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» Mo Farah's coach (Go to post)22-08-2015 @ 14:43 
Steve said:
Greatest ever British runner?

That's a big title to live up to, but I think he probably is.

He won that in such a relaxed manner.

Hard not to like him.
» Mo Farah's coach (Go to post)22-08-2015 @ 13:44 
Post Edited: 22.08.2015 @ 14:20 PM by kirkynick
So is Mo going to win?

Yes, he is.

And he did just that.
» Grandad Goatses trying to stay positive log (Go to post)22-08-2015 @ 13:42 
Some nice sessions, Paul.
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)21-08-2015 @ 21:27 
Fatpete said:
I make it 153 also.
Thrice a fortnight is the usual. Maybe more sometimes and maybe less. Twice a week would be excellent. I really like the 60 kilos as a working weight. No pump and no doms as it is less than twenty five percent of current one rep max. When I originally started I used 100, thinks back that was too high, in order it intermingle it with normal training - the lighter the better.

I may try them, but start off rather conservatively. I could use them as a form of active recovery maybe.
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)21-08-2015 @ 21:26 
Post Edited: 21.08.2015 @ 21:44 PM by kirkynick
Rick said:It is 153.

Going up only it's n(n+1)/2.

Going up and back down it's nē.

I remember all that from school some 30 years ago.

I have forgotten what it all means thoughUnhappy

But I still got the right answer...

EDIT: I am now relearning the formula as we speak Happy
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)21-08-2015 @ 21:07 
Fatpete said:
You are correct, plus I am quite old. Death by has made a huge improvement in my quality of life, it's benefits are very numerous

At a very quick count I make that 153 deadlifts. I may be wrong though, it was very quick.

How often do you do DBD, and does it not give you a massive pump and the so-called DOMS? Muscle size gains?
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)21-08-2015 @ 20:38 
You must have some decent stamina to do that many deadlifts, even if it is only 60kgs. Not to mention that you are a gentleman of the larger variety.

Do you do Good Mornings low bar?

I listened to much Meatloaf today. Thanks.
» Mo Farah's coach (Go to post)21-08-2015 @ 20:05 
Post Edited: 21.08.2015 @ 20:16 PM by kirkynick
jt said:
Thanks to the american boycott

Not really JT.

Wells was ranked 2nd on time that year, and he beat the Americans who weren't at the Olympics in the weeks following the Olympics.

It wasn't his fault the Americans boycotted the Games.

EDIT: Would have been better if they had been there though, of course.
» Mo Farah's coach (Go to post)21-08-2015 @ 17:00 
unit94 said:
My heart rate hasnt been up that high recently lol, I doubt the olympic 100m champion is doping although clearly many of his rivals have been and as for Froome I dont think he's doping either. That might be an optimistic view just because if he is doping and he is found then it might destroy the sport.

The question that arises, is why don't you think the champ is doping? Please don't say it's because he seems like a nice and sincere guy.

I would love for him to be clean though, and I suppose time will eventually tell.
I'm gunning for him on Sunday.

I hope you get yourself checked out. That heart rate was through the roof... if correct!
» I can't stop until the end. (Go to post)21-08-2015 @ 16:15 
What's up?
» Mo Farah's coach (Go to post)21-08-2015 @ 16:06 
Post Edited: 21.08.2015 @ 17:47 PM by kirkynick
Cuddles said:
I'm trying to work out if you're being deliberately obtuse or my hangover is affecting my ability to communicate simple things.
The teenager who I am talking about, who ran 10.2, without the use of drugs has never 'shown us historically' that he cheats. Hell he hadn't even had any real specific spring training. He played football. What has happened in the past, in his sport, has f**k all to do with him or whether or not his performance was drug induced. in the grand scheme of things it isn't that fast

No, your winding yourself up Tongue

I agree that 10.2 is more than likely (at least I hope so), but that not all 10.2 runners will be clean.

I have no idea if the kid you know is clean or not and don't care.

As you were.

EDIT: Was he hand timed or electronically timed? Very good time, whatever.
» Mo Farah's coach (Go to post)21-08-2015 @ 15:53 
That have shown us historically that they cheat.
» Mo Farah's coach (Go to post)21-08-2015 @ 15:48 

I'm sure some people have achieved such times.

It doesn't mean they all, or even most, have though.
» Mo Farah's coach (Go to post)21-08-2015 @ 15:22 
Steve said:
Best get those kids tested! Happy

Must admit, I was thinking the same...
» Mo Farah's coach (Go to post)21-08-2015 @ 15:19 
Cuddles said:
In cycling I am 100% convinced that it has. I think anyone with any knowledge of cycling would agree. That still doesn't mean its not very widespread. Many believe its just been reduced to micro dosing following the blood passport.
In the 100m, well, I have no reason to believe that it has. times are getting quicker, mot slower. The average level is the highest its ever been, just look at the Jamaican and American nationals. quite incredible.

OK, so you are convinced doping has decreased ins cycling. By that, do you mean decreased in frequency or the amount that is use? Or both?

What about this year's winner of the Tour de France? Clean, as in not even slightly doing anything cheaty, or not?

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