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» FAT SAM 2010!! (Go to post)20-06-2011 @ 14:01 
FAT_SAM said:Feeling like I'd come to close to it push press now, especially now that my front squat and strict is at an all time high. I reckon I'd need 150 strict to get it though, and my current max is 145. I CAN get 30kg out of leg drive but I need my front squat to be in shape in order to get it, which it is at the moment.


i'm shocked that you're only 22 mate, how tall are you by the way?

nice pressing too
» Madcows 5 x 5.. (Go to post)20-06-2011 @ 12:08 
Have a job interview tomorrow, so trained today instead:


bar x 20
50kg x 8
60 kg x 5
72.5 kg x 5
82.5 kg x 5

97.5 kg x 5 tried a 6th and failed


had to wait ages for the rack because some girl was doing 25 kg barbell rows and screaming

bar x 10
60 kg x 5
72.5 kg x 5
87.5 kg x 5
100 kg x 5

115 kg x 5 Fired off 3 quickly, short break before 4th and 5 th reps, EASY!

Pendlay row:

bar x 5
40 kg x 5
45 kg x 5
55 kg x 5
62.5 kg x 5

72.5 kg x 5 EASY!

Wide grip pull ups:

Didn't do these on the cage today, but went to the main pull up area. I used the thing thats like a lat pull down bar, but fixed. I used the closest possible grip, something like 50-60cm apart i'd say.

BW x 6,6,5

Much harder than expected. Especially after I saw a 100 kg guy do it with 2 x 10 kg plates for 8 reps.

Seated hammer curls (up to 18 kg)
» Madcows 5 x 5.. (Go to post)18-06-2011 @ 14:28 
Weigh in: 94 kg

Bench Press:

bar x 8
47.5 kg x 8
60 kg x 5
72.5 kg x 5
82.5 kg x 5

97.5 kg x 3 Not too difficult definetly had at least 1 more rep in me
72.5 kg x 16 The programme says 8, but I went for max reps on it


bar x 8
57.5 kg x 5
70 kg x 5
85 kg x 5
97.5 kg x 5

115 kg x 3 Fired this off quickly with no break between reps, last rep was more difficult than it should have been to be honest
85 kg x 8 Had more in me, but left it as I will be squatting again Monday

Pendlay row:

bar x 5
37.5 kg x 5
45 kg x 5
55 kg x 5
62.5 kg x 5
72.5 kg x 3 Easy
55 kg x 8 (Not failure)

Starting to like these now

Tricep dips:

BW + 20 kg for 10,8,6

Bringing the reps down and going heavy on these now to help my bench and OHP lockouts.

Wide grip overhand pull ups:

I do these on the power rack so its kind of difficult to remember the grip i used last time..

BW for 8,6,5

Dumbell Preacher curl
» Push Press Fail Video (Go to post)17-06-2011 @ 22:03 
Post Edited: 17.06.2011 @ 22:03 PM by Terminator
General_ill said:
Doing Curlz won't help leg Drive

i think you have me mistaken for a bench and curl dude..

will post some squat vids up soon
» Push Press Fail Video (Go to post)17-06-2011 @ 20:20 
milsy said:
focus on making it your strong point then

haha, thats easier said than done, but i shall be spending a lot of time in the squat rack this summer Grin
» Push Press Fail Video (Go to post)17-06-2011 @ 18:43 
milsy said:you looked like you knew you were going to fail that and your head wasnt in it maybe take it abit more serious

just man up and throw the wieght off your chest with that sort of wieght you wanna get to the point you dont even feel your shoulders or tris working just leg drive

lol, yeah i was expecting a fail because thats the same weight i failed 6 weeks ago Tongue

Yeah i know what you mean about legs, but leg strength isn't exactly my strong point
» Push Press Fail Video (Go to post)17-06-2011 @ 18:41 
Thing said:
i think you need to drop the weight for this program so you progress properly. if its just a spread sheet then its not difficult to change!!

i'm doing strict press in the madcows programme and i'd say that my form is pretty decent on strict press with 5RM work.

Push Press was just for fun the other day, I wanted to see where my 1RM stood at.
» Push Press Fail Video (Go to post)17-06-2011 @ 11:05 
Thanks for the advice guys

I'm currently running a madcows 5 x 5 programme (this is week 1), and I tested my push press 1RM for funs yesterday. I don't want to modify Wednesdays Strict press session to remove the 1 x 5 heavy set of presses and substitute for a lighter set of presses, as this would mess with the programme too much I feel.
Dumbbell seated presses will however continue to be included, and I will aim to add in the occasional light session of push press to get technique sorted.

Thanks for the pointers about hand position, I can see I need to bring my grip slightly closer, and gloves will be gone soon, I apologize, but hey at least I posted a vid...
» Push Press Fail Video (Go to post)16-06-2011 @ 23:46 
Samthepigman said:i think too much weight, not enough practise at push press. simples.

i got 77.5 kg fairly easily 2 minutes before, and managed 80 kg in April
» Push Press Fail Video (Go to post)16-06-2011 @ 13:25 
Thing said:Drop the weight Ditch the Gloves and work on your hand position

i heard you should use the same grip for overhead as bench press, so thats what i'm doing...

although having watched the video i can admit my grip does look a little wide
» Push Press Fail Video (Go to post)16-06-2011 @ 13:23 
Pompy said:f**king hell where do I start.... hand position too wide for me.... gloves? wtf

Set your feet as though you were about to jump in the air. no dip at all really.

you could do with someone showing you this move I think mate, that would be easier. I am no expert, and my push presses are more like push jerks actually...

also, I dont know about everyone else but I start with the weight sat on my chest

Yeah i'm trying to wean myself off the gloves, I only use them for pushing movements, deadlifts, rows, pull ups i do without gloves. You think I need to have my feet closer together then for the jump into the air instead of a dip?
» Push Press Fail Video (Go to post)16-06-2011 @ 13:18 
mishima said:Maybe you should try that with a lighter weight, something you can powerclean easily.
Dont do it in that cage/rack, you might injure yourself, and try to actually put the barbell onto your clavicles or shoulders. Short epileptic dip then a fast drive.

Depends on what your training for really, but i'd focus on powercleans and push presses within the range of 70/80kg, and i'd concider squating more.

i've tried the barbell on shoulders method, but my wrists are proving inflexible to hold the weight. I don't see why I would get injured doing it in a cage though?

I'm just training for fun at the moment, but I would like to get a bodyweight (95kg) push press sometime
» Push Press Fail Video (Go to post)16-06-2011 @ 13:16 
Cuddles said:I would drop the push presses for a while and focus on strict presses, with a light weight. You need to drill the motor patterns and 'practice' doing the lift. You must make every rep perfect, continuing to lift like you are will only make the problem worse and more importantly, harder to solve. This involves genuine concentration and focus (something that most wont do/have with weights they consider to be light). As soon as form goes, bin the set.

I would then add some light seated dumbell work for sets of 8-10. to work on getting some strength for your shoulders, again, focusoing on perfect form. As soon as form goes on your weaker side bin the set.

If you practice doing something badly, you'll get damn good at doing something badly.

yeah i currently do sets of 5 on strict press, maybe i'll stick in a back off set of 10 strict in future.

Also doing seated DB work in the 8 rep range at the moment, but thanks anyway
» Madcows 5 x 5.. (Go to post)16-06-2011 @ 13:08 
Weigh in: 93.5 kg


bar x 8
40 kg x 5
47.5 kg x 5
55 kg x 5
62.5 kg x 6 (Failure, all reps done with a small pause at the start)

Push Press (for funs):

60 kg x 2
70 kg x 1
77.5 kg x 1
82.5 kg x Fail
82.5 kg x Fail

Recovery squats:

60 kg x 5
85 kg x 5
85 kg x 5

Straight backed Deadlifts:

Since I started deadlifts I've had a few people at the gym tell me my back is rounding, some helpful soul on here told me to lift my chest as if someone was trying to read my T-shirt to help keep a straight back. Practised this tecnhique at home and seemed to work. Kept the weights moderate today to really get form nailed:

60 kg x 7
90 kg x 5
110 kg x 5
120 kg x 5
135 kg x 7 No back rounding Grin

150 kg x 1 I wanted to try this with proper form, but it wouldn't move with a straight back. Didn't want to look like an idiot, so I rounded my back (slightly) and got the lift fairly easily.

Dumbell Seated shoulder press:

15 kg x 10

32.5 kg x 9
32.5 kg x 7
32.5 kg x 6

Perpendicular grip pull ups:

+15 kg x 9
+15 kg x 5
BW x 10

Seated incline curls
» Push Press Fail Video (Go to post)16-06-2011 @ 12:54 
Post Edited: 16.06.2011 @ 13:01 PM by Terminator

when ever i do a max bench or overhead it always ends up with the arms moving the weight lopsided, any ideas on how i can correct this muscular imbalance i am cursed with?

also my max strict press is 75 kg and my max push press is 80 kg

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