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» Pudzianowski strongman comeback? (Go to post)30-09-2014 @ 11:35 
terryhollands said:
We will never know if he could have. I personally don't think his body could have coped with much more hence why he retired when he did. You can only abuse your body for so long before it could become a big problem.

This is a very interesting point. Expanding on it in terms of his frame Mariusz was as well muscled as he likely could be without focusing on bodybuilidng style training and hypertrophy which is nowhere near as functional as strength hypertrophy.
Mariusz trains or has trained Radziakowski who is larger and by all accounts looking at whats has been lifted stronger than Mariusz and he has struggled in Worlds Strongest Man (of course there is an argument due to his multiple competitions in the champions league that he is burned out by the time he gets there).

I believe the reality of the situation is Mariusz despite being a phenomenal athlete was in decline in the latter years and while he is undoubtedly still better than many out there he wouldn't come close to some of the abilities now.
Sports change and athletes change, records are broken and move on. Mariusz had his time in the spotlight and all credit too him, he can only beat who is there to compete against, the politics keeping Big Z out for a while were ridiculous but that is not Mariusz fault.
» Ed Hall 200 Strict log (Go to post)23-09-2014 @ 12:06 
It is likely fairer to point out that Ed probably uses more brute force and less technique than Graham does to achieve similar results; the former would favor something that was unbalanced and awkward while the latter has more chance of general progression over time.
» Will we ever see a 500kg deadlift and 250kg log? (Go to post)23-09-2014 @ 10:05 
Assuming that some mentioned don't die first from further heart attacks from to many lucky charms at breakfast it is possible and will happen eventually.

The deadlift started to rise much quicker when they introduced the flexible deadlift bars, and the more you put on them the greater the flex - it won't be long until someone manufactures one with even more flex in it.

So I think it will happen, would be a while until someone does it without a hitch on a stiff bar though.

The log I could see happening within the next few years.
» 170kg C&J @56kg WR (Go to post)23-09-2014 @ 09:57 
» Best assistance gym exercise (Go to post)09-09-2014 @ 09:47 
Steve said:
There's disagreement over this between swimming coaches with many believing a straight pull might be better.

This may now be the case, I've not had the experience training any swimmers so my input is more based on what I hear from other coaches.
» Best assistance gym exercise (Go to post)02-09-2014 @ 11:20 
slimsim said:
Straight arm pulldowns then? Pure lat movement there.

There is no such thing as a pure lat movement. And this is so often misinterpreted as being one it is scary.

The lat is a synergistic muscle - it is incapable of performing on its own as it's function is in relation to movement and rotation of the shoulder girdle laterally and horizontally.

In relation to the question and making the assumption you are talking about freestyle sprint swimming the arm is not pulled straight down, it is pulled under and across the body to keep maximal force directed towards the center of the body to keep it moving straight in the water and not to the side which would cause acceleration first on one side, then the other making the swimmer less efficient - akin to a sprinter swaying from side to side.

The most realistic way to replicate this stroke with little equipment is by using a cable machine with a singe arm attachment or a band - or a combination of both.
Kneeling to the side of the machine one grasps the handle with a slightly bent arm, the cable/band is drawn down and across the body, the hand rotating through the movement as a competitive swimmer does until it is level with the opposite hip.
» Stronger than you look ? (Go to post)25-08-2014 @ 16:15 
Would depend on the environment you are in.

I've seen a hell of a lot of weightlifters shift some impressive weights that some not so familiar with the sport would be shocked by.
» Ilya Ilyin - 241kg clean & jerk (Go to post)22-08-2014 @ 13:11 
Outrageously strong
» Bands (Go to post)31-07-2013 @ 15:37 
VanillaGorilla said:
Two reasons: Technical limitations, mobility limitations.
A lot of athletes simply do not have the required skill sets.
You could argue that the athlete in question could acquire them, or find a substitute, and that's an individual thing.

The last sentence sums up how I would operate far more. Flexibility in general is something that can be improved and will assist lifts far more that continuously bombarding a bad lift with more weight.
» Build Up 2 The Commonwealth Games 2014 - Shaun Clegg (Go to post)31-07-2013 @ 15:29 
MarkClegg said:Well Dave .. Your spot on .

Shaun is actually a 160kg Cleaner off his 210kg PB Squat which again is around a similar level of percentage without donning the calculator .

Now i worked out a 228kg Squat will enable Shaun to Clean 175kg so this is the aim

NOW as for the "Heavy Work Load" on his back .. Its not so much just for a big strong back and large Deadlift . I`m a firm believer in that Squats Aid Deadlift and Deadlift Work Aids you Squat .

At my best i was a 270kg Squatter BUT when me and Tom put together our Deadlift program with tons of Deficit and Partial Pulls my Leg Strength increased massively to a 305kg Squat even though i was squatting once a week .

There are many many examples of this being the case .

Smallsy - In terms of them percentages holding up . the Stronger he gets at Squat and Deadlift they may slip a little but they will be ball park .

Whatever happens in training happens but what matters to me is that he needs a 290kg total to qualify so its really important that we hit 310kg

Regarding the squat and deadlift assisting each other I completely agree. It would also be far more notable with someone who lifts in a weightlifting style as the deficit pulls and block work would incorporate huge quadriceps involvement while the lockout will use a large amount of the posterior chain.

Some of the great lifters have exceptionally close clean to squat ratios (granted some others were quite far apart - Taranenko comes to mind) such as Pisarenko. I have heard stories of him failing a 260kg back squat one day and cleaning the same the following day.
» Bands (Go to post)31-07-2013 @ 15:16 
For pulls they have their place but in terms of deadlifting I have never been a fan.

I strongly believe the rapid loading of the bicep tendon is a hazard waiting to happen. The same is true of chains on the deadlift.

Personally I cannot understand why more people do not build a powerful powerclean and front squat to develop exceptional drive from the ground, focus on good full body form when deadlifting using an appropriate % of weight and overload the lockout with a constant weight using lifting blocks.

My views may be antiquated in light of the current trends but I have seen so many exceptional deadlifters never worry about bands I just have never seen a useful real world application for them.
» MasterTs Log (Go to post)31-07-2013 @ 15:11 
Sparrow said:Get the log started again!

There isn't a great deal of use in a log at the moment; my work is based around re-hab and I am travelling a lot more due to my work so training here there and everywhere.

I managed to perform a few complexes in a gym in south Birmingham with a weightlifting platform and bumpers this morning but again was cut short due to client responsibilities.
» Bolt V Farah Over 600m (Go to post)31-07-2013 @ 15:03 
It would certainly prove to be an interesting race.

I would hazard an educated guess that Bolt would claim victory however due to his longer stride and power abilities over the diminutive Farah.

Mo is a great athlete and a really nice person when you meet him but provided Usain did not get carried away with injecting to much pace early on he should cruise to a comfortable victory.
» MasterTs Log (Go to post)12-07-2013 @ 22:44 
Fatpete said:
No-one ever disputed that he had a genuine knowledge of training. It was the fact that he was routinely breaking british records by an average of fifty kilos each that caused eyebrows to be raised. Then the fact that he seem surprised that eyebrows were being raised put the tin hat on it as the old saying goes.

While this theory is quaint I am afraid had you dedicated a tad more time to what is an actual fact you may have noticed that there are several unequipped lifters in untested federations that exceed my lifts - which do not break the British records in those federations let alone by an average of fifty kilos.
Their lifts completed under judging scrutiny in three lift competitions while my own were completed in my own time with no judges present for my own s**ts and giggles as the saying goes.
Now this 'fact' as you seem keen on the misuse of this word suggests your points are not entirely accurate but I thank you for your keen if somewhat obtuse interest.
» MasterTs Log (Go to post)10-07-2013 @ 16:21 
1369phil said:
I suspect your definition of "poor" may be considered otherwise by many !

It is all relative - a shoulder problem has effectively removed any ability to bench anything respectable and also had a negative impact on my squatting and weightlifting.
I am also closer to 90kilos opposed to 100kgs lately.


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