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» How young is too young ? (Go to post)21-11-2012 @ 19:01 
herman said:

I think this should be capitalised on, kids should do bold, dangerous, challenging and sometimes wreckless things. Its good for them, and they will not get away with it later.

Exactly. And this includes weightlifting
» How young is too young ? (Go to post)17-11-2012 @ 08:59 
Good thread. I was chatting about this with a mate last night after telling him about the kids at my weightlifting club, who are as young as 5. He of course askede if it wqas safe but one of the good things IMO about weightlifting for kids is that is can be done in a controlled submaximal way and so can be kept safe.

Kids will never play football, climb trees, ride bikes or fight and wrestle in a controlled way and so all these activities (which are normal healthy things to do) are more dangerous than lifting weights. JMO
» Judo (or any other martial art) (Go to post)02-11-2012 @ 10:02 
Pretty good thread about same:
» Whats your working hours like? (Go to post)02-11-2012 @ 10:00 
I work shifts, 4 days a week. 2 long days and 2 short days. Long days are 7-7.15; short days are either 7-3 or 1-9pm. I tend to do 3 or 4 extra shifts per month on top but that's optional. Every 3 months or so I have to do a couple of weeks of night and they are 7pm-7.15am and you do 7 per fortnight. To complicate matters i always do a 9-5 on a monday and so only do one shorter shift. Sounds confusing but it isn't really
» How many of us made the most out of education? (Go to post)28-09-2012 @ 11:49 
Similar story to most people. Wasn't interested, too busy smoking weed and chasing girls. Had to go back to school at 26 whilst still working to make something of myself. Took it seriously this time and have done pretty well.
» Pete's training log (Go to post)28-09-2012 @ 11:45 
28th september


» Pete's training log (Go to post)28-09-2012 @ 11:45 
25th september

Easy week

Power clean

Pull up
» Pete's training log (Go to post)21-09-2012 @ 13:10 
21st September

140x5x3. Gonna stay there for a while, that was tough.


Dammit my press is so rubbish

Hill sprints
» Pete's training log (Go to post)21-09-2012 @ 13:08 
20th september

Judo. Working hold downs, and position changes. Then standing work, set up for sholder throws.
» Pete's training log (Go to post)17-09-2012 @ 20:03 
17th September


Pull ups

Sandbag carries
» Pete's training log (Go to post)16-09-2012 @ 20:24 
16th September

160 x 2/ 1/ 1


Swings and snatches with a 24kg kb
» Pete's training log (Go to post)14-09-2012 @ 11:45 
14th September


Was going to go for a couple more singles at 85 but it was pretty slow so left it there.

Good mornings

Pull ups
Pull up ladders. 1/2/3/4 x 5 =50 pull ups

Waiter's walks. Think my neighbours are more and more baffled by me with all the walking with dumbbells I've done this week.
» what do you do? (Go to post)13-09-2012 @ 22:30 
I'm a psychiatric nurse at a secure hospital, working with what used to be called the criminally insane. On a good day i chat s**t and play table tennis, on a bad day i break up fights and stick needles in arses. It's usually a good day.
» Pete's training log (Go to post)13-09-2012 @ 22:24 
13th September

Judo. lots of randori (sparring). Got battered.
» Pete's training log (Go to post)12-09-2012 @ 10:46 
12th September

70 x 2/ 1/ 1

137.5x5x3. Felt pretty easy

Suitcase walks. 40kg dumbbell


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