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» Does anyone actually drink olive oil? (Go to post)07-07-2011 @ 19:10 
Rodger said:You wouldnt need to put it in with peanut butter as well just use olive oil if youre out of peanut butter mate

haha i'm just desperate for the calories

maybe i'll just use 2 scoops of whey and 500 ml of olive oil in my next shake
» The British log lift champs 2011 !! (Go to post)07-07-2011 @ 18:56 
Is it going to be in the Strength Tec gym then? If so do you have a postcode? thanks
» Does anyone actually drink olive oil? (Go to post)07-07-2011 @ 18:54 
Beard_Of_Iron said:Olive oil is largely monounsaturated fat and has a HOST of health benefits.

Why would this be bro science??

Saturated fats ARE healthy as part of a balanced fat intake. To try and completely exclude them from your diet is as bad as taking in too many.

with all the milk, steak and eggs i consume, i'm pretty sure my saturated fat intake is well above the recommended level, so wouldn't olive oil saturated fats make the situtation even worse?
» Does anyone actually drink olive oil? (Go to post)07-07-2011 @ 18:53 
how does it actually taste in shakes though? i can only imagine that a peanut butter, milk, whey and olive oil shake would be horrid!!
» SMed's Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Go to post)07-07-2011 @ 18:51 
Post Edited: 07.07.2011 @ 18:51 PM by Terminator
my squats catching up with yours Smed Wink
» Does anyone actually drink olive oil? (Go to post)07-07-2011 @ 17:00 
I heard it contains "healthy" saturated fats and it can be added to shakes or drunk raw to the get the calories in.

Or is this bro science at its best?
» This will be my log (Go to post)07-07-2011 @ 14:53 
Shaun said:Good session tonight.

These were fine and easy. Had to wait a while between last warm-up set and first work set, though, which made it the hardest set as I was slightly cooled down.

I was wearing an pair of rugby shorts today and a fairly long legged pair of boxers (I usually wear boxer briefs) so that when I stretch not too much of my inner thigh is showing. So when I was warming up a set of 60 I noticed that this experiment didn't work... then on the next warm up set with 80, I saw something that looked to be my scrotum slightly hanging out one side. f**k, I though, rather than show less skin with the longer legged boxers I am actually showing more flesh! So I readjusted myself (discretely) and pulled my boxers right up so hopefully my reproductive organs were held tightly against my lower stomach. So I preceded to do 100 for a couple of reps and f**k me, my cock fell out and was hanging right out for all to see! So I couldn't have that! Then I remembered that the other pair of clean boxers I took with me were of the normal kind, so I scampered back to the changing rooms to put them on.

It's a good job that there is no option other than to squat facing mirrors or else I would have done a whole three sets of five with my knob hanging out. Quite a lot of people - especially females - in the weights area tonight, too. Someone must have seen something, even out of the corner of their eye...

Didn't stretch. Went home.

this made nearly made me choke with laughter...

we're about same age, same size, and not disimilar totals I see. Although you seem to be more of a squatter than a bencher I gather
» Rage at Work (Go to post)07-07-2011 @ 13:41 
lol, surely people give you a bit of respect @ 158 kg?
» Surf bum to under 90kg strongman (Go to post)06-07-2011 @ 19:44 
Nice push pressing mate- whats your strict like?
» Madcows 5 x 5.. (Go to post)06-07-2011 @ 13:00 
Weigh in: 95 kg

Strict press (paused):

42.5 kg x 5
52.5 kg x 5
62.5 kg x 5

70 kg x 4 + Failed 5 th rep

A bit disappointing, but I knew 70 x 5 was a big ask- not so long ago 72.5 was my 1RM! I tried to push press rep 5 after i failed strict and failed that too Unhappy

Will get it next week

Recovery Squats:

60 kg x 5
75 kg x 5
90 kg x 5
90 kg x 5


50 kg x 8
100 kg x 5
140 kg x 4

160 kg x 7, failed rep 8 PB

120 kg x 5, swapping mixed grip around to even out bicep strain.

Was fairly pleased with this

DB seated shoulder press:

35 kg x 8 (failure)
35 kg x 5
35 kg x 4 + 1 slightly forced rep + 1 more severly forced rep

Perpendicular pull ups:

BW x 15,10,10

Hammer curls: 17.5 kg x 8, 17.5 kg x 6

DB standing push press for fun:

LHS: 40 x 1, 42.5 x 1, 45 kg x 1! PB

RHS: 40 x Fail, 42.5 x 1 (equal PB), 45 kg x Fail

Was quite bemused that my LHS was capable of more than my RHS, but it was definetly the amount of leg drive I was using- am pleased with my consolation PB.
» My PL training log :) (Go to post)05-07-2011 @ 12:39 
you're a big boy for 17 lol. Nice benching too
» The British log lift champs 2011 !! (Go to post)04-07-2011 @ 15:06 
really looking forward to seeing this now! will it for sure be at the strength tec gym then? free to watch?
» Are there any Chinese or Japanese Strongmen? (Go to post)04-07-2011 @ 15:03 
haha, i enjoyed that
» Madcows 5 x 5.. (Go to post)04-07-2011 @ 12:47 
Post Edited: 04.07.2011 @ 12:47 PM by Terminator
Weigh in: 95 kg

Bench Press:

52.5 kg x 7
62.5 kg x 5
75 kg x 5
90 kg x 5

102.5 kg x 4, Failed rep 5

Rep 4 was was fairly demanding, i paused for 4 seconds at the top and went for rep 5, rep 5 stalled a fists width off the chest. Bit pissed off about that, but i knew it would be a big ask after last monday.


60 kg x 5
75 kg x 5
90 kg x 5
105 kg x 5

120 kg x 5 (equal PB)
130 kg x 1

Used a little more back bend than i would have liked on the last 2 reps on 120, but decent neverthless I think. Thought I should do 130 for confidence afterwards, I kept near perfect form, but it was a bit of a grind, 140 isn't there just yet.

Pendlay Row:

45 kg x 5
57.5 kg x 5
67.5 kg x 5

77.5 kg x 7

DB Bench Press:

I want to work on my LHS weakness so did these too

37.5 kg x 3 sets of 8

I find these wobbly and hard to balance, especially on the left arm.

Wide grip pull ups:

BW x 10,8,7


Went for a bad ass + 30 kg to help my lockout strength on bench:

+30 kg x 7

Barbell curls x 2 sets

In reflection I was a bit annoyed about bench but it was to be expected, will have to nail 102.5 kg x 5 next monday. Squats are more important to me atm, and 120 x 5 went well.
» Madcows 5 x 5.. (Go to post)03-07-2011 @ 13:34 
Post Edited: 03.07.2011 @ 13:34 PM by Terminator
Was bored on my rest day so did some grip and flexibility work:

I want to learn to front squat and to hold the bar across the clavicles rather than just supporting it with the arms like i do atm for overhead presses, am thinking this should also carry over nicely to my push press.

Bar held in fingers, elbows approaching parallel to the ground, feeling the stretch:

20 kg x 10 seconds
30 kg x 10 secs
40 kg x 10 sec
50 kg x 10 secs
60 kg x 10 secs

Front squat x 3, overhead press x 1 complex:

30 kg, 40 kg, 50 kg

Grip work:

Set the bar up 4 inches from lockout (no chalk, double overhand unless said otherwise):

50 kg x 10 secs
100 kg x 10 secs
140 kg x 7 secs ish
170 kg x 4 secs ish (alternate grip)
200 kg x 3 secs ish (alternate grip)

200 kg x fail (left hand couldn't get it off the rack)

Felt good to lift the big 200, I am hoping to lift it from the floor by start of 3rd year at uni.

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