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» What fruit/veg have you had today? (Go to post)07-08-2019 @ 17:14 
Funky_monkey said:
Tomatoes and capers along with halloumi in ma toastie

dam that sounds good
» Short. Fat. Has Been. Under 80kg. (Go to post)07-08-2019 @ 11:40 
I just read the first post. You talk a lot of s**t about how you're weak and havnt trained for years and then you're strict pressing 95kg and deadlifting 220 x 5!!
» ksohhjjkk (Go to post)06-08-2019 @ 11:29 
slimsim said:Squat PB's are the best as they are the scariest to get due to the fear of being crushed!

Those bulgarian split squats are bloody strong. I did dumbbell ones the other week and only held 20kg bells for 10's and certainly don't think I could have doubled the weight.

I absolutely hate doing bulgarian split squats but I believe they will be good for me since my glutes are relatively weak
» ksohhjjkk (Go to post)06-08-2019 @ 10:44 


90kg x 8,8,16 - pb?

bulgarian split squat

77.5kg x 10


+20kg x 5,5,5,5,5

rear delt flies
» would you rather.... (Go to post)05-08-2019 @ 14:32 
an extra inch on your phallus or free herbs and spices for the rest of your life (only for personal use, you cant sell them on)?
» Your favourite parts of your body (aesthetically)? (Go to post)05-08-2019 @ 13:57 
my arms are currently jacked and very vascular. my torso looks s**te though
» An old, fat fool starts a log. Hope no-one minds (Go to post)05-08-2019 @ 10:29 
Fatpete said:
Having typed that last sentence I am reminded just how much I enjoy using the expression "not a million miles away". What a wonderful turn of phrase it is to mean "very close"

I have also been enjoying the use of this expression a lot recently.
» One last question before sugden closes for ever (Go to post)05-08-2019 @ 10:21 
hang on a minute. You're unicycling now? This is very enjoyable information.
» ksohhjjkk (Go to post)05-08-2019 @ 10:20 
deadlift (conventional, straps, no belt)


205kg x 8 touch and go PB



155kg x 10

Bent over rows

85kg x 12,12,12

DB bulgarian split squats, hanging leg raises
» Rise through the ranks (Go to post)02-08-2019 @ 10:49 
» would you rather.... (Go to post)02-08-2019 @ 10:47 
billynomates said:
Not a massive pro though is it. I think it could actually be a hindrance/inconvenience.

it could be fun
» ksohhjjkk (Go to post)02-08-2019 @ 10:46 
strict press


60kg x 7 f 8
70kg x 1
60kg x 4
55kg x something
52.5kg x something
50kg x something


bw x 5
15kg x 5
20kg x 5,5
15kg x 10 or something
bw x 10

side raises, hanging leg raises, machine rows
» random disclosure thread (Go to post)01-08-2019 @ 15:49 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:I've just purchased some bagels.

how do you best enjoy bagels? I can imagine you do something strange with them like eat them whole like a doughnut or something
» would you rather.... (Go to post)01-08-2019 @ 14:25 
imagine a scenario whereby your phallus was the exact same length flaccid as it was erect.

would you rather have that or not?

pros: phallus is larger while flaccid

cons: potential disappointment when phallus becomes erect and stays the same size.
» would you rather.... (Go to post)01-08-2019 @ 11:29 
Wayne_Cowdrey said:
I thought about this afterwards because what I said was quite vague.
No pressing movements and no raises, but anything else goes. No benching, but can do chins.

Might as well take it. As much as I enjoy pressing and having a somewhat jacked upper body I realize that it is of no use whatsoever and doesn't benefit me in any way.

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