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» The NOT So Strong Man (Go to post)08-10-2011 @ 15:09 
27k x 10
50k x 10
70k x 2
100k x 4
110k x 4
dont like reppin heavy weight with squats so i thought id go for it rathe rthan avoid it, instead of 2 more sets of 4 i did 1 max rep set but used a chair for safety/confidence. it was a garden chair but when my ass touches it my legs r bang on parralel to the floor altho its still easier with the chair.
110k x 15 chair squats/ really happy with this, glad i did it

leg curls
15k x 20
22.5k x 15
30k x 8

leg extension
30k x 20
40k x 15
50k x 10

modified version of DB rows / going to call them stone db rows
basically instead of doin rows on a bench n 1 arm at a time i did both db's from floor at same time, in a stance used for atlas stones to pick them up. felt good but alot harder than usual db rows.
20k DB's x 10
20k x 12 with belt
20k x 12 with belt

then alternate calf raise/ bent barbell rows
60k x 20 calf raise
60k x 10 bb row
80k x 15 calf raise
80k x 6 bb row
80k x 20 calf raise
60k x 15 bb row
60k x 25 calf raise - drop set to 20k DB calf raise x 25

pleased with today
» Accents (Go to post)08-10-2011 @ 11:55 
Post Edited: 08.10.2011 @ 11:56 AM by DomRedshaw
love my yorkshire accent but i think irish n jamaican accents r cool. but id sound like an idiot with a jamaican accent seen as im white lol. so if i couldnt have yorkshire it wud b irish.
i wud cut out my tongue if i had any of the following:
scouse, cockney, indian, american or a snotty posh accent.
edit: forgot aussie
» lifting and drinking? (Go to post)08-10-2011 @ 11:20 
i drink on a weekend but usually its only 2 or 3 pints at the pub. i only go clubbing n get wasted about 3 times a year, xmas/new year, birthday and on holiday. thats pretty much it as iv never been a massive fan of drinking, it doesnt effect my training but does effect my diet, i cant really eat with a hangover so i lose about half a stone from vomit n lack of food. 2 days of eating right n its back to normal tho. i wouldnt worry about it tbh m8. i no alot of lifters that piss it up every weekend sometimes fri sat sun, n take all sorts of substances.
» Champions of The Future 2. (Go to post)07-10-2011 @ 17:26 
GATES said:
your a junction lad your off there to win

YES BOSS! il give it my best for sure

Angry my war face lol
» Champions of The Future 2. (Go to post)07-10-2011 @ 17:23 
vausie said:
tbh mate i wouldnt worry about stats under an avatar pic lol i doubt the deadlift will be for max weight anyway and to be fair you could have a 200kg pull by then i wouldnt worry about postion in events just do your best expect to finish in one piece lol cleggy throws the best comps ao jus kick back and enjoy it actually quite jealous i cant do it aswell lol

im not worried bout placings but if i place last 6/6 events i will be disappointed, however last in 5/6 events il be happy. also hoping on a 200k pull b4 then aswell. really looking forward to it and i know im guna enjoy it no matter what, n to top it off its on my bday unless mr clegg decides to change it.
» Champions of The Future 2. (Go to post)07-10-2011 @ 16:49 
JackRevans said:
dont get your hopes up about being the weakest person there

well ur deadlifts alot better than mine, i know thats 1 event im gunna come last in. my goal is not to finish last in every event and il be happy.
» Well At Least I Tried (Go to post)07-10-2011 @ 16:41 
someones gunna have sore legs tomorrow lol. cool rep work man
» Champions of The Future 2. (Go to post)07-10-2011 @ 14:03 
fctilidie said:I sent you a PM saying I'm U90, I realised after I posted the check that I'd forgot to add the weight I am. Looking forward to competing with guys from this forum.

lol i did exactly the same. Im also U90kg. cant wait to compete n see how weak i am compared to the rest of the guys here, think its gunna be a tough comp.
» The NOT So Strong Man (Go to post)07-10-2011 @ 13:56 
tried some jerks today for first time ever, technique was crap and i think there gunna take some gettin used to. atm prefer push press.

1 clean per set
40k x 8 - 4 jerks/ 4 push press
60k x 4 - 2 jerks/ 2 push press
70k x 2 - 1 of each

1 belt clean per set except 1 set 1 power clean
77.5k x 4 push
77.5k x 4 push
77.5k x 4 - 2push/2jerk
77.5k x 4 - 2push/2jerk

SLDL from 7"
90k x8
100k x 8
110k x 8

reverse fly's
3 sets of 12 @ 7.5kg DB's

planks - 2 x 1mins

side bends
3 sets of 12 @ 7.5kg DB's

not much to say really, jerks wasnt too bad but i expected them to be easier than push pressing. maybe with more practice they will be.
» Customised Squat Bar (Go to post)07-10-2011 @ 11:41 
that looks alot more comfortable position for arms to be in. nice squatting
» Most delusional lifter ever? (Go to post)07-10-2011 @ 09:25 
hmmm do we get all of sugden to join his page and when he updates his status with what hes lifted tell him how weak he is and that hes nothing compared to terry. will really annoy him having 1000 people slag him off lmao. or maybe im been cruel?
» My 5/3/1 log (Go to post)06-10-2011 @ 15:10 
very good deadlifting mate.
» Champions of The Future 2. (Go to post)06-10-2011 @ 14:42 
cheque is on the way.
also left u a pm mark.
» Well At Least I Tried (Go to post)06-10-2011 @ 10:05 
good stuff man, i did BB style training for over a year its ok, i liked the muscle definition but i just got bored of it. im thinkin of a BB aproach for my legs tho cos they need some serious mass. good to see the injury has f**ked off too mate.
» Gates's Log (Go to post)05-10-2011 @ 21:24 
Post Edited: 05.10.2011 @ 21:27 PM by DomRedshaw
o n u nearly got ur 100k gap back on deads too wa**er lol

definately something in the water at ralls gym hahaha, think they should change it to ralls zoo cos ur all animals

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