be much the same I reckon.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)30-07-2016 @ 04:20 
Luke said:A lot of new faces this year. Anyone know who the reserves are?

According to his instagram Stan carradine the American is one. Dunno about the other though.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)30-07-2016 @ 03:51 
unit94 said:Charlie Gough qualified from that push/pull only other comp results I know about are he came third at Bodypower and won the elites southern qualifier

Seems insane to have a comp with two events and no real well known guys competing as a Qualifier for WSM. I dont know the guy at all and he may do well at worlds but it must be a bit of a kick in the balls for guys who have been working away for years trying to get to worlds to see an almost total unknown get an invite off the back of one comp that was only a push pull. Surely there are plenty of other brits who have done more to earn a spot at wsm such as yourself, Aaron page, Tom stoltman and Sean o'hagan to name but a few, not to mention all the guys from other countries.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)30-07-2016 @ 02:47 
I think bish has a reasonable chance to make it out of his group, decent events for him and not one of the hardest groups on paper. Hopefully he makes it.

Hopefully we will see a couple of the new guys cause a couple of upsets too.

Anyone know who Charlie gough is? Not a name I recognise.
» Age is just a number in the strength/body game.... (Go to post)29-07-2016 @ 14:57 
Post Edited: 29.07.2016 @ 15:03 PM by Benvie
Odd haugen made his wsm debut at 51 and beat guys younger than his own kids. He's still going strong now and shifting good numbers in the gym.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)28-07-2016 @ 10:41 
The_Lone_Wolf said:
LOL at Ed having to pull something huge to beat everyone at deadlift... also why are people jizzing over Caron on the deadlift? He's not in the big boy league.

Why is ed having to pull a huge deadlift to win so laughable? Both pritchett and Shaw have shown signs of being up around the 460-480kg mark on deadlift with a few others not too far behind. I don't know about you but I'm calling anything over 460 huge at the end of a week long comp in hot conditions.

I also think caron will be a surprise on deadlift. He doesn't do the same big shows as the rest or have any real social media presence. However there are videos out there of him pulling some pretty massive numbers very comfortably. I dont think he's quite in the same league as Hall, Shaw and pritchett but he could well be the best of the rest and not too far behind them.
» WSM 2016? (Go to post)27-07-2016 @ 16:54 
Gordy said:I think the deadlift could be quite strategic, I donít believe anyone will match Hall regardless of jumps. If you canít beat Hall the next best thing is to try and force him to lift something that might leave him compromised for at least the next event, without compromising yourself.
If it comes down to Shaw vs Hall after say 460 and they both say they have 480kg in them, I can see Shaw letting Eddie lift something big (480 in this example) and not even attempt the weight himself, heís probably already resigned to taking second place, why risk injury trying to beat Hall at deadlift? That would all depend on the jumps and if Pritchetts there that makes things even more interesting.

I think pritchett could mess things up a bit for Hall. Deadlift is his best hope of picking up really big points so pritchett will presumably go all out. Depends whether ed is determined to beat him I guess, I'm sure he could but is it worth it for one extra point or half point.

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