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» WORD ASSOCIATION GAME (Go to post)17-07-2011 @ 23:32 
nick said:reverse

» How does a Strength Athlete know when he is 'overweight' ? (Go to post)17-07-2011 @ 23:29 
Steve said:I wonder if being very heavy (overweight) is good for your health even if very little of the extra weight is fat.

Won't being say five, maybe even 10 stone over a normal weight (even if that weight is all muscle) subject your whole body to a far greater stress?

I guess strongman is too young a sport to tell, but looking at say weightlifting, shotput ... do the really big guys have more health problems in later life?

i've always wondered if big Z has trouble sleeping actually
» WORD ASSOCIATION GAME (Go to post)17-07-2011 @ 22:36 
Thing said:Testicals

» How does a Strength Athlete know when he is 'overweight' ? (Go to post)17-07-2011 @ 22:26 
terryhollands said:either get your BF measured or as earlier mentioned the simplest way is to look in the mirror! Waist measurements are useless too as you have to take someones bone structure into account.

Every person should be looked at as an individual not by reading charts

a bodyfat measurement sounds like the most reliable way of gauging a persons health, i will check if my doctor can measure it for me!
» How does a Strength Athlete know when he is 'overweight' ? (Go to post)17-07-2011 @ 21:45 
milsy said:Bmi is complete bo***cks I dowt you will have to worry about any of this I'm 5'8 ish and weigh between 105 -108 depending on what stage I am leading Upto comp

Are you eating to gain weight ( look bigger in appearance)

Or are you doing it to give your body all it needs to recover and repair and gain weight by default

If I was you I would just eat and lift see where you end up in regards to weight class then drop fat and get intolightest class you want don't let weight gain be about your ego its about gaining strength

i'm eating a calorie surplus in order to give my body the best chance to recover and grow stronger, weight gain is more of a side effect i suppose
» How does a Strength Athlete know when he is 'overweight' ? (Go to post)17-07-2011 @ 20:42 
i agree that bmi is pretty much useless for those that lift, but surely waist to height goes out the window as well for strongmen
» How does a Strength Athlete know when he is 'overweight' ? (Go to post)17-07-2011 @ 20:30 
Post Edited: 17.07.2011 @ 20:41 PM by Terminator
People that don't lift seem to use BMI to gauge whether they are carrying too much body fat which might carry health risks. As a mediocre lifter I am probably not the best example, but those who lift will carry more muscle and therefore BMI won't be appropriate..

I've heard that waist size is a better indicator, and I have read that a man with a waist over 37 inches is endangering his health, and a man with a waist over 40 inches is severly endangering his health (obviously this measure doesn't account for height). But even then a lifter will normally have a bigger trunk/core and waistline than he who does not lift. (mariusz pudzianowski and darren sadler for example have 37 inch and 39 inch waists respectivly at normal height and neither man carries much fat)

EDIT: so how can does a lifter know when he is too fat?
» Bulking and Type 2 Diabetes (Go to post)17-07-2011 @ 13:01 
i have no idea what this even means, going to my doc in the week, so will ask him then i guess
» New journal. Feel free to step in before i hurt myself (Go to post)16-07-2011 @ 10:23 
good luck man, I too am aiming for the 100 kg overhead, prefarbly strict
» 165 kg x 7 Deadlift Form Check (Go to post)16-07-2011 @ 10:15 
Post Edited: 16.07.2011 @ 10:18 AM by Terminator
so to sumarise i need to:

-shoulders back (directly over bar)
-lean back on my heels getting hips and arse lower
- work on keeping my back straighter a couple of people have said

and of course lockout each rep
» Bulking and Type 2 Diabetes (Go to post)16-07-2011 @ 10:14 
VanillaGorilla said:As has been shown time and again, nutrition alone has no link to Type2 diabetes, or NIDDM (although this acronym is somewhat outdated as long term type2 can become insulin dependant).

Activity level, rather than 'exercise', is the precursor for t2d, not nutrition. There is an incidental link, in that lazy inactive people often eat crap, and develop t2d, but nutrition alone isn't cause for concern.

Plus 4000kcals a day isn't a particularly extreme eating regime anyway.

4000-4500 kcal is enough for my skinny ecto frame atm

I'm gaining fat and muscle slowly because I am on a constant bulk, but I don't fall into the lazy inactive category what with squatting 3 times a week.
» Bulking and Type 2 Diabetes (Go to post)15-07-2011 @ 23:53 
brownbear said:
We are talking about insulin sensitivity here, i assume weight training would be just as good as doing f**k all on a treadmill for improving sensitivity and probably for maintaining good cardiovascular health as well

i do hope this is the case, just arguing devils advocate!!
» Bulking and Type 2 Diabetes (Go to post)15-07-2011 @ 23:45 
i thought it had to be cardiovascular exercise rather than weights to prevent diabetes
» Bulking and Type 2 Diabetes (Go to post)15-07-2011 @ 23:19 
I was wondering if any of this eating for size/strength cause diabetes?

Only asking because my old man is convinced I'm going to get diabetes with my 4000 kcal diet. (Said diet is moderately clean, high in milk and low in sugar with zero chocolate)

So I guess what I'm asking is if anyone here has bulked too hard and gone down with Type 2 Diabetes?
» Madcows 5 x 5.. (Go to post)15-07-2011 @ 21:43 
Post Edited: 15.07.2011 @ 21:44 PM by Terminator
Trained in the afternoon with a different mate in a new gym thats just opened.


52.5 kg x 8
65 kg x 5
77.5 kg x 5
90 kg x 5

105 kg x 3 PB (spotter may have touched the bar just before i reached complete lock out, but i had it easy)
77.5 kg x 8


62.5 kg x 5
77.5 kg x 5
92.5 kg x 5
107.5 kg x 5

125 kg x 3 (PB) Easy x 20 (PB) Not so easy, but I could have hit 23 i'd say

One arm deadlift for fun:

100 kg x 1
110 kg x Fail

Pendlay Row:

50 kg x 5
60 kg x 5
70 kg x 5

80 kg x 3 Easy
60 kg x 6

For some reason I forgot it was 82.5 kg not 80 today.

One arm DB push press:

RHS: 48 kg x 1 (PB)
LHS: 48 kg x Fail Twice

After seeing Big Loz do a 118 kg DB on Sunday, I could hardly be allowed to fail this puny weight!


BW + 30 kg x 7
BW + 20 kg x 8
BW + 20 kg x 7

Wide grip pull ups:

BW x 9
BW x 6

Wasn't feeling these today and the equipment was awkward so stopped it there

Seated hammer curls:

18 kg x 8
16 kg x 8

Barbell curl:

45 kg x 6
35 kg x 8

Not a bad session, feeling stronger than I ever have in my life at the moment.

Got home and my parents gave me a lecture about how overweight i am and that i'm going to get diabetes from all my over eating. Am going to see a doctor next week to apppease the parents, but I reckon he's going to say I need to lose weight..

EDIT: LOL at which ever mod changed my profile picture, I quite like it

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