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» Impressive social media lifts (Go to post)13-06-2021 @ 22:17 
Post Edited: 13.06.2021 @ 22:17 PM by jim_gilbert
Samthepigman said:330kg deadlift WR @ 80kg bodyweight

Was 335kg not 330kg.
» Best place to buy Titan/Inzer in UK? (Go to post)02-07-2015 @ 20:11 
Equipped squatting takes some getting used to. I find the suit tries to pull me forward so the line of squat is different and needs some mental adjustment.

I tend to put my suit on at 70% of my eq max, straps down. The first couple of reps are shockingly high whilst i get it sat right. Im sure it looks laughable to the rest of gym half sqatting 240kg in a girly leotard type thing.

Persevere with it and in time it'll come.
» Big Jim's Log (Go to post)19-10-2014 @ 17:27 
chaos said:
equipped bench don't count no more, raw is the only way Tongue Grin

150 double last week then gaylord.

Eq bench just don't know it yet!!
» Big Jim's Log (Go to post)19-10-2014 @ 16:35 
MrSmall said:did you front squat 235 then back squat 240?

No, that would be silly.
» Big Jim's Log (Go to post)19-10-2014 @ 15:30 
chaos said:Suited or raw deadlift?

Frotny ok i suppoese

Rawdog, belt only.

Benched 185kg equipped friday :-)
» Latest about Muscle Factory/ Fitness Factory Lancaster (Go to post)09-10-2014 @ 06:55 

Give it a rest Sarah, the people on here are grown up enough to make their own minds up about the Factory. Your opinion doesn't matter to members on here.

Use your time more productively and stop wasting it on here.

Great gym.
» Big Jim's Log (Go to post)17-09-2014 @ 14:00 
Too many chins!!!

Missed a 292.5kg deadlift this week
Frontied 235kg last week
Did some bench recently. Enjoyed it.

No hyper partial dumbbell overhead shrugs....sorry.
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)17-09-2014 @ 11:08 
PaulSavage said:
You reckon?

Can't wait for this one.....
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)13-09-2014 @ 18:16 
bigwmd said:
No, he (and the majority of us) would like to see a vid of 25-30 good reps of 100k raw CGBP. That would be impressive mate Happy

I certainly would.

Video plz.
» Heaviest farmers (Go to post)11-09-2014 @ 07:02 
Tom Shaw 205kg

» Slightly less Chaotic Training! (Go to post)10-09-2014 @ 17:16 
Nice deads fatman.

Sometimes i forget other journals exist.
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)10-09-2014 @ 16:12 
Anyone else got a massive urge to go and do max front squat??
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)09-09-2014 @ 11:32 
Stop talking about Carpet, right!
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)09-09-2014 @ 09:33 
chaos said:Have you learned somethign new today now?

Cheers Uncle John
» Paul Savage training log (Go to post)09-09-2014 @ 09:25 

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